January 20th 11:40am

Omarion + 22,000 for First Week Album Sales = EPIC FAIL

Omarion has been on a roller coaster ride since he left B2K. The one thing he thought would keep him going was his fans and obviously they didn’t show up to buy his new album, Ollusion.

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January 20th 11:38am

Question of the Day: In Times of Crisis Should The Term Looting Be Retired?

The aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti has resurrected a debate sparked by Kanye West after Hurricane Katrina, “”If you see a black family, it says they’re looting. See a white family, it says they’re looking for food.” With journalists in Haiti faced with survivors ransacking stores — should they avoid using the term looting?

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January 20th 11:34am

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Singer/songwriter Aura Dione came to Berlin’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with this interesting choice of an outfit on. We get that she’s from overseas and all but all we want to know is… Are you Feelin this Get Up??? More pics of this random broad under the hood.

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January 20th 11:18am

Seen on the Scene: Pep and her Homegirls in NYC

Pepa and her girls hit up Quo nightclub in NYC to celebrate her new show “Let’s Talk About Pep”.  The whole gang came out to support even Salt.  Pop the top for a ton of flicks from the event and more.

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January 20th 10:50am

BOSSIP Exclusive: Is Trey Songz Ex-Manager To Blame For Rumors?

Those of you who didn’t want to believe Trey Songz could possibly be bisexual should be happy to learn that several industry insiders believe members of his recently fired staff are to blame for the rumor. The spotlight is particularly on Trey’s ex-manager Delante “Butta” Murphy, who according to BOSSIP sources, was axed about a…

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January 20th 10:33am

Pretty Ricky Band Member Impregnates Tisha Campbell’s Little Sister and Now He is Denying the Baby

This is just some mess. Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are putting a certain Pretty Ricky (PR) member on blast. Apparently, Tisha’s little sister Tiara has had an on/off relationship with this dude for the past five year and now she’s 5 months pregnant. Tisha and Duane are PISSED!!! First of all, who in the…

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January 20th 10:31am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Mel B and Kim Kardashian licked and sucked on some lollipops for Scary Spice’s launch party for her “Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop Series”…out of these two ladies, Who Looked More Bangin??? More images when you…

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January 20th 10:07am

You’ve Got Questions, They’ve Got Answers…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BOSSIP has teamed up with Sony and Three 6 Mafia to get all of your questions about love and relationships answered!!! Details under the hood….

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January 20th 9:54am

For Discussion: Brand New Study Shows That Men Are Marrying Women With Higher Incomes

Looks like men are marrying into money these days: An analysis of census data released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center found that she and countless women like her are victims of a role reversal that is profoundly affecting the pool of potential marriage partners. “Men now are increasingly likely to marry wives with more…

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January 20th 9:40am

Blast From the Past: Remember Special Ed???

Awwww, we haven’t seen Special Ed in a minute!!! He hit up the Strength Through Unity: A Haitian Benefit Relief event the other night in NYC looking a little “tired.” If you can’t quite remember who this kind fellow is…. Please pop the hatch for a refresher as well as more images from the event…

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January 20th 9:37am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Breaks Into House, Fries Chicken, Cuts Hair

A Pennsylvania man is being held on $15,000 bail after police say he broke into a home and then proceeded to fry chicken and cut his hair. Continue…

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January 20th 9:34am

Will And Jada Put On Their Producer Hats For Broadway Fela Show

Broadway’s “Fela!” got an added boost from two of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith joined in to help produce the musical, about Nigerian Afro-Beat originator Fela Kuti. Follow the jump for more pictures of Will and Jada with the cast.

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January 20th 9:24am

New Video: Keri Hilson and Akon… “CHANGE ME”

Keri Hilson just dropped an international single to follow up her #1 single “I Like” overseas in Germany and other areas. This jawn, Change Me, featuring Akon is nice but there is nothing special about it. At least this video is better than the one she did with Plies, SMH… Pop the Top for the…

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January 20th 9:01am

Haiti Struck By Another Earthquake, 6.1 Aftershock Triggers More Problems

Just a week after the first disaster, this happens: A strong aftershock rocked Haiti on Wednesday morning just as much-needed medical aid was set to reach the earthquake-ravaged nation.

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January 20th 8:43am

Some Morning Cakes

Jessenia Vice is a 25-year-old nurse with serious bedside manner. Look under the hood for a better look at those Ecuadorian cakes and watch her be crowned Queen of the Kim Kardashian lookalikes by Tyra and Kimmycakes herself!

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