December 2nd 9:48pm

Flo Rida’s New Video “Who Dat Girl” Ft. Akon… Is Nelly’s Clone Selling More Records???

It seems as if Flo Rida hasn’t missed a beat since he hit the scene with “Low” ft. T-Pain. Nelly, who was the only one with the pop urban swag, can’t seem to catch a break. As soon as Nelly drops a song, Flo Rida drops two. With Nelly’s album just now selling over 100k…

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December 2nd 7:29pm

The End of The Notorious Cabrini-Green Projects Evokes Mixed Emotions

As the 150th anniversary of the four-year conflict gets under way, some of the Sons and Daughters Confederacy groups are planning a number of events around the secession of the 11 states when they declared their sovereignty under a banner of states’ rights and broke from the union.The four-year long celebration will include good ole’…

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December 2nd 6:32pm

WRAP IT UP!!! An Unapologetic Soapbox Rant

Every December 1st, people pull out their quirky Product (RED) shirts and post things on Facebook about knowing one’s status and staying safe. A lot of statistics fly around (ranging from the accurate, to the slightly accurate and the “Girl, did you just make that up?”).

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December 2nd 5:27pm

A Lil Throwback Man Banger For A Good Cause

Now, before you think Q Parker’s checks have stopped coming in, he’s got a very good reason for releasing a 2011 Fitness Calendar… Other than reminding the ladies that he was always the only eye candy in 112 and that we should be checking for his album next year.

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December 2nd 4:47pm

Dude, Where’s My Stylist?! 10 Celebs Who Can’t Dress

While some celebs are praised for their trendsetting and eye for fashion, (i.e. Kanye West, Rihanna and Beyonce) others have left us scratching our heads and wondering, “Dude, where’s your stylist?!”

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December 2nd 4:05pm

Patriots Coach Puts The Gag On Tom Brady, Not Allowed To Talk Sh*t About The New York Jets

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick is not known for being one to bite his tongue.

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December 2nd 3:50pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Alicia Keys Drops By 106 & Park To Discuss World Aids Day & Show Post Baby Body (GO) In 3 Years, Baltimore’s Beaten Schools See Changes Under New Head (GO) Kirsten Dunst Brushes Off Swyllenhaal Questions (GO) Chelsea Handler Talks Sex With 50 Cent On “Jay Leno” (GO) Justin Bieber’s Hidden Talent (GO) Eve Speaks…

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December 2nd 3:09pm

They’re Heeeeeeeere!!! NASA Discovers New Alien Life Form… On Earth!!!

We’ve always thought it would be a ridiculous waste of space for Earthlings to be the only life form in the entire Universe. We just didn’t think they’d find the aliens secretly living among us….

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December 2nd 2:37pm

The NAACP Tackles Resegregation

Today, for the first time in three years, the NAACP will begin their three-day national education summit in Raleigh, NC to address the problems within the nation’s educations system, particularly as it relates to re-segregating schools. It’s a fight the civil rights organization is no stranger to since they have been advocating against segregation since…

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December 2nd 2:31pm

Put On Blast: Sammy Exposes His Janky Ex-Manager’s Suspect A$$ For FAWKING Up His Career

Singer Sammie had some ISHT to get off his chest last night, which these days means a Twitter Tirade, of course. Not only did we catch all the juicy details behind the ridiculous hiatus he’s been on for the last two years, we’ve got our own exclusive details to add.

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December 2nd 1:21pm

Kurtis Blow Popped At LAX For Trying To Transport The Kush: “We Found An Anomaly In His Pants!”

Kurtis Blow, the OG Rapper, was just busted at LAX for trying to transport the dro… TMZ Reports:

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