October 30th 8:45am

Who Looked More Bangin’???

Posted by Bossip Staff Dania Ramirez and Kim Kardashian both attended the LA Confidential Magazine men’s issue at Craft. This may be a lopsided win for Dania, but we know a gang of you wouldn’t mind swirlin’ it up with Ms. Lovesblackpeen, so we must ask, Who Looked More Bangin’??? Here’s one more of pretty…

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October 30th 8:15am

Yaki Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff TRL was busy yesterday. Brandy, John Legend, and Jada Pinkett Smith pssed through. Check out John steaming it up in that thumb and Brandy singing her poor little heart out. Catch Supermom Jada when you pop that thang….

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October 30th 7:50am

Obama Commercial: “American Stories, American Solutions”

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s the 30 minute spot that aired last night on NBC, CBS, and Faux. We can not *wait* until this man is president. Insert Sam Cook’s classic here. Yes We Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video on Michelle Obama, which was played when Barack accepted the nomination is under the hood when you

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October 29th 6:35pm

*Exclusive* Beyonce’s “Single… Trannys???”

Posted by Bossip Staff Ooh-Wah-uh-Oh! That’s a man. Our sources tell us that the chocolate chick in the “Single Ladies” video is a dude and is one of the choreographers, Jaquel Knight, in drag. Peep the the testosterone in the shots below. But we must say, even with his snake tucked and tied, dude was…

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October 29th 6:02pm

A Day Late and A Milli Short for ABC

Posted by Bossip Staff ABC missed out on a million dollar payday to air Obama’s commercial according to Livesteez: A half-hour Barack Obama campaign ad will blanket the major broadcast networks Wednesday night – except for ABC. ABC tried to reach an agreement with the Obama campaign to air the commercial on a different night…

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October 29th 5:02pm

Ne-Yo’s Birthday Party

Posted by Bossip Staff Ne-Yo celebrated his 29th birthday in NYC with a host of famous and almost famous people. Check out Aunt Viv, cutie pie Christiana Milian, and a gang of folks below. More pics waiting for ya to

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October 29th 4:57pm

New Jawn: Jamie Foxx ft. T.I. “Just Like Me”

Posted by Bossip Staff Earlier this month Jamie spoke to Britain’s “The Independent Newspaper” about the inspiration for his third studio album. He says new disc ‘Man’s Intuition’ was inspired by his frustration about understanding what the opposite sex really wants. “On my radio show I have this panel of beautiful women and they were…

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October 29th 11:16am

William Balfour May Have Had Help

Posted by Bossip Staff This deranged looking felon doesn’t have many friends, but cops are still trying to figure out if it was indeed him and whether or not someone assisted him in these heinous killings: Although Chicago police have only one known suspect in the slayings of three relatives of actress Jennifer Hudson, some…

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October 29th 11:10am

Soul Men Premiere

Posted by Bossip Staff John Legend and actress Sharon Leal attended the premier of Soul Men last night, looking clean. Samuel L. of course was present, along with Star Jones and others. This is one of Bernie’s last movies before his death. Pictures below of  J.C. Williams from New York Undercover and Michael Jai, sporting…

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October 29th 11:00am

Weezy Makes It To Performance

Posted by Bossip Staff Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, and Lil Wayne slipped passed One-Time to perform at the Power 105′s concert. Look how high the little martian can leap. Pics below. Pop the hood and have a gander at Ne-Yo doing the funky chicken and a video of Bey making a surprise dancing performance during Jay’s set…

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October 29th 8:30am

T.I. Does Tyra

Posted by Bossip Staff In three installments, we have for you T.I. on the Tyra Banks Show. T.I. drops some precious gems of knowledge and some *highly* interesting facts. Did you know that T.I. lost his virginity to Tiny at the tender age of 11? Well, hey hey now. Watch the next two videos under…

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October 29th 8:03am

House of Derriere

Posted by Bossip Staff Your girl Bey and her moma introduced the new “Cadillac Records” inspired House of Dereon Dress Collection at Bloomies. While the rest of the line sucks more than Sarah Palin’s daughter at an Omega house party, the dress collections have been quite alright. Two more of Mrs. Carter when you

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October 29th 7:40am

Laila Ali and Baby Boy Curtis

Posted by Bossip Staff Look at Laila Ali and her new son, Curtis Jr. He’s going to be the most handsome bully you ever did meet. Pics of the beautiful Black family are below. We would advise you be nice in the comments section. We’re not covering any hospital bills around here.

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October 29th 7:21am

Chilli, is That You?

Posted by Bossip Staff Chilli was recently featured in Upscale Magazine looking not quite like herself but d@mn good. She’s still a beauty. Usher, do you snort coke or something? Check out Usher’s ex- below making his bride-zilla look even more like Magilla Gorilla.

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October 29th 7:10am

Someone We Actually Like

Posted by Bossip Staff The next First Lady already has a transcending beauty about her that doesn’t require a $150,000 wardrobe. She was recently on Jay Leno talking fashion among other things: Michelle Obama, wife of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, , made a guest appearance on Jay Leno Monday, and the talk show host…

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