January 18th 11:33am

What’s Wrong with This Video???

We found this video of a woman on public transportation, half a$$ naked talking about using crack, suckin’ d**k and taking it where the sun don’t shine. The sad part is the people filming it are eggin’ her on. Pop it for this F**kery of Foolishness

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January 18th 11:30am

Certified Links

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: I Have A Struggle! Not A Dream! (GO) Snooki Does Stunts Of The Day (GO) Young Buck Wants Face to Face With 50 Cent (GO) Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Are Engaged (GO) Spike Lee To Direct Follow-Up To Hurricane Katrina Doc (GO) Golden Globes Fashion: The Best and…

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January 18th 11:28am

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle Sheds Her Piglet Steez, Talks Tip and New Project

Remember the pic of Tiny we posted a while back when she was looking like a certified banger??? Well, here are the official pics from that shoot as well as a video of her discussing Tip, rappers going to jail, and her dolo project. Pop it to peep…

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January 18th 10:50am

Tiger Woods Plans To Return to Golf After He is Miraculously Cured From His Addiction to Chopping Down Skanky Becky Backs

Your boy “Cheetah” is making moves to get back into the golf game after his sexual rehabilitation sessions are finito:

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January 18th 10:48am

Out of Pocket: Oprah Teaming up with Hillary to Take Out Barack???

According to sources Oprah Winfrey may be switching her support from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton. Pop the top for the details.

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January 18th 10:26am

True or False: Reggie Bush Will Propose to Kim Kardashian IF the Saints Win the Superbowl…

Kim Kardashian is ready to be the focus of attention since her sisters stole the spotlight for a second. In an recent interview, Kim was asked about her goals for Twenty 10 and she stated that 1st she wants Reggie to get his bling then it will be her turn. Pop the Top for the…

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January 18th 10:18am

Brett Favre’s Old Man Arm Throws For 4 TD’s and Made it Rain All Over the Cowboys, Sings “Pants on the Ground” After Victory

Man, General Larry Platt is that dude. After the Minnesota Vikings demolished the Dallas Cowboys 34 to 3, they celebrated by singing “Pants on the Ground.” Peep the video of Brett Favre and the Vikings singing “Pants on the Ground” when you….

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January 18th 9:32am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Mom Tries To Trade Child For Gun

An Arizona woman is in police custody after authorities say that she tried to trade her 2-year-old daughter for a gun. Continue…

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January 18th 9:25am

*Exclusive Pics*: The Bald Headed Beast and her Pubie Mohawk have a Twin

Our boy Prince sent us these exclusive pics of Amber Rose hanging out at a club in Atlanta this past weekend with a clone. Kanye created one monster, we really don’t need another one. Pop the Top for the Bald Headed Beast with a Pubie Mohawk wearing Cross Colours and her Look-a-Like kickin’ it…

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January 18th 9:25am

Did Chris Brown Have Control Issues? Listen to His “Chase Our Love”

With the Grammys right around the corner, it seems like people still can’t get enough talk about what happened right before last years event. In Riri’s recent W interview she talks some more sh*t about their trainwreck of a relationship. “There were control issues, insecurity,”

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January 18th 9:15am

MoNique’s Acceptance Speech For Best Supporting Actress in the Film “Precious”

The 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards went down last night at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Newcomer to the Globes, Mo’Nique, walked away with the Best Supporting Actress Award for her role in the film “Precious.” Pop the top for more pics from inside the show and MoNique’s emotional acceptance speech.

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January 18th 8:54am

Who Looked more Bangin??? Dania Ramirez Vs. Stacey Dash

Both Dania Ramirez and Stacey Dash hit up the InStyle and Warner Bros. 67th Annual Golden Globes post party held at the Oasis Courtyard at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.  But out of the two bangers… Who Looked More Bangin??? Pop the top to let us know and peep more pics from the party.

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January 18th 8:51am

15-Year-Old Admits She Lied About Rape, Said She Needed An Excuse For Being Out Late

Back in October, a girl from Richmond HS in Cali was victim to a tragic gang rape, and this past weekend some lil hussy was trying to use her horrid situation as an excuse to stay out of trouble. WTF is wrong with kids these days???? A 15-year-old California girl who claimed she had been…

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January 18th 8:49am

Life Goes On For Gotham Magazine Cover Girl Janet Jackson

Janet interviewed with Gotham Magazine for their latest issue. Look under the hood for another photo and her words on moving on after Michael’s death, New Year’s resolutions and her upcoming projects.

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January 18th 8:45am

In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr fought with all his might for black people, as a race, to have equality America. The road that he traveled has paved the way for blacks to be in the position to be more than what America wanted or even allowed them to be. Thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King,…

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