September 7th 10:53am

Twitter Beef: Soulja Boy To F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S-”U Lame As Hell Ni**a LOL Umma End Ur Career U Chip Tooth Fag**t!”

Twitter thumb thuggin strikes again, and this time it’s Yayo-face Soulja Boy “going in” on Fabolous for saying “Pretty Boy Swag, Never Coke My Nose Though” in a Hot 97 Freestyle last week. Let the drama unfold…

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September 7th 9:46am

Who Is My World Famous Mom?

Meet David, he’s the son of a very famous vocalist and his family is actually known for having several members who have amazing pipes. We don’t want to give it away completely, but we’re guessing that after she said a lil prayer for his career to take off, she let him join her stage show,…

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September 7th 9:42am

Realest Sh*t Yeezy Ever Wrote, Cheesin’ In His Maybach

While Amber Rose is trying to stay relevant rockin’ coochie-cutters and posing for paps outside of restaurants in Hollyweird , Kanye West is in SoHo cheesing hard as hell and hopping into Maybachs and ish…. Whose Maybach is that? Mr. West’s..

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September 7th 9:16am

Which One Would You Hit?? Lance Gross Vs. Chris Paul

Lance Gross and Chris Paul participated in Ludacris’ LudaDay Weekend basketball in ATL the other day looking all cute and stuff. Ladies, if you had to choose between these two fellas choppin down your loins…Which One Would You Hit???? More images…

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September 7th 7:38am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 5 Year Old Boy Sexually Abused By Kindergarten Classmates In A Bathroom

What in the world would possess a bunch of kindergartners to trap a 5-year-old classmate in a bathroom, hold him down and sexually assault him? These are the questions being asked by a Queens woman after her child was allegedly accosted and abused at school.

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September 7th 7:24am

Rodney King ‘Gets Along’ With Juror From His Cop Beating Case

Talk about the ultimate come up. Rodney King, also known as the man who caught a major LAPD beatdown is about to get married to the woman who helped him become a millionaire.

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September 7th 6:53am

Basketball Baby Mama Drama! Royce Reed Calls Police On Dwight Howard Over Botched Daycare Deal

Basketball baby mama Royce Reed and NBA baller Dwight Howard are still battling over their son. Apparently, there was some mix up over custody and visitation that resulted in the cops getting called.

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September 6th 6:36pm

Some Labor Day Rihanna In A ‘Kini Action

Rihanna was spotted flaunting her bikini ready body on the beaches of Hawaii this Labor Day holiday. Must be nice.

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September 6th 6:00pm

Arizona Woman Is Second In A Week To Fall Victim To Acid Attack

SMH. This ish is just crazy! Another woman is the victim of acid burns after an incident this weekend.

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September 6th 5:23pm

A “Lil Positivity”… Detroit Neighborhood Helps In Arrest Of Suspects In Rape Of 90-Year-Old Woman

With unemployment at some of the highest levels in the country and the city still marred by the conduct of its shady azz former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, it’s great to have some positive news to spread about the city of Detroit.

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September 6th 4:43pm

DMX Disses Plies, Says He’s One Of The Worst Rappers Out

DMX has gone on record to voice his feelings on rapper Plies.

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September 6th 4:28pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Antoine Dodson Breaks Into Billboard Top 100 With New Single [Video] (GO) B.O.B. Ft. Rivers Cuomo “Magic” (GO) Georgia Mayor To Sign Law Making Sagging Pants Illegal (GO) Morrissey Thinks Chinese People Are A Subspecies (GO) Drake Denies Dating Taraji P. Henson [Video] (GO) Jay Leno Makes Inappropriate Pregnancy Joke To Bristol Palin (GO) Mary…

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September 6th 4:03pm

Top 30 Paid Ballers In The NBA

We all know NBA players get that “real money”…but just how much are they getting paid? Here’s a compilation of the top 30 NBA salaries…

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September 6th 3:42pm

Ameriie Still Desperately Seeking Attention… Are You Feelin’ Her Blonde Blasian Look?

Ameriie recently debuted her new platinum blonde look. Do you Hate It Or Love It?!?!

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September 6th 3:17pm

Joran van der Sloot: “I Wanted To Get Back At Natalee’s Family…They’ve Made My Life Tough”

This guy has some nerve: A Dutchman suspected in the disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway reportedly confessed to a newspaper in his home country that he extorted money from the girl’s parents.

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