October 21st 12:43pm

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Antoine Dodson Video Game Hits The Net (GO) Ashton’s Self-Proclaimed Mistress — Gimme Moore (GO) Way To Go NPR: Black News Analyst Fired Over Questionable Comments on Muslims (GO) EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Cake Worth Over $1 Million! (GO) Lebron James Declares “Hater Day” And Retweets Racial Remarks Made Towards Him (GO) Michelle Obama Earns…

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October 21st 12:20pm

Is Fantasia Still Using Her ‘Suicide Attempt’ For Promotion?

‘Tasia‘s got a lot to talk about these days: Season 2 of Fantasia for Real only has 3 episodes left; she’s on tour; she still needs to make “Back to Me” move some units. And all this adds up to her talking about…

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October 21st 11:12am

For Discussion: Would You Allow Your 5-Year-Old Son To Dress Up As A Princess Boy?

As the debate over bullying continues, we were drawn to this story of a black family whose youngest son likes to express himself a little “differently”.

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October 21st 11:11am

Eagles Still Reneging On Mike Vick Starter Job, But Can’t Stop His Shine

Kevin Kolb got his starter position with the Eagles back the same way he lost it: due to an injury. And now, three weeks in, coach Andy Reid isn’t sure he’s putting Michael Vick back in that number one spot anytime soon.

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October 21st 10:32am

Which One Would You Hit??? Billy “Goat” Ocean Vs. Claymation Jermaine Jackson

Billy Ocean and his lil dread tail and Jermaine “Face Looks Like Its Painted On” Jackson both attended the MOBO Awards across the pond last night in Liverpool, England. Ladies, if these two guys were the LAST two men on Earth, which one would you let smash your cakes to smithereens????

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October 21st 10:01am

Shook Ones: Lil 20-Year-Old Girl Becomes Police Chief In Mexico Because All The Grown Azz Men Are Scurrred!!!

This is a GD shame, isht is real in Mexico…muhfuggas are too shook to even take positions of authority:

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October 21st 9:56am

Into Another Circle of Hell: Rihanna Lets Camel Put Her Back On The Stroll

Illuminati rumors be damned! Rih Rih‘s still following Hov‘s path to success.

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October 21st 9:33am

What Is Wrong With This Picture????

Aubrey “Drake” Graham was photographed sitting on “someone’s” lap. Something is a little off about this image, but we can’t quite put our finger on it…perhaps you can help.

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October 21st 9:31am

SMH: Details In Cop Killing Of Danroy Henry Keep Getting Worse… Police Tasered Pace Player’s Pals To Prevent CPR

New details have emerged in the police shooting death of Danroy Henry that only turn our stomachs further.

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October 21st 7:58am

Grandma Tina Puts A Stop To Bey Baby Bump Watch

While paps were sitting in sniper position waiting to catch a glimpse of Beyonce‘s Baby Bump, her mom was dashing hopes on national TV.

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