October 21st 7:35pm

End Of Days: 5-Year-Old In Syria “Put A Ring On It”, Engaged To 3-Year-Old Girlfriend…WTF?!?!

SMH. While lil Dyson is all princess boying it up…rockin’ glittery skirts and bedazzled Chuck Taylors, this other five-year-old boy in Syria is wifing up three-year-olds: A three-year-old girl and a five-year-old boy in Syria have become engaged, according to local reports Thursday.

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October 21st 6:03pm

Damn, What Do You Really Want?

Good day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” After reading through some of our love and relationships articles, one of our male readers sent in a passionate e-mail explaining his position and how he doesn’t “get women.”

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October 21st 5:41pm

Some Afternoon Swirl: Kendra & Hank Promo-Hoeing For New Season

Here’s the promo pics for the new season of Kendra Wilkinson’s reality show, and someone’s looking like he got a super duper suntan. SMH!!!

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October 21st 3:53pm

The Jump Off: 15 Memorable Hip-Hop and R&B TV Theme Songs

Finish this sentence: “In West Philadelphia born and raised…” Or this one, “Well, we’re moving on up…”

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October 21st 3:38pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Steve Harvey Attempts To Lose 21 Pounds In 21 Days With Controversial Diet (GO) Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Make Modeling Debut (GO) Diddy Clears Up Nicki Minaj Management Rumors (GO) NAACP Wants A “Racist” Halloween Decoration Of A Man Being Lynched Removed Off A Lawn (GO) Eva Longoria In Minor Car Accident (GO) T.I. Sued Over…

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October 21st 2:29pm

7 African-American Architects Who’ve Built Successful Careers in a Challenging Industry

According to the directory of African-American Architects, there are less than 2,000 licensed architects in the United States. That number, however, doesn’t diminish the contributions of these professionals on local and national scales.

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October 21st 1:33pm

Juan Williams Gets Axed By NPR For His Anti-Muslim Statements!!!

Well it looks like Bill O’Racist Reilly smugness and his mouth has stirred up trouble once again! After his controversial comments he made on “The View” last week that caused Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar to exit stage left, he lured in a dumb ‘Uncle Tom’ to agree with him! Former NPR talk-show host and…

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October 21st 1:14pm

Bossip Give Away!!! Enter To Win VIP Passes For Blackberry’s BBM Lounge Album Release Party For Glee’s Bad Boy Puck Tonight In LA!!!

If you live in the L.A. area, then this is for you… The Blackberry BBM Lounge is back!!! Fox’s hit TV show “GLEE” hit the scene last year and hasn’t missed a beat yet! So many people have fallen in love with this show whether they want to admit it or NOT. Blackberry and Xomad…

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October 21st 12:56pm

Halle Likes To Ride…

Olivier Martinez took Halle Berry for the ride of her life yesterday. The couple was spotted riding around Los Angeles with a police escort.

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October 21st 12:53pm

Doctors Remove A Dildo Out Of Woman’s Butt [Actual Surgery Video]

Which may be one of the grossest things you see this week, Doctors have video taped the removal of a dildo from a woman’s butt. Although it hasn’t been discovered where this footage circulated from and how this event occurred, (which is actually kind of obvious) one thing is for certain, it is the perfect…

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October 21st 12:43pm

Certified Links

Antoine Dodson Video Game Hits The Net (GO) Ashton’s Self-Proclaimed Mistress — Gimme Moore (GO) Way To Go NPR: Black News Analyst Fired Over Questionable Comments on Muslims (GO) EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Cake Worth Over $1 Million! (GO) Lebron James Declares “Hater Day” And Retweets Racial Remarks Made Towards Him (GO) Michelle Obama Earns…

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October 21st 12:20pm

Is Fantasia Still Using Her ‘Suicide Attempt’ For Promotion?

‘Tasia‘s got a lot to talk about these days: Season 2 of Fantasia for Real only has 3 episodes left; she’s on tour; she still needs to make “Back to Me” move some units. And all this adds up to her talking about…

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October 21st 11:12am

For Discussion: Would You Allow Your 5-Year-Old Son To Dress Up As A Princess Boy?

As the debate over bullying continues, we were drawn to this story of a black family whose youngest son likes to express himself a little “differently”.

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October 21st 11:11am

Eagles Still Reneging On Mike Vick Starter Job, But Can’t Stop His Shine

Kevin Kolb got his starter position with the Eagles back the same way he lost it: due to an injury. And now, three weeks in, coach Andy Reid isn’t sure he’s putting Michael Vick back in that number one spot anytime soon.

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