November 28th 11:28am

Crazy Muhfugga Popped For Packing Heat, Pepper Grenades, Two Knives, AND A “Controlled Substance” While Holiday Shopping At Walmart

SMH…and this dude had the nerve to play dumb and act all innocent and humiliated after his arrest: A customer expecting to see great deals waved down authorities after she saw something else: a man packing a gun while waiting in line at a Black Friday sale.

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November 28th 11:27am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 3 Little Boys Missing After Father Dropped Them Off At Babysitter So He Could Go Kill Himself???

This is sad: Police and neighbors were searching for three young Michigan boys Saturday who have been missing since their father claimed he dropped them off with a woman before trying to kill himself a day earlier.

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November 28th 11:00am

Ray-J & Brandy Record Gospel Song With Their Parents [Video]

Fresh off her success on Dancing with the Stars, Brandy joins brother Ray J,

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November 28th 10:57am

Name These Bent Over Cakes…

These cakes were spotted all bent over on “Thanksgiving Holiday” in Mexico…can you guess to whom they belong???

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November 28th 10:51am

A “Lil Positivity”: Chris Henry’s Donated Organs After His Tragic Death Saves 4 Lives

We all remember that extremely sad story last year, where young football star, Chris Henry, suffered a tragic death after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend….well there’s finally a lil positivity: One week before Christmas of 2009, NFL star Chris Henry lost his life after having a domestic spat with his fiancée. As his fiance…

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November 28th 10:36am

Hovi Hov’s Got A Best Seller On His Hands!!! But Is There Beef Between Him And His ‘Decoded’ Co-Author Dream Hampton???

Just before this week’s New York Times Best Sellers list dropped, showing Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ at the number three position on the Non-Fiction list, rumors started running that the book’s co-author, Dream Hampton, was feeling a little miffed about the amount of credit Hovi Hov’s been giving her. But is beef really brewing?

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November 28th 10:30am

Ten Hairstyles Of The ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” are mostly known for their cat fights, opulent tastes and complicated scenarios, but they also each bring a unique style to the table.

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November 28th 9:46am

Reggie Bush’s Knock-Off Kimmy Look Alike Is Rocking A Serious Rock!!!

When model/actress/Kim Kardashian replacement Mayra Veronica hit the Latin Grammy’s red carpet last week, her iced out left hand raised some eyebrows. Did she get Reggie Bush to put a ring on it in less than a year?

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November 27th 5:32pm

What Should You Get Your Situationship Partner For Christmas??

Certain people in your life are almost impossible to shop for when it comes time for the holidays.

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November 27th 4:34pm

Its All Fun And Games Until Someone Loses An Eye…Or Dies

The douchebag du jour is a man from Vermont named Nicholas Bell. He suffers from the same affliction that Former New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williams has. The scientific term is “my-dumba**-shouldn’t-be-playin-with-no-damn-guns-no-way-itis”, but we’re sure his lawyers will refer to it as “a tragic lapse of judgment”. Either way, this kid’s goin down HARD! The…

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November 27th 3:20pm

The Marines Say They’re Not Going For “The Banana In The Tailpipe”

As the debate in America continues about the military code of “dont ask, don’t tell” continues, a survey was done by the Pentagon to find out exactly how those serving feel about the policy of silencing gay soldiers.

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November 27th 2:00pm

Kanye West Gets Booed At Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade [Video]

It seems that no matter how much Kanye West tries to turn over a new leaf, some people won’t let him get a fresh start.

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November 27th 1:47pm

Desperate Housewives Catch Fade: Eva Longoria Had “Explosive” Confrontation With Tony Parker’s Sexting-Side Piece

Wow, we wonder if Eva got dirty and started throwing bows and ish: Before Eva Longoria pulled the plug on her marriage to Tony Parker, she had an explosive confrontation with the other woman, Star can exclusively reveal.

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November 27th 12:32pm

Nicki Minaj Dubbed The “Queen Of Hip-Hop” By Rolling Stone [Flicks]

Lil Kim may not agree, but the newly dubbed “Queen of Hip-Hop”, Nicki Minaj, has definitely stolen the hearts of Rolling Stone Magazine.

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November 27th 12:22pm

Looks Like Some Nas Checks Started Rolling In: Kelis Spotted Spending Quality Time With Lil Knight

Awww…this looks like so much fun. Kelis and Knight, along with C-Milli and Violet, and Kourtney K and lil Mason were all spotted getting it in at Yo! Gabba Gabba LIVE in LA. Preciousness…peep more pics:

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