January 19th 11:49am

For The Ladies: Drizzy Drake Goes Topless

For all the ladies who love them some Aubrey Graham

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January 19th 11:24am

Hate It Or Love It?! Jimmy Choo Kicks For Dudes

One of the first on the scene to deliver women a sick shoe game, Jimmy Choo gets hip

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January 19th 11:18am

Things You Don’t Know About Your Fav Celebs

It only takes a few clicks to uncover the most scandalous details about your favorite celebs.

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January 19th 10:30am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Model Miranda Kerr used this picture to introduce baby Flynn, her two-week-old son with hubby Orlando Bloom, to the world.

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January 19th 10:11am

Weezy F. “I Got A Lot Of Babies” Says Being Locked Up Wasn’t That Bad

SMH at him spending all his time playing “Uno”: Rapper Lil Wayne says his stretch at Rikers Island “wasn’t as difficult as people might think” and that he got so good at Uno other inmates refused to play him.

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January 19th 10:11am

For The Stans: Kimmy Cakes, Kris Humphries, And Kourtney Strut Their Stuff Outside Of The Letterman Show

Kimmy Cakes, her new boy-toy, and her big sister arrived at The Late Show With David Letterman in all black everything and the Kardashians were both looking as good as ever.

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January 19th 10:00am

Who Looked More Bangin': Bria Murphy vs Shane Murphy

Last night, the Murphy family came out to support Bria Murphy as she took over Nia Long’s old gig as the Brand Ambassador for Dark & Lovely

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January 19th 9:38am

Ronald Reagan’s Son Says He Was A Better President “For Blacks” Than Barack Obama

SMH: To mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Ronald Reagan’s son Michael wrote an opinion piece for Fox News’ website in which he argues that his father was a better “friend” to black Americans than Barack Obama.

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January 19th 9:24am

UPDATE: More Details Have Been Revealed In The California School Shooting!

More details have come to light in yesterday’s California high school….

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January 19th 9:10am

For The Children: Memphis Launches ‘No, Baby’ Campaign In Response To High School Baby Boom

After Frayser High School put Memphis in the national spotlight, with as many as 90 students being pregnant or having recently given birth

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January 19th 9:07am

UK Court Sides With Newspaper In Their Lawsuit Against Crazy Azz Naomi Campbell

Looks like people are more than a little tired of Naomi and her bullsh*t, time to pay the piper b*tch!

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January 19th 8:27am

Now We’re Concerned: 200 Dead Cows Discovered In Wisconsin

First birds in two states, then crickets, then crabs? And now cows?

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