December 17th 6:06pm

Fox News Viewers Appear To Be Amongst The Most Gullible According To Study

We always knew that white folks people were a little crazy to be believing all that bullsh*t that Fox News talks, but now there is some good ol’ evidence to back us up.

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December 17th 5:58pm

Quote of The Day: Spike Lee Is Talkin’ That Ish, Says The Knicks Are Gonna “Kick LeBron’s A**”

Tonight, marks the first time that Lebron James and his two high-paid homies have made the trip to Madison Square Garden since they united to form the three-headed monster that is the Miami Heat.

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December 17th 4:09pm

Five Teens Attack Pregnant Teen And Boyfriend On Bus

A gang of female teenage hoodlums attacked a pregnant 17-year-old in Seattle, Washington on a metro bus. Check out her story at Hip Hop Wired.

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December 17th 4:04pm

Isn’t She Lovely: The Many Styles of Michelle Obama

When it comes to fashion, First Lady Michelle Obama is definitely a trend setter. Whether being a mom, helping run the United States, creating programs for impoverished families everywhere or holding her husband down, Michele Obama has hands down handled it all looking fabulous and with class. Check out our First Lady’s envied style at…

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December 17th 3:11pm

Kim Kardashian Vows To Stay Wholesome & Single In 2011

Little Miss Serial Dater is saying nay to men in 2011:

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December 17th 2:42pm

Coon Of The Day: Floyd Mayweather Needs To Get His Life Together

This n***a ain’t sh*t! Seriously. He somehow managed to downplay the fact that he beats women for fun – by faking his engagement to some random scuttlebutt – to turn around and catch THIS charge???

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December 17th 12:57pm

Reports In: Bishop Eddie Long’s Office Break-In Was Done By Accusers To Obtain Evidence For Lawsuit

Looks as if the Bishop Eddie Long scandal may not be over just yet. According to published reports, a June break-in at the church was related to the lawsuits filed by the four men who accused him of sexual misconduct.

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December 17th 12:48pm

Beauty And Fashion Fails Of 2010

2010 marked the arrival of some creative fashion risks via entertainers such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj.

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December 17th 12:41pm

Certified Links

Lil Wayne Gives Fan’s Mother A Wheelchair (GO) Gilbert Arenas Gun Suit Off Target, Case Dismissed (GO) Alesha Dixon on the Beach in Miami in Some Staged Pics of the Day (GO) Passing as Black: How Biracial Americans Choose Identity (GO) 50 Cent Invests In New 3D Glasses Company (GO) Anne Hathaway Shocks NYC Kids…

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December 17th 12:23pm

Now We KNOW Taylor Swift Is Giving Up The Cookies

To paraphrase Patrice McDowell from “Coming To America”, a man ain’t spending a certain amount on gifts unless you’re giving up the bootay! And by the figures on Jake Gyllenhaal’s credit card statement, Taylor Swift is definitely giving it up.

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December 17th 12:02pm

For “The Game” Stans

Promo pics for the new season of “The Game”

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December 17th 11:32am

Congratulations: Jurnee Smollett Is Now An Honest Woman

Wow, she did a good job keeping this under wraps:

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