November 30th 9:34am

What The Hell??? Confederate Pride Groups Planning All Types Of Celebrations To Honor The Civil War

We are rapidly approaching the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, America’s ‘bloodiest, deadliest, and most unresolved conflict.’

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November 30th 9:07am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Disgusting, Deranged, And Dirty Swirl Couple Popped For Hiding 5 Children In Nasty A$s House With No Utilities…

This is disgusting and these dirty bastards should rot for having their children in such squalid living conditions: Five children who were raised hidden from society in a squalid house with no heat, electricity or running water have been found by police.

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November 30th 8:48am

Breezy, Who Dis Ho???

Chris Brown hosted a “Thankgiving Grand Finale” party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta, and had some piece all up on him whispering sweet nothings in his ear…

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November 30th 8:27am

The Bullsh*t Dream Team: D-Wade, Bron Bron, Bosh, & ‘Em Blame The Coach “He Doesn’t Let Us Be Ourselves”

Poor babies…let us pull out the violin: ESPN has reported that the Miami Heat players are frustrated with coach Erik Spoelstra and are questioning whether he is fit to coach the team.

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November 30th 8:08am

Surprise: Beyonce Beat Out Taylor On Thanksgiving… It’s Not All Good News Though

We kind of figured that Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” Thanksgiving special would be a waste of airtime, if for no other reason than the fact that NBC could have replaced it with something or someone much more interesting. We’re surprised that Beyonce actually did worse.

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November 30th 7:02am

Where’s Rihanna?: Matt Kemp Caught Creepin’ Out Club With Chica Until Pap Catches Him And He Banishes The B*tch! [Video]

The funniest parts of the clip is the 14 second mark when Matt tells the girl “Oh, Sh*t… the paps are here… get away from me” and the 22-24 second mark where he sounds like the brother in the Twix commercial!

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November 29th 8:00pm

Court Proceedings Against Bishop Eddie Long Stroke Still On And Poppin

Just because we haven’t heard anything about it in a couple weeks doesn’t mean the fire isn’t still lit under the a** of Pastor Eddie Long.

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November 29th 6:06pm

La La Vazquez Gets “Deep” With Fearless Magazine

Here’s La La Vazquez on the cover of Fearless magazine’s Winter 2010 edition and

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November 29th 5:59pm

Another Day, Another ‘My Life Is So Hard’ Song From T.I.

Habitual felon or not, Atlantic Records is not about to let T.I. fawk up their money. So the promotions machine behind his latest album King Un… oops, we mean ‘No Mercy,’ continues on in his absence.

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November 29th 4:59pm

Kelly ‘Steady Getting Paid In The U.K.’ Rowland Isn’t Grown Woman Enough To Pay Her Bills

That Best Of The Kelly Rowland Catalog No One’s Heard compilation album her old label’s dropping doesn’t seem like such a bad idea anymore. Lord knows Kelly could use the money. She’s been ducking the tax man. Grammy-Award winning singer Kelly Rowland, sidekick to Beyonce in the group Destiny’s Child, owes the IRS more than…

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November 29th 4:54pm

What A Banger Looks Like

Here is Pilar Sanders strolling around Dallas with that BANGIN A$S BODY of hers…

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