August 11th 10:12am

Another Day, Another Ex-NFL Player Chokes Out His Baby Mama Outside Of Their Child’s School

Former Carolina Panther LB, Mark Fields, was locked up and charged for scrapping up the mother of his daughter…outside of the little girl’s school. SMH.

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August 11th 10:00am

“Naughty Bodies” Stripper Hits Client With Car, Drags Dead Body Under Vehicle For 2 Miles…

Meet Kristina Hensley. Kristina is an exotic dancer employed by a company called “Naughty Bodies.” Kristina was hired by Jae Cho to come to his crib to perform a “private show.” Unfortunately, the evening did not end with a “Happy Ending.”

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August 11th 9:47am

House Members Cut $12 Billion From Food Stamp Fund

During one of the worst national recessions the government has decided to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp fund, potentially effecting 41 million Americans.

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August 11th 9:37am

Some Morning Fug

Natalie Nunn and her Mac Tonight/Jay Leno chin hit up the Nylon + Express August Denim Issue Party at The London Hotel in LA last night.

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August 11th 9:07am

Who Is My Mom-Dukes???

This guy has a mom who has been ‘blessed’ with the gift of gab as well as some amazon-esque genes. If that’s not a dead giveaway, peep who his mom is below…

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August 11th 8:45am

Blood Diamond Naomi Could Face Jail Time If She Was Indeed Lying About The “Little Dirty Pebbles”

Poor thang: Naomi Campbell says she has nothing to gain by lying in her testimony about alleged “blood diamonds.” But according to London’s Telegraph , she could have everything to lose, including her freedom.

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August 11th 8:33am

Trigger Happy Rihanna Gets Inked Again, Ties With Mariah, BeyBey And Gaga For Most #1 Pop Chart Singles

Rihanna was spotted in Manhattan yesterday toting this Vlieger and Vandam handbag (which has a pistol imprinted on the front) from dinner at Emilio Ballato to a neck tattoo touchup appointment at Eastside Ink.

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August 11th 6:32am

Alaska Plane Crash Claims The Life Of Former Senator Ted Stevens And Four Others, Investigators Search For Answers

Alaska trailblazer and former Senator Ted Stevens is dead at 86 after a plane carrying him and eight other passengers crashed into the side of a mountain Monday night. Treacherous weather is believed to have caused the accident.

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August 10th 6:11pm

What The Hell??? “Dead” Newborn Comes Back To Life — In Her Coffin!!!

A Mexican couple got the surprise of their lives at the the funeral for their daughter, who was born premature and pronounced dead at the hospital she was born at.

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August 10th 6:03pm

Some Old Banger Belly

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy was spotted having lunch with her new fiance’ Michael Strahan, his BFF Dr. Ian and another friend in NYC. She popped out all them kids for Eddie and that body is still BANGIN!!!

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August 10th 5:59pm

Ne-Yo Tries To Prove He’s Straight… Again: “When My Baby’s Born I’ll Be Celebrating With Alcohol And The “Opposite” Sex

Ne-Yo keeps making himself look more and more SUSPECT as each day goes by. The Sun in London is reporting that Ne-Yo claims that he is single and Monyetta Shaw is just a friend that he can pro-create with… They have an “UNDERSTANDING”!!! Whatever makes them happy is great but what we are not so…

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August 10th 5:42pm

Taliban Publicly Flog, Then Execute Pregnant Woman With Three Shots To The Head For “Illicit Affair”

This is just nuts. A pregnant Afghan woman was publicly executed this weekend after being flogged. The 35-year-old widow was accused of having an affair that resulted in her pregnancy. The man who allegedly partnered with her was not punished.

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August 10th 5:07pm

Desiree Rogers Gets A New Job, Named Chief Executive Of Johnson’s Publishing

Desiree Rogers has found employment after leaving the White House over those shady attention-whoring Salahis:

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August 10th 4:45pm

Is Gay Marriage A Civil Rights Issue? Martin Luther King’s Niece Doesn’t Think So

Many liberals and left leaning activist might argue that the famed civil rights leader would have been front and center opposing the recent attempts to ban same-sex marriages, viewing today’s battle as an extension of the civil rights movement.

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August 10th 4:04pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

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