August 21st 10:00am

Whose Shaved Head Steez is Better???

Seems like Cassie wasn’t the first trendsetter to come up with the shaven head concept.  John Linley Frazier a mass murderer debuted the style in court back in 1971.  All we want to know is between Cassie and John who wore the half shaved dome better?

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August 21st 9:55am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Nia Long vs. Gabrielle Union

Nia Long and Bossip’s best buddy (SMH) Gabrielle Union hit up the InStyle Magazine’s Summer Soiree last night in Hollyweird. You know we must ask the ongoing question of Who Looked More Bangin??? Pop the hatch for about 30 some-odd pics of your favorite ladies including Sanaa Lathan, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Taye Taye and his knocked…

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August 21st 9:40am

Que on Fidelity: “Everybody Thinks I’m Cheating on Dawn.”

In a recent interview, Que touched on the subject of cheating on Dawn.

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August 21st 9:36am

Twitter Files: Omarion Says He Wasn’t Dropped…But Asked For the Release!

Omarion is saying that he was not dropped involuntarily from Young Money, but rather asked for the departure:

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August 21st 9:11am

SMH: Who Wears Sh*t Like This to the Airport????

It’s obvious who these backs belong to…but the real question here is why is this ‘person’ wearing this sh*t to the airport??? Flip the script for more of Mr./Ms. “I Never Wear Pants” with the booty all on display for the poor people at the airport and wearing vampire fangs…

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August 21st 9:09am

*Exclusive*… Jesus Take the Wheel: Remember Khia…

Remember Khia that put out that trendy song… “My Neck, My Back, Lick My….”, well we’re not going to go that deep into the lyrics but yesterday in Atlanta, she put on her “good samaritan” hat. One of our Bossip readers just happened to be in the area

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August 21st 9:05am

A Lil’ Morning Funny: Olympic Celebration Fall Out…

Olympic Champion Melanie Walker of Jamaica was celebrating after winning  the 400 meter hurdles in the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Pop the hood to see what happen…

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August 21st 8:55am

What Were You Thinking: Plaxico Burress “Agrees” to Do 2 Years In Jail

Plaxico Burress was found guilty of attempted criminal possession of a weapon. His lawyer and the courts must have spooked him quick because he just agreed to do two years in the bing for the stupid accident:

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August 21st 8:40am

Some Friday Freshness: Michelle Obama Makes Forbes’ Most Powerful Women List

Ahhh, Michelle, Michelle. What is there not to love? This woman is the epitome of ladylikeness and class. None of these “housewives” got sh*t on Mrs. Obama! They should take notes, ’cause she’s stuntin’ on ‘em…again. continue

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August 21st 8:40am

Mary J. Blige Video For Lebron James’ New Movie Called “Stronger” Ft. Chris Brown

The new Lebron James movie looks like it might be pretty clean. Mary J. just released the first single and video for the movie , the song is titled Stronger. No Breezy in the video… Pop it and watch it

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August 21st 8:36am

Random Ridiculousness: Debt Collectors Get Out of Pocket

What would you do if a bill collector called you and said… You are totally ghetto. Second of all, ma’am, learn English. Get an education since your sitting on your fat derriere all day long,… Pop the Hood…

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August 21st 8:29am

Kelis Is Gold Digging For Real Now!

Kelis’ entire divorce is based around her getting one thing… the most money she can from Nas. We have not heard one peep about visitation rights, but yesterday her lawyer hit up the court and released the couple’s actual earnings: – Nas pulls in…

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August 21st 8:25am

Twitter Files: Tyra Banks Sends a Message to All the Haters about her Real Hair…

Tyra Banks put out a statement the other day that in her new season of The Tyra Banks Show, she will be rocking her real hair. It seems that she’s been catching a little flack over these pics that were recently taken, so of course to clear it up… she tweeted it on Twitter… SMH

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August 21st 8:17am

All the Single Ladies… What New Piece of Chocolate is on the Market Again?

What hot piece of R&B chocolate just finalized his divorce and is out on the prowl again?  Flip the hood to find out.

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August 21st 8:05am

In White Folks News: Somebody Please Give This Broad Some Sun and a Sandwich

Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan was seen in SoHo looking like a skinny a*s two-dollar ho. Man, it’s just been a downward spiral for this girl….from the coke and the booze, to getting turned out by Samantha Ronson, to knifing up those lips, to starving herself, to not being able to make a good movie since her…

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