January 10th 8:39pm

Which One Would You Hit: Jennifer Hudson Vs. Herself

Today, Weight Watchers brought us another “Look how skinny I am” moment with Jennifer Hudson via the cover of the latest issue of WW’s magazine.

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January 10th 7:06pm

Pure Comedy: Man Goes Through Burger King Drive-Thru Pantless, Asks Employee To “Hold His Whopper”

PSA: drugs – including alcohol – can make you do some pretty stupid things.

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January 10th 6:40pm

You Know Lil’ Kim’s Knifed-Up Steez Is Too Much When…

We almost couldn’t tell that was Snooki and not Lil Kim in this picture.

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January 10th 5:17pm

Kimora Says She’s Ready For Another Gut Full Of “Give Us Free”

Awww! Don’t you just love 3/4 Black love with just a pinch of foreigner?

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January 10th 4:24pm

FYI: Hackers And E-Criminals May Be Able To Guess Your Social Security Number With A Little Help From Your Favorite Websites

We all know that computer crimes and hacking are at an all time high, and everything done on-line can be tracked, retrieved, and used against us. But now studies show that even the most careful of people can still have their social security numbers GUESSED by those who have the know-how.

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January 10th 3:55pm

Kiss From A. Rose: 10 People Romantically Linked To Amber Rose

Kanye West first introduced the world to Amber Rose—his stunning African, Italian and Irish girlfriend in 2009 and since then paps and fans have been busy watching her every move.

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January 10th 3:48pm

11 Signs You Should Get Back With Your Ex

It’s not over until it’s over. As painful as some break-ups can be, walking away prematurely could cause more heartache than needs to be endured. The truth is that if love was that easy, we all wouldn’t desire it nearly as badly. Before a relationship becomes broken beyond repair, maybe you should try at least…

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January 10th 3:44pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Take That… Take That: A Few Women Who’ve Taken A Ride With Diddy On His Last Train To Paris (GO) 11 Ways to Get Your Money Right for the New Year (GO) J. Cole & Drake Rock The London Stage On Their European Tour [Video] (GO) Will Smith Joining Simon & Cheryl On X-Factor USA?…

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January 10th 3:20pm

Coons Of The Day: Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin Have A Mutual Love-Fest Over Arizona Shooting

Seems that “talking head” Glenn Beck and resident Republican jackass Sarah Palin have found a common bond in the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. People have blamed both Beck and Palin for heightening the sense of radicalism by using language that would incite anger in their rhetoric.

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January 10th 3:05pm

DAYUM!!! Where Is Mike Epps Supposed To Find An Extra Million Dollars???

File this under “When The Hood Life Backfires” and “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”

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January 10th 1:50pm

“Look At Those Beautiful Black Bodies”: Has The General Manager Of The Los Angeles Clippers Been Letting His Girlfriends Watch Players Shower?!?!

Word on the streets is that GM of The Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, has been allowing his skanky little girlfriends to get their peeping-Tom on in the guys locker room.

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