March 16th 9:02am

SMH: Congressional Candidate Wants To Deport Latino Farmworkers, Bus Blacks To Pick Crops

Congressional Jack Davis has some interesting ideas about how to help solve black unemployment in Buffalo, NY.

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March 16th 9:00am

Reality Check: 39 Out Of 50 States Are At Risks For Major Earthquakes

When we think earthquake, most Americans think California, right? Definitely not Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas.

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March 16th 8:52am

Would You Buy This Dog For $1.5 Milli???

Wow. People spend money on the craziest isht. Now we all love a good puppy dog, but a puppy that costs 1.5M dollars????????

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March 16th 8:42am

Serena Williams Is Depressed, But Determined To Get Back Into Action

Awwww, get well soon, Serena: Serena Williams has not driven a car since July. Just the other day, she hopped on an exercise bike for the first time in weeks.

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March 16th 8:39am

Old Head Beef: Bill Cosby To Russell Simmons “Get The Fawk Out Of My Face!”

Last week, pioneering old head Bill Cosby hosted the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s ROBIE Awards, where Hip-Hop’s favorite old head Uncle BDR and others were honored for their Jackie Robinson-like lives.

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March 16th 8:00am

R.I.P.: Nate Dogg Is Dead At 41

Nate Dogg is dead, according to a report in his hometown Long Beach Press Telegram, which cited a family announcement.

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March 16th 5:09am

Who’s My Daddy?!?!?

Who’s My Daddy?!?? This little girl is no stranger to the limelight. Her dad has been throwing her names in songs since she was a little girl. The mother and father went through a very rough break up to make up period and there is a movie based on how her father made it big……

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