July 27th 1:39pm

M.I.A’s Common Sense is M.I.A, Spits On Photographers and Flashes Her Snatch

M.I.A is losing her mind, a little at a time. She’s been throwing tantrums at concerts, hock spittin’ on photographers and flashin’ her foreign snatch for the cameras. Is this any way for a new mommy to behave? Pop it for more pics of her antics.

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July 27th 12:34pm

Natalie Nunn Disses Kat Stacks Again, Warns Her To Stay Out Of L.A.

Reality TV star Natalie Nunn is back to sending shots at Internet groupie Kat Stacks. As previously reported the two have been at a war of words, with the reality TV star telling Kat to “be a good mother” and Stacks threatening to see her in the streets. Now Nunn’s back with more advice for…

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July 27th 11:54am

Guess Who Is Swirling It Up In Miami?

This chocolate beauty was spotted getting friendly with a melanin-challenged gentleman… Can you guess who she is?

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July 27th 11:19am

Wyclef Is Thinking About Running For President Of Haiti

Wyclef Jean is considering a run for president of Haiti

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July 27th 11:08am

F*ck A Thug: Maurice Clarett, Former Football Star, Headed Back To School After Serving 3 Years In Prison

Maurice Clarett says “F*ck a Thug,” I’m taking my a$s back to school: Ohio State University says former football star Maurice Clarett is back in school to pursue his degree after spending more than three years in prison.

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July 27th 11:07am

Big Brother Is Watching: Walmart’s New Smart Tags Can Follow Yo A** Home

Wal-Mart is officially evil. The controversial retail giant has invented an inventory tag that will track your purchases all the way home… and then retrieve your identity from your license to track you! Pop it to see why new “smart tags” need to be “rolled back”.

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July 27th 10:34am

Rihanna Hits The Big Screen! Will Act Alongside ‘True Blood’ Actor In ‘Battleship’ Film

Rihanna will put her acting lessons to the test very soon. It’s been announced that RihRih will be making her feature film debut in Battleship, due out next Spring via Universal Pictures. More details below

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July 27th 10:28am

Guess The Pink Bikini Beach Booty…

Can you tell who this is judging from the thick thighs and ‘brand new blonde do’???

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July 27th 10:16am

Ho Sit Down: Pam Anderson Goes In On Janet Jackson And Her “Fur” Ad

Pamela Anderson needs to take her ‘ole used & washed up a$s somewhere. First PETA was bashing Janet Jackson for her Black Glam Fur ad and now this shriveled up heffah has something to say:

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July 27th 9:45am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Teresa Of RHOJ Selling Her Gaudy Stuff In A “Bankruptcy Auction”

Remember when we told you Teresa from RHOJ was broke as hell? Well, she’s now selling a bunch of stuff from that off the chain a$s mansion they just bought:

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July 27th 9:44am

Fill In The Blank

Christina Milian stepped out in Beverly Hills last night to have dinner with Serena Williams at Madeo. Looks like she lost the ring and gained some admirers. If you could read this valet’s mind, he’s probably thinking _______________________________ ! More photos below

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July 27th 9:31am

Worst Rap Video Ever? “Geisha’s” Rap About Her “P*ssy Being Everywhere, Everwhere”

We have seen some horrible videos and put them on blast accordingly, but this one right here? This video by “Geisha 305″  may take the cake. Geisha’s flow is filled with the opposite of knowledge and substantial content for the youth. The OFFICIAL name of her groundbreaking single is… “Walk’n Wit Dis P*ssy.” SMH Click…

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July 27th 9:12am

SMH: BP CEO Tony Hayward Has Officially Been Kicked To The Curb, Still Gonna Be Ballin’

Just as everyone suspected, BP has replaced that shady-behind Tony Hayward with an American cat:

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July 27th 8:55am

Which ATL “Housewife” Is Was Acting Like A Diva And Almost Ruined Her Fellow RHOA Cast Mate’s Wedding???

Apparently one of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is just doing way too much…holding up weddings and ish.

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July 27th 8:39am

Some Morning Cakes

Rise and Shine! We got some new shots of video vixen Sophia Marie (“Beemer, Benz or Bentley,” “Best I Ever Had”) and we wanted to share them. Cake shot coming right up

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