November 11th 10:55am

Lindsay Hohan Really Needs Some Help

Can you say intervention.  After failing a drug test and these pictures of her wrists slit, we are convinced that Lindsay needs help quick, fast and in a hurry.

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November 11th 10:53am

President Obama Speaks to the Vets: “We mark this day as a celebration of those who made victory possible.”

President Obama honored veterans today, which is Veterans Day, reminding America that he will honor their work with a commitment to the “hard work of peace.” The President like millions around the world are honoring those who put their lives at risk for the betterment of USA.

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November 11th 10:50am

This is a PSA: If You’re a Mainstream Rapper, Ol’ Bugsy Wants Your Leftovers

First it was Rick Ross’ Baby Mama, now it’s Joe Budden’s ex, Tahiry. Last week, she showed up at Fiddy’s Before I Self Destruct premiere and we wondered if they connected. Come to find out, they did…. SMH!!!

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November 11th 10:47am

MiMi the Rest of Your Dress is Looking for You

Mariah Carey and her gut were spotted leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in this ensemble.  We’re just wondering where the rest of her outfit is because that thing she calls a dress is way too short for someone who is about to be a mother.  Pop the hood for more flicks of Mariah on the…

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November 11th 10:45am

Kourtney is Ready to Drop Her Load Because She Doesn’t Want to Gain Anymore Weight…GTFOH

You would think that Kourtney Kardashian would be ready to deliver her baby because she’s happy about being a mom, but we hear the reality star has been complaining that she’s ready to get rid of the pregnancy weight she’s been gaining. SMH. More pics of the Kardashian sisters under the hood.

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November 11th 10:31am

The Hood Life: Grandma Put In Headlock And Brawl Breaks Out At Wedding

A brawl broke out in Tampa, at a wedding, where a grandma was put into a headlock, the groom hit someone upside the head with a brick, and “someone called their cousin”(pictured above)… who showed up with a 40 Cal. and his boy:

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November 11th 10:30am

Sammy “Soft-White” Sosa Admits To Bleaching His Mug

Sammy “Soft-White” has finally come clean about his skin whitening:

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November 11th 10:28am

In White Folks News: Angelina Jolie is Trying to Adopt Another Kid

Angelina is set to expand her family once again by adding another adopted child, this time from Syria.  Is this chick the new Mother Teresa or something? Flip the hood for more details.

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November 11th 10:28am

Certified Links

Church Stages Protest Outside of Obama Daughter’s School (GO) Kanye West Immortalized With Online Exhibit (GO) The Kardashian Sisters Enjoy A Fake Day In Santa Barbara (GO) 50 Cent Spends $1 Mil on Security Yearly (GO) Nicholas Cage Was Stalked by a Mime, Calls it Unsettling (GO) Drake Admits to Not Being a Freestyler (GO)…

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November 11th 10:20am

Letoya Is Still on her Grind

Letoya Luckett was spotted leaving MTV Studios looking happier than a mug.  Even though Mathew Knowles is steadily trying to craft up her downfall, she’s a fighter. We hear she was at MTV studios to

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November 11th 10:17am

Allen Iverson Wants to Leave the Memphis Grizzlies But No Other Team Wants Him…

Allen Iverson and his team are not seeing eye to eye right now, so they allowed him to take a leave of absence in order to clear his mind and handle a personal family matter. Is A.I. Losing his Game?!?!

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November 11th 10:00am

Pay Yo Bills: DMX Owes Over $1 Million in Taxes

Damn, Earl can’t catch any breaks: The pot of water has boiled over for rapper DMX as records show that he is in a $1.5 million tax debt. Continue…

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November 11th 9:45am

We Knew It Wouldn’t Be Long: Amber Rose Floating Back to the Other Side

Life without Kanye West can probably be pretty boring, especially since he took her from sh*ts to riches, but that doesn’t mean he suppressed all of her old habits. Amber Rose is partying it up with her girls at Liv on South Beach

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November 11th 9:30am

Young Brothers Locked Up For Life, at 13 and 15.

Teens Terrance Graham and Joe Sullivan were locked up for life at age 15 and 13.

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November 11th 9:14am

A Keys and MJB: Magazine Covers To Album Covers And New Jawns

Alicia Keys is making her promo rounds, and she just did a cover for Uptown Magazine. Alicia’s Elements of Freedom album cover has dropped, as well as, Mary J. Blige’s I Am. We have both of the ladies’ album art below, also Mary’s latest jawn. Open the hood for a listen and look.

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