November 23rd 11:06am

Biopics We Want to See and Who Should Star in Them

Ray Charles, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Tina Turner all have great biopics, but there are many more film biographies of great black public figures that have yet to be made. Aretha Franklin says she wants Halle Berry to play her. (She’s the Queen of Soul, she can say whatever she wants.) Check out our…

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November 23rd 10:55am

Good News For Freaks And Hoes, Spread Of Gonorrhea Is Going Down, But The Bad News Is…

Unfortunately the bad news is rates of chlamydia and syphilis are still climbing. SMH.

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November 23rd 10:53am

Is It Where You’re From or Where You’re At? How Cities Impact The Black Creative Economy

Mai Perkins remembers attending a concert at Central Park SummerStage with Cassanda Wilson, partly because of an observation the jazz singer made about Perkins’ new city. “She made a comment that I thought was so applicable to the city’s diversity. She said, ‘California has landscape, New York has people-scape!’” It was a sentiment that the…

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November 23rd 10:50am

Bossip Exclusive: Donald Faison Ditches Comedy for Sci-fi in Skyline 

Most of us remember the man with animated facial expressions breathing life into the sitcoms, “Scrubs,” and “Clueless” along with a handful of films. Well, this time, he’s no funny man! Playing the lead role in the sci-fi thriller Skyline, Dondald Faison trades the jokes for guns and drama! Since we have a little time…

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November 23rd 10:42am

WTF!!! F-List Actor Murks His Mom With Illuminati Sword

How far off your rocker do you have to be to stab up your mama with a ceremonial sword??

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November 23rd 10:38am

To Whom Do These Bent Over Backs Belong?

We’ve heard of sheer leggings but this is just ridiculous… SMH. Some people have no shame, and the owner of these backs is one of them.

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November 23rd 10:24am

The Pope Clarifies His Comments On Condoms, Says Male Prostitutes Need To Strap The Jimmy Hat On Extra Tight

This is interesting: Pope Benedict XVI’s comments about condom use being a lesser evil than transmitting HIV also apply to women, the Vatican said Tuesday, a significant shift for a pope who just last year said condoms only worsen the AIDS problem.

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November 23rd 10:14am

Guess Who Has A Facebook Page?!?!

That’s riiiiiight! Now you can share all of our viciously hilarious Bossip-ness such as The Swirl, Random Ridiculousness and Jesus Take The Wheel stories with your friends and frenemies via Facebook. Log in now and become a fan of the fan page here!

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November 23rd 10:10am

Freakazoids: Skanky Teacher Accused Of Doing The Nasty With Student While He Was In The Hospital, Possibly Knocked Up With His Seed

SMH. We don’t understand why all of these grown a$s women are choppin down lil young meat, and think it’s ‘cool’ to screw their students: A school science teacher has been arrested for having sex with one of her students when he was 16 – and could be pregnant with the victim’s child.

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November 23rd 10:05am

Did Michelle Williams Miss Bey And Tina’s “Thick Is Beautiful” Memo??

As part of a promo run for her stint on the U.K.’s “Dancing With The Stars” inspiration, “Strictly Come Dancing,” Michelle Williams cried the U.K.’s Heat Magazine a whole system of rivers about her itty-bitty frame. Poor thang.

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November 23rd 9:40am

Hi Hater: Quincy Jones Says Kanye West Can’t Compare To His Musical Genius

Old Head of the year, Quincy Jones, has been in the press a lot lately for obvious reasons…(His Q: Soul Bossa Nostra album dropping recently) and he has some “interesting” things to say about some of the “artists” in the game right now, including Yeezy:

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November 23rd 9:16am

BeyBey VS. Kimmy Cakes… Who Looked More Bangin’???

BeyBey hosted Lorraine Schwartz’s “2BHAPPY” Jewelry Collection launch last night in NYC and the event attracted celebrity jewelry lovers like Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, Blake Lively and yes, Kim Kardashian.

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November 23rd 7:56am

Mama Kris Reveals The Truth About Kimmy Cakes And Gabriel Aubry

Kris Jenner got on her Tina Knowles sh*t and went right into rumor control mode yesterday after pics of Kimmy Cakes and Nahla’s daddy got the rumor mill spinning yesterday.

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