November 16th 4:10pm

Sammy “Light Bright White” Sosa Celebrated his 41st Birthday in Miami

This past weekend, Sammy Sosa got a chance to show off his new “Tannish-White” skin color, again at the FountainBleau. If Sammy is going to rock this look… He might want to check that dark hairline and lighten that up…

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November 16th 4:00pm

Rihanna… What Happened to Your Eye???

Rihanna is hitting up the streets of London right now, doing promo for her album, “Rated R.” We noticed that she has a huge knot over her eye. How did that happen… ROUGH NIGHT MAYBE?!?!? Pop it for a Closer Look…

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November 16th 3:55pm

Out of Pocket: UK Removes Black Couple in Popular Movie Poster

Universal changed “Couples Retreat” marketing for the film’s UK release. The company removed the black actors from both the poster’s photo and the list of stars in the type list.

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November 16th 3:00pm

My Daddy has a New Album Coming Out and He says My Mommy is Crazy

This little baby boy and his brother just had a photo shoot. Their Mommy is kinda crazy and their Daddy kicked her a$$ to the curb… Can You Name the Parents???

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November 16th 2:00pm

Someone’s “Ego” Is Making Trouble In Paradise

Beyonce was crowded in London by Joe Camel, and an insider tells Bossip that he is not fond of Julius hanging around so much:

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November 16th 1:30pm

White Couple Who Financed ‘Precious’ To Make Millions

The WSJ has an interesting piece about a Colorado couple who stepped up to the plate and put up $12 million of their personal money to finance the sleeper hit ‘Precious.’ What BOSSIP wants to know, is why can’t more Black millionaires step up, take some risks, and bring our diverse experiences to the screen?

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November 16th 1:20pm

Is Anthony Anderson Chopping Down Barbara Bush???

The BDR benefit hit Texas with the Bush daughters making an appearance. The girls are known for partying hard and the way Anthony Anderson and Barbara Bush had eye contact in these pictures, shows that a ‘smashing’ was highly possible. Pop the top to see more of the two flirting

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November 16th 1:05pm

Nelly Celebrates his Birthday at Atlanta Strip Club and the Ocean’s 7 Make a New Video

Nelly was in Atlanta and did it big at a strip club for his birthday. The floor of the club was covered in cold hard cash, so we know them girls went home with their bills paid that night. His crew, Ocean’s 7, was also there to help him celebrate. Pop it for Nelly, JD…

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November 16th 1:00pm

Cassie Shaves the Other Side of her Head…

Looks like Cassie is still on her shaved head steez and has decided to shave a bit of the other side off too. Flip the hood to see a candid pic of her at STK in NYC.

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November 16th 12:50pm

Certified Links

Update: Mother Of Missing Toddler Charged With Child Prostitution, Toddler Found Dead (GO) Precious aka Gabby Sidibe Admits Her Undying Love For NSync (GO) Nine People Shot Outside Of Hip-Hop Concert (GO) Frozen Cash Congressman Sentenced To 13 Years For Corruption Charges (GO) Cindy Crawford almost extorted for $100,000 for pictures of her daughter bound…

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November 16th 12:20pm

Oprah Gets Caught in the Middle of Mike Tyson and Robin Givens

Oprah recently interviewed Mike Tyson and during the interview, there was a moment that involved the audience ridiculing Robin Givens, who Oprah sympathized with in the past.

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November 16th 12:00pm

The Baddest B*tch is on her Bey Bey Steez for New Video: That’s My Attitude

Trina is still trying to keep her name in the music world. She just shot a new video for That’s My Attitude and she’s on that Beyonce Steez. Will it work for her comeback??? Pop it for More

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November 16th 6:10am

Stop the Violence: Body Of Chicago School Board President Found In River

Chi-Town, this is getting ridiculous: In a surprising and shocking twist of fate, the body of Chicago school board President Michael Scott was found floating in the Chicago river. According to police, Scott’s body was found near the Merchandise Mart early Monday in the River North neighborhood with a gunshot wound to the head. Continue…

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November 16th 6:08am

The Irony: Racist Philly Swim Club Going Out Of Business

Remember that racist swim club in Philly we told you about earlier this year, Valley Swim Club? Well, they just filed for bankruptcy: The Philadelphia swim club that shocked the nation by denying entry to Black and Hispanic day camp students cannot pay its bills. According to The Associated Press, the Valley Swim Club is…

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November 16th 6:07am

Not A Total Betty But A Vast Improvement: Michelle Williams Looking Way Better Than Usual With Alter Egos

Michelle Williams hooked up with Derek Blanks and shot a bunch of different looks for her alter ego photoshoot. Michelle is a good girl, supposedly, and these pictures suggest that she does have a ‘sex-symbol’ side. Pop the top and see Michelle go bald for the shoot

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