December 20th 10:03am

SMH: Rape Allegations And AIDS Tests Loom Over WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange

This guy just looks shady: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s lawyers and supporters are up in arms that someone leaked the confidential police report detailing graphic rape allegations against him.

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December 20th 9:48am

Sherri Shepherd’s Boyfriend Planning To Wife That Up This Christmas???

Sherri’s jawn is about to “put a ring on it”.. The View’s Sherri Shepherd, who also happens to host The Newlywed Game is getting hitched

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December 20th 9:42am

For The Stans: Bey And Hova Are Still In Australia, Reppin’ Jesus

While you Americans and Europeans are freezing, Mr. and Mrs. Illuminati Hov are t-shirt and booty-short-ing it up Down Under with their iced-out married folks steez.

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December 20th 9:38am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Carcinogen Found In Drinking Water In 31 Cities In US

This is NOT a good look: An environmental group that analyzed the drinking water in 35 cities across the United States, including Bethesda and Washington, found that most contained hexavalent chromium,

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December 20th 9:18am

Kush Chronicles: Snoop Dogg Is Full Of Holiday Cheer

Here’s your boy Calvin Broadus all geared up for Christmas with his Santa hat and blunt steez in full effect.

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December 20th 8:59am

What’s Going On Over At Citigroup?? Young Investment Banker Commits Suicide, Jumps Off Trump Place Tower

This is sad: A young investment banker with a charitable heart left friends stunned Sunday over why she would take her own life by leaping from a Manhattan high-rise.

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December 20th 8:52am

Cameron “Step-Mommy” Diaz Spotted Frolicking With A-Rod’s Seeds

Looks like Cammy-Cam is in there like swimwear now:

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December 20th 8:44am

Nelly And His “On-Again-Off-Again” Boo Ashanti Bunned Up In The Lou For The Black And White Ball

Cornell and Ashanti were seen all coupled up and ish at Nelly’s 5th Annual Black And White Ball in St. Louis this weekend.

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December 19th 2:32pm

For The Fellas: Was This Really Necessary???

Here is Vanessa Veasley‘s recent Show Magazine cover shot, before and after Photoshopping. We don’t see anything wrong with the “before” picture, but fellas (and ladies), we’ve gotta ask…

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December 19th 2:21pm

The Ghost Of Kardashian Kristmas Kards Past (Gallery)

Before the awesomeness that was the Addams Family by Kardashian Khristmas Card of 2010, there were plenty of other ill-conceived, cute and awkward moments in Kardashian Christmas history. Pop the hood to check out the Jenner-Kardashian Christmases of years past.

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December 19th 1:36pm

Are You Team Twitter Or Team Facebook

Has it ever dawned on you how much Facebook and Twitter dominate your every move? This could explain why you’ve never gone a day (okay, hour) or two without resisting the madness that comes with being a social media junkie. Are you an “RT” person or a “like” person? Do you prefer hashtags or inbox…

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December 19th 12:21pm

Wasn’t Jermaine Jackson Crying ‘Too Broke For Child Support’???

This year has been the year of financial unraveling and embarrassment for Jermaine Jackson. But now we find out that his transgressions as a father go further than naming a kid Jermajesty, but not making sure that you can take care of them.

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December 19th 11:46am

Kush Chronicles: Dumb Dude Holding Over 500 Pounds Of Marijuana Gets Caught In A Dodge Caravan

SMH: A routine traffic stop in Queens early Sunday turned up an extraordinary amount of marijuana – 513 pounds of

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