May 12th 9:16am

Tyra Wants To Sprinkle Fairy Dust All Over EVERYTHING — Banks Empire Expands Into Books

As if fifty million seasons of “America’s Next Top Model” and the “Tyra” show weren’t enough, Tyra Banks is now taking her obsession with beauty, fantasy and “fierceness” (her words, not ours) into the literary world. The model mogul made the announcement via her website earlier this week. Her message to the world on the…

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May 12th 9:06am

Barack To Racist Rush Limbaugh: “Go Eff Yourself”

Well those weren’t his words exactly, but pretty much in a nutshell, our President Barack Obama is clearly NOT feelin Rush Limbaugh:

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May 11th 6:31pm

He’s Got A Big Ego, But Wouldn’t You If You Were At The Center Of Your Very Own Universe?

Kanye West posted some of the visuals taken by Nabil Elderkin from his Glow In The Dark book today and most of them were so stunning we had to share them with you. Pop the hood for more.

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May 11th 6:29pm

Kelis Out In London While Poor Little Nasir Is Going Broke Trying To Support Her And His Son That He Doesn’t Get To See

Kelis was seen in London rocking those Mickey Mouse Adidas and the black version of her crazy a$s mullet ‘do… More images on the flip.

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May 11th 5:55pm

Supermodel Beverly Peele In Critical Condition

Former Model Beverly Peele was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after a car accident last night.

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May 11th 5:34pm

‘Pretty Wild’ White Chick Soon To Be Sitting Not-So-Pretty In Jail

Alexis Neiers was just sentenced to some serious time, for a white chick from the burbs. Alexis is the sister of the Pretty Wild teamstress pictured here doing black tar heroin last week. They are obviously thuggin:

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May 11th 5:09pm

Twitter Files: Will Ferrell Got Jokes Son!!!

Drizzy has been bragging about his acting chops lately but he may want to start crafting some comedic skills cuz Will Ferrell took a crack at him on Twitter that hit right on the mark. Pop the hood for a chuckle Continue

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May 11th 5:01pm

It Aint My Fault! Oil CEO’s Point Fingers At Each Other Over Gulf Spill

‘It’s their fault!’ Three of the major oil companies in the world, BP America, Halliburton, and Transocean went in front of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee early Tuesday morning to testify about the disastrous oil-rig explosion that happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The CEO’s went in front of the Committee and pointed…

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May 11th 3:23pm

Stripclub Tries To Lure Lebron To New York With Free Lapdances For Life!!!

Cleveland is home for Lebron James right now, but after this season he’ll be a free agent, opening the door for tempting offers from teams across the country. And if temptation can figure into his pricetag, one NYC gentlemen’s club is willing to have their girls take it all off to get BronBron to put…

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May 11th 3:21pm

Woman Could Receive Transplant After Having Face Ripped Off By Chimpanzee

Apologies for the graphic image, but… After suffering a mauling from a chimpanzee which left her blinded, a Connecticut woman may have the chance to undergo transplant to restore what she has lost. Continue

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May 11th 1:23pm

Racist Flight Attendant Gets Out Of Pocket With Don Cheadle, Then Mistakes Him For Tim Meadows

Despite being an Oscar nominated actor who also just happens to be featured in this weekend’s biggest blockbuster Ironman 2 Don Cheadle was just another “black man trying to sneak into first class” to some out of pocket flight attendants he recently encountered. Pop the hood for details.

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May 11th 12:00pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Bow Wow Attempts To Get “Serviced” By Female Over Twitter [Video] (GO) White Student Impersonates Lil Wayne In Black Face (GO) Man Claims That He Hasn’t Eaten For 70 Years (GO) From Teen Dream to Multi-Million Dollar Reality (GO) Anne Hathaway knows how to pick them (GO) Kelis Embraces Lovable Rodent [Obvious Observations] (GO) HOLLYWOOD…

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May 11th 11:49am

Quote Of The Day: “I Always Say, ‘Fu*k Some Guys, Not Every Guy,” And I Stick By That

Stripper turned “model” and C-Breezy jumpie Draya Michele just hit the bigtime in the backs business, better known as a KING magazine pictorial. Pop the hood for plenty of skin and nuff “nignorance”

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May 11th 11:19am

Guess This Cake And Maple Syrup Diet

These backs were seen vacationing in Miami and flossin its fly body. These backs also revealed a bit ago that they live off that shady “Master Cleanse” diet at least 3 times a year. Pop to peep who it is (even though it’s quite obvious)…

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May 11th 11:14am Links!

Wacka Flocka’s Mom Talks About Nicki Minaj And Gucci FIRING Her As Management: CLICK HERE Couple Takes Playing Too Far When He Smacks The Sht Out Of Her And Stomps Her Out: CLICK HERE Ludacris & Trey Songz Behind The Scenes Of “Sex Room” Video Shoot: CLICK HERE Lady Gaga Goes On Death Spiel About…

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