March 24th 10:44am

WORSER: Concern Over Radiation Levels In Food And Water Lead To Rationing In Japan

It’s been almost two weeks since Japan was ravaged by the double tragedy of a massive earthquake and powerful tsunami which lead to a nuclear emergency.

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March 24th 10:34am

6 Black-Owned Book Publishers Representing In The Book Trade

You don’t have to look hard for predictions of the end of the publishing industry.   Frightening stuff if you’re a book lover, especially one for whom a book still means paper and a spine.  For now, however, presses continue to bring books to market.  Here are six African-American publishers who remain in the trade, committed…

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March 24th 10:12am

New Black And White Kids On The Block: XXL Freshmen Concert In NYC [Pics]

XXL held their Freshmen ’11 Concert this week and some of your favorite rappers (and cakes) were in attendance to put their muthafuggin’ hands in the air and wave ‘em like they just don’t care.

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March 24th 10:09am

Amy Winehouse And Her Fake Breasts Are Still Roaming Around London Rockin Those Dirty A$s Ballet Slippers

Here is Amy Winehouse out and about at The Hawley Arms bar in London in a sweater “dress” and ballet slippers.

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March 24th 9:42am

Cry Me A River: Billy Ray Cyrus Said He Could Have Been A Better Dad

Billy Ray Cyrus is finally manning up and taking the blame for ruining his family:

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March 24th 9:36am

Nicki Minaj Is Not Following In Lil Mama’s Footsteps

Looks like Nicki Nicki is still making it rain on them hoes doing what we know her to do best: rapping, singing and inspiring Barbies, Kens and Lil Kim stans everywhere.

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March 24th 9:18am

Name That Cake…

These suspender-covered cakes were seen going to get their party on in Hollyweird.

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March 24th 9:15am

SMH: No Resting In Peace For Liz Taylor, Anti-Gay Church Plans To Picket Funeral

The nutcases who like to picket soldiers funerals are threatening to protest at Elizabeth Taylor’s service

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March 24th 9:04am

More Breezy & His 15 Minutes Of F.A.M.E. Ridiculousness: Half-Naked Hoes, Corporate Stiffs, And Quality GF Time All In One Day!

Tuesday was quite an emotional day for Chris Brown and #TeamBreezy from chaos in the morning to celebration in the evening.

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March 24th 8:43am

Behind The Scenes: Keri Hilson Is On Her Nasty Girl Steez For New Video “One Night Stand”

We all know Keri Hilson is a little freak-a-leek with the music, she’s not afraid of getting down and dirty with a little twist of raunchy-ness.

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March 24th 8:34am

Tiger Woods’ New Lil Blonde Thang Used To Draw Him “Good Luck Crayon Drawings” When She Was A Tike

Damn, Tiger Woods is robbing the cradle for the sake of him getting some new Becky drawls.

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March 24th 8:30am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What kind of fu*kery is this????

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