August 24th 4:49pm

*BREAKING NEWS*: Michael Jackson’s Death Was a Homicide

Michael Jackson’s death has just been ruled as a homicide; he did not have a heart attack. LaToya said it first and the rest of the bunch agreed. They are about to put Dr. Conrad Murray UNDER THE JAIL if one of MJ’s fans doesn’t lay hands on him first. The Los Angeles County coroner…

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August 24th 12:51pm

Twitter Files: Cassie and Diddy GOT-IT-IN Something Serious…and Then Followed It Up With Some Turkey Sammiches??

Diddy Twit Pic-ed all of Cassie’ pictures from her DIMEPIECE photo shoot. On the flip side, Diddy and Cassie were tweeting, in not so secret code, last night and this morning, saying how they miss each other and that they crave turkey sandwiches after good sex. Pop it for the Tweet Sex Session and Cassie’s…

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August 24th 12:40pm

New Music Leakage: Jay-Z Featuring Drake “Off That”

Jay-Z has finally had some leakage…from his album The Blueprint 3.  If you remember correctly, Camel was supposed to do some covert mission that would hinder any leakage. Anyway, the song is kind of bubble gum rap. It sounds like Jay-Z tried to have that soft “Drake” steez on the song. Pop it and listen

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August 24th 12:39pm

Pastor Mase: If I Had My Knife, I Would Have Stabbed Fat Joe at the MTV Awards

Tony Yayo recently discussed when Pastor Mase “changed up” again back in 2005 and was 50′s lil’ homie: I just think people get confused, is he a gangsta or a pastor? … We was in the car, after the MTV [2005 VMAs where Fat Joe dissed 50 onstage], I heard Ma$e say “If I woulda…

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August 24th 12:35pm

Which Real Atlanta Housewife is Rocking These “Come F*ck Me” Stilettos???

Guess which RHOA chick did a photo shoot in these blue “Come Get Me” stilettos??? Here’s a hint… Her hair is always flying… Literally. Pop the Hood to find Out…

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August 24th 12:32pm

Katy Perry… Are You Giving Yourself the Finger on Stage??? … Get a Room

Katy Perry is always wearing some weird outfit on stage but now these pics are a little questionable. It appears that she is pleasing herself while performing. Maybe she needs an audience in order to get it off. What do ya’ll think.. Pics are under the hood. Pop the Hood for a Peek!!!

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August 24th 12:25pm

*Exclusive*: Z-Lister Dorion Standberry of BET’s College Hill Sets the Record Straight with Honey Magazine on Naked Twit Pics

For all of you that watch BET’s College Hill then Dorion Standberry is no stranger to you. A couple of months ago, he claims someone hacked into his e-mail and twitter account. They took every single celebrity phone number in his address book and posted it on his twitter. Celebs are always yelling that someone…

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August 24th 12:20pm

Ludacris Is On That New “Fat Boy Slim” Diet

Ludacris was spotted in Malibu over the weekend at the Miss Malibu Pageant stuffing his face like a fat kid on some chocolate cake. Also, Khloe showed up looking like she got stung by a bee in the lips. Flip the Hood for Pics

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August 24th 12:10pm

New York and her Basketball T*t-Tays Dribble Down the Red Carpet

New York and her big a** basketball t*t-tays were spotted at a foundation event in LA over the weekend. Also, Tatiyana Ali showed up with a front zipper dress on… They still make those???

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August 24th 11:00am

What’s With the Divide Brothas and Sistas?

Good day, Bossip readers! Today we want to take a moment and spark some discussion and, hopefully, further thought on a touchy subject nowadays. In light of some of the posts we’ve recently published, the responses have left the Bossip staff asking “Damn, is that how you really feel?”

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August 24th 10:58am

Gut Full of Human: Is Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade With Child?

Dwyane Wade and his mistress girl, Gabrielle Union seem to have had a plan and a plot all along. We have a very suspect recent picture of Gabby and her stolen meat below… and Gab appears to have a baby bump. Pop it and peep

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August 24th 10:57am

Certified Links

Rani G. Whitfield: The Hip-Hop Doc (Go) Snoop Dogg Partners With Tommy The Clown To Help Inner City Youth (Go) Da Beatminerz Launch Online Radio Show (Go) Lawyer Wants Artists Held Accountable For Actions (Go) Weasels Ripped My Flesh (Go) How Did You Celebrate National Go Topless Day? (Go) God Has Given You Another Chance…

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August 24th 10:56am

New Mya Video Featuring Bun B “Show Me Something”

Mya’s new video looks kinda fly. We ain’t mad at her. Pop it and peep the new video

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August 24th 10:56am

SMH: Whose Jungle Feet Are These???

Someone’s feet were spotted on stage looking like a runaway felon’s. Pop it to find out who those duck feet belong too

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August 24th 10:45am

Chop Em’ Down Usher… Chop Em’ DOWN!!!

Usher is wasting no time what-so-ever since the divorce is in progress. While chillin’ out in St. Tropez, he is definitely feeling himself while on vay-kay… Chop em’ Down Ush… Chop Em’ Down Pop it for More!!!

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