October 1st 8:35am

Some Morning Crotch

Posted by Bossip Staff We never really thought we’d see this side of her, but looks like Christina Milian has gone Hollyweird, which pretty much means she lost her drawls on the way to the club. Peep the the real thang below.

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October 1st 8:30am

His Priorities Are Kinda Skewed

Posted By Bossip Staff Ain’t no party like a JD party cuz a JD party don’t stop. No seriously, he doesn’t stop partying for anybody. Not when an employee got shot and not even while his girlfriend is hospitalized. Jermaine Dupri was seen partying it up into the early hours of the morning at Patrón’s…

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October 1st 8:12am

Oprah’s Mom is Deep in Debt

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, Vernita Lee, Oprah’s mother, owes Valentia a couple hundred stacks: Valentina Inc. sued Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee of Milwaukee, in July, contending that she racked up a bill of $155,547.31 in purchases and interest as of July 1. She was required to make a minimum monthly payment of…

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October 1st 8:00am

Lil Romeo Gets Ganked at USC

Posted by Bossip Staff Lil Romeo discusses life as a college student and getting robbed his first 5 weeks at USC: Rapper Lil’ Romeo has only attended college for five weeks, but he’s already learned a few lessons about surviving on campus. “Lock your bike!” says the University of Southern California freshman, 19, who has…

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October 1st 7:56am

Usher Does Paris

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some pics of Usher while in Paris for their Fashion Week. Damn, it might be just us, but Usher is more boring than a sack of rotten potatoes when good ole Tameka ain’t around. She certainly adds a smidgen of spice to his life. And perhaps he’s trying to…

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September 30th 2:07pm

Fill in The Blank

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is the latest cover of The New Yorker Magazine crackin’ a joke on Alaskan Governor Palin. Palin has claimed she has foreign policy cred because Alaska is close to Russia. SMH. Fill in The Blank: If the old man John McCain (72 years old) beat Obama and “unfortunately” dies from…

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September 30th 2:00pm

Just When You Thought You’d Seen It All…

Posted by Bossip Staff Read this sh*t: Police in Middletown made a rather bizarre arrest Monday night, taking into custody a woman dressed in a cow suit who was seen acting erratically. Michelle Allen of Middletown was arrested on one count of disorderly conduct for allegedly getting in the way of traffic on Wilbraham Road…

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September 30th 1:44pm

Ciara Expresses a Bondage Fetish on Her New Video

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some pics from Ciara’s new video. It looks as though they were going for the “aggressive, dominatrix” look and we were kinda hoping to continue the soft, “Vibe-cover” look. At any rate, the chick is good for a decent video, so we’ll be the judge of the finished product.…

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September 30th 1:01pm

The Game Skates Again

Posted by Bossip Staff The Game won’t have to serve any time: A judge agreed to dismiss Game’s battery charges — for allegedly punching a cousin at a family funeral — as long as he does 36 anger-management meetings by February 2009. He could’ve faced clink time if convicted. The tiff was over money, you’ll…

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September 30th 1:00pm

Ho Sit Down

Posted by Bossip Staff The pink toe above is State Representative John LaBruzzo of Metairie, LA. He’s proposing legislation to pay women on governmental assistance $1000 to have their tubes tied and the same amount to men who elect to have vasectomies. So… we’re spaying and neutering poor people now???? WTF??? Okay, it is irresponsible…

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September 30th 12:07pm

Which One Would You Hit???

Posted by Bossip Staff T.I. and Fabolous hit up the Blender Music and Motion event last night in NYC. If you HAD to hit one of these interesting fellows, Which One?? More images of T.I. and Jennifer Hudson outside 106 & Park coming up next…

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September 30th 8:45am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff These people have got to be off their rockers these days: A mother told police that child-sized human remains uncovered in her basement freezer were those of her two adopted daughters, and police believe that she is responsible for their deaths. Police were investigating an abuse complaint Saturday when they discovered…

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September 30th 8:38am

Shot Jaguars Player Had His Leg Amputated

Posted by Bossip Staff People, this is a sad state of affairs: Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Richard Collier, shot while sitting in a car outside an apartment complex earlier this month, is paralyzed below the waist and his left leg was amputated, his doctor said Monday. Collier was on a ventilator for about three weeks…

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September 30th 8:14am

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Denzel Washinton and his boo/wife Pauletta hit the streets to spend a little quality time. How precious, these two will be together until they’re old and gray (which isn’t that far away, SMH). Images of Christina Milian out and about are just a click away…

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September 30th 8:00am

She’s a Bond Girl

Posted by Bossip Staff Here is the beautiful, talented, and alleged home wrecker A. Keys and Jack White of the White Stripes performing the new Bond theme song, “Another Way to Die,” for the latest installment of Bond movies, “Quantum of Solace.” Click HERE for the direct link…

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