April 6th 10:02am

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Both Aubrey O’Day and Tori Spelling were seen at events recently. For some reason, something looks a lil off in both of these pics, but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

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April 6th 9:57am

Some Humpday Fkery

Happy Wednesday!

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April 6th 9:33am

Fill In The Blank: President Obama Will Be Working With _________ On His 2012 Re-Election Campaign

We get what you’re trying to do sir, but you may want to reconsider this thing.

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April 6th 9:17am

Random Ridiculousness: The Bald-Headed Beast Seen Leaving The Hair Shop With Them Thighs On Full Blast-Ski

Last time we checked, Amber Rose didn’t have any hair or weave for that matter,

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April 6th 9:05am

Quote Of The Day: Toya Carter Says She’s ‘Much More Than Just Weezy’s Baby Mama’

We can’t imagine why anyone would take issue with constantly being associated with a syrup slurping, blunt totin,’ ex-convict father of four (by four) with tattoos all over his face…

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April 6th 8:59am

When No One Knows What To Do With The Checks: The Federal Government Could Be Shut Down By Friday

And, of course, the Republicans and their need to fight President Obama at every turn are behind it.

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April 6th 8:48am

Gbagbo Must Go: Forces Loyal To Ivory Coast Presidential Claimant Bum-Rush Shady Leader At Home, In The Process Of Forcing Him Out

Forces loyal to Ivory Coast presidential claimant Alassane Ouattara on Wednesday stormed the residence of incumbent leader Laurent Gbagbo who has refused to cede power

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April 6th 8:13am

The Original K-Fraud Shows Off New Baby Mama And Announces He’s Having A Girl

Shar Jackson recently gave her opinion on her ex-boo, Kevin Federline’s upcoming 5th child

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April 6th 8:07am

Poor Thang: Wendy Williams And Her Jacked Up Hooves Get Sent Home From Dancing With The Stars

Between doing some serious damage to her feet and having to travel back and forth from NYC to LA almost daily for practice, Wendy Williams clearly sacrificed plenty for Dancing With The Stars.

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April 6th 7:53am

Nick Cannon: “I Don’t Want My Naked Booty Out There For Everyone To See!”

Mr. and Mrs. Mariah Carey recently took some photographs of them naked with Mariah’s heavily impregnated gut full of Cannon and now Nicky is regretting it!!

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April 6th 7:45am

Some Unemployed NFL Handsome: 10 Men We’d Love To Lockdown If The Lockout Continues

Thanks to the ongoing NFL lockout, there’s a gang of fine, unemployed men trying to find something to do with themselves right now.

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