November 23rd 2:52pm

Daaaaayum! Who Knew Michael Jackson Had It In Him?!?!

This random – and definitely real – candid shot of Michael Jackson popped up on the web today. And left us absolutely speechless.

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November 23rd 2:14pm

Are Selita Ebanks Cakes A Good Luck Charm For A Certain NFL Team???

Selita Ebanks’ resume probably reads something like this: Victoria’s Secret model, Kanye’s phoenix, Industry skeezer, and NOW….New York Jets newest good luck charm!

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November 23rd 2:02pm

Camel Swears Off ‘D’Evils’ Of ‘Politics As Usual,’ “I Still Think It’s A Bunch Of Liars”

Guess those rumors about the Jiggaman’s White House aspirations are straight bulldookie…

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November 23rd 1:19pm

Is This Broad For Real???

Poor Thang… The Little Engine That Couldn’t Kelly Rowland is still trying to convince us she had a solo career.

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November 23rd 12:48pm

Nicki Wants You To Meet Onika, Reminisces On Her Days As An Itty-Bitty Immigrant Baby

If she can’t win you over with the music, Nicki Minaj is determined to win you over on personality. And we’re not talking the funny faces and schizo voices. Nicki wants you to love her cuz she’s so real.

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November 23rd 12:29pm

Certified Links

Jay-Z Says Dealing Drugs Was Fun (GO) Ed ‘Too Tall’ Jones — Still Rackin’ ‘Em Up! (GO) Linnea Pihl Tits for Costume of the Day (GO) Nicki Minaj Celebrates Her Pink Friday Release On 106 & Park [Video] (GO) In Commemoration of World AIDS Day: Black Stars Lost To HIV/AIDS (GO) PHOTOS: Happy 18th Birthday…

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November 23rd 12:20pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Obama’s “Exhausted” Town Hall Attendee Loses Her Job

Just two short months after making headlines for telling Obama she was “exhausted” of defending him, Velma Hart is one of the latest Americans to be hit by layoffs.

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November 23rd 11:55am

New Music: ‘I Need Love’… The Deandre Way?

Anytime Soulja Boy records a “love song,” those of us who grew up on LL Cool J’s “I Need Love” or even “Around The Way Girl” hope that he might be able to recapture that PG thug love for a new generation of girls.

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November 23rd 11:36am

Twins: Is MiMi Toting A Double Bubble Gut Full Of Nicky Cannon???

How exciting, looks like Mariah has slipped up and revealed that she and Nick “Double Barrel” Cannon may have two buns in the oven:

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November 23rd 11:06am

Biopics We Want to See and Who Should Star in Them

Ray Charles, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and Tina Turner all have great biopics, but there are many more film biographies of great black public figures that have yet to be made. Aretha Franklin says she wants Halle Berry to play her. (She’s the Queen of Soul, she can say whatever she wants.) Check out our…

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November 23rd 10:55am

Good News For Freaks And Hoes, Spread Of Gonorrhea Is Going Down, But The Bad News Is…

Unfortunately the bad news is rates of chlamydia and syphilis are still climbing. SMH.

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November 23rd 10:53am

Is It Where You’re From or Where You’re At? How Cities Impact The Black Creative Economy

Mai Perkins remembers attending a concert at Central Park SummerStage with Cassanda Wilson, partly because of an observation the jazz singer made about Perkins’ new city. “She made a comment that I thought was so applicable to the city’s diversity. She said, ‘California has landscape, New York has people-scape!’” It was a sentiment that the…

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November 23rd 10:50am

Bossip Exclusive: Donald Faison Ditches Comedy for Sci-fi in Skyline 

Most of us remember the man with animated facial expressions breathing life into the sitcoms, “Scrubs,” and “Clueless” along with a handful of films. Well, this time, he’s no funny man! Playing the lead role in the sci-fi thriller Skyline, Dondald Faison trades the jokes for guns and drama! Since we have a little time…

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November 23rd 10:42am

WTF!!! F-List Actor Murks His Mom With Illuminati Sword

How far off your rocker do you have to be to stab up your mama with a ceremonial sword??

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