November 9th 3:00pm

Rihanna: “I Wanted This to be the __________ that NO MAN Can Resist… And It Is!!!”

Rihanna just hopped on the celebrity bandwagon and is creating her own fragrance. She recently said in an interview that she has been standing next to the chemist, helping to mix the formula for this “perfect” scent. After seeing the pics under the hood… What would you say RiRi’s scent smells like…

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November 9th 2:59pm

*Update* Katt Williams’ Attorney Exclusively Tells Bossip…

BOSSIP received the scoop from Katt’s attorney on the reason behind the arrest: “The case is still under investigation. We believe this is a…

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November 9th 2:30pm

The Movie “Precious” Pulls in $1.8 Million Opening Weekend and Gabourey Sidibe Goes on The “Today” Show

“Precious” debuted this weekend at the movies and did $1.8 million. It didn’t make the top three but that is pretty damn good for a movie that was only released in 18 theaters around the US. Gabourey Sidibe made an appearance on the TODAY Show and tells how she even got the roll. Pop it…

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November 9th 2:25pm

Report: Unemployment Rate in October at its Highest Since 1983

Times are still hard out there for individuals who are still looking for jobs: Unemployment surged from 9.8 percent in September to 10.2 percent last month, its highest level since 1983. At the same time, the economy lost 190,000 more jobs. That means employers have eliminated 7.3 million positions since the recession began in December…

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November 9th 2:20pm

SMH, This Girl is Starving Herself… Ci-ERROR, Will You Please Go Eat Something with Some Fat In It!!!

Ci-ERROR just tweeted this pic from her German Vogue photo shoot. She also got a new gig a with Verizon and LG. We don’t know about you but high fashion or not, this sh*zz ain’t cute. More Details Under the Hood

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November 9th 2:15pm

**Bossip Exclusive** Antonia Carter Talks Love, Wayne, and Baby Mama Drama

Bossip had the pleasure of chopping it up with new reality star, Antonia Carter, and she filled us in on everything from her new relationship, to getting ready for Wayne’s departure and what to expect on the new season of Tiny and Toya.

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November 9th 2:00pm

Bey Bey and Julius Caught Leaving a Hotel Looking Like They Just…

Beyonce and her bodyguard Julius were spotted leaving a Berlin hotel headed to the airport looking real suspect.  Flip the hood to see the two in action.

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November 9th 1:30pm

Certified Links

Coolio To Replace DMX In MMA Fight (GO) Shawnna Announces Signing To T-Pain’s Label (GO) Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Threatens to Kill her Mom (GO) Alabama County Celebrates Obama Holiday (GO) Eva Mendes’ ‘Bad Lieutenant’ Nip Slip (GO) Jazzy Jeff Speaks On Reunion With Fresh Prince (GO)

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November 9th 1:15pm

Chris Brown Sheds his Thoughts About Rihanna’s Interview with 20/20

Breezy had his interview with MTV last week, right before Rihanna’s 20/20 interview. As we watched Rihanna’s explanation, we couldn’t help but think… Wonder how CB feels about what she’s saying. MTV went and got the answer… Pop it for his Response

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November 9th 1:00pm

50 Cent “”America Has Turned Into A Crack House”

Bugsy is teaching economics and essentially telling people how to get rich, or die trying: “America has turned into a crack house. A place to distribute product, we don’t manufacture nothing so we got to get back to that. Even the clothes we’re wearing is being shipped… Continue

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November 9th 12:45pm

A Single “Bald Headed Beast” Hits South Beach with the Girls

Amber Rose was seen on South Beach kicking it with her girls. Even without Mr. West around, she’s still keeping up the image that he created for her. Guess anything is better than being known for doing something strange for a small piece of change. Let’s See How Many Gigs She Gets Now

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November 9th 12:10pm

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Katt Williams Popped For…Burglary

Katt Williams has been arrested for burglary:

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November 9th 12:00pm

In White Folks News: Justin And Jessica Are Back On Front Street at the Jay-Z Concert and Rihanna was Also in the Building

Everyone and their little brother came out to watch the Jay-Z performance in Hollyweird last night. Justin Timberfake and Jessica Biel were coupled up showing that through all the cheating rumors, Justin can still get it. With RiRi’s name being slung all threw this relationship, wonder is the three of them ran into each other.…

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November 9th 11:50am

Oprah To Rosie O’Donnell: Ho Sit Down & Stop Calling Me and Gayle Gay

Oprah is fed up with Rosie O’Donnell and her gay rumors geared at her and Gayle.  An insider says that Oprah has sent Rosie a final warning and it ain’t nice.

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November 9th 11:30am

This Just In: We Have Proof Inside That Diddy Likes Men

Bossip just got visual evidence which suggests what we knew all along, that Diddy isn’t interested in women at all. Pop the hood for the details.

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