October 22nd 3:55pm

*EXCLUSIVE* Lil Wayne’s Baby Boy Is Born

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip spies have reported that Weezy’s baby boy was just born moments ago at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati. We’re working on discovering the identity of the mystery mother. Developing….

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October 22nd 2:35pm


Posted by Bossip Staff Lyfe Jennings is in a wee bit of trouble: R&B bigshot Lyfe Jennings just got nabbed by Georgia police for allegedly shooting off a gun, taking cops on a chase in a Corvette, and refusing to take a DUI test. Smyrna, Ga. police tell us they were responding to a gunshots…

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October 22nd 1:30pm

Solange Does Spain

Posted by Bossip Staff The Chivas Studio in Spain actually allowed Solange to present her album like it has actually sold more than the 1400 copies that Matthew Knowles bought. We apparently have a lot more differences than just language. SMH @ Spain. More pics for your viewing pleasure below:

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October 22nd 1:30pm

T.I. “Live Your Life” Snippet

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s a little sample of what looks to be a Harlem Nights themed “Live Your Life” video. Are you feeling RiRi’s pompadour/cockatoo hairstyle and the Tina Knowles number 5 red lipstick?

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October 22nd 1:20pm

Lohan and Her Boy Toy Are Scrapping

Posted by Bossp Staff Hohan was on a train with her boy toy and got into it with him/her: Every couple has its ups and downs, and it seems like Lindsay Lohan and her DJ galpal Samantha Ronson have had a teensy bit of a down last week, according to Page Six. During a ride on…

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October 22nd 1:00pm

Black Hollyweird Love

Posted by Bossip Staff Don Cheadle and his wife (who knew he was married to Sideshow Bob?) attended The Dream Believe Achieve Inspiration Gala in L.A. In these times when a Hollyweird marriage is less binding than a pinky swear, it is refreshing to see these two stick it out and raise their family (knock…

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October 22nd 9:42am

Ms. ‘Go Girl’ Didn’t Go

Posted by Bossip Staff No Cent hit up the BET awards with date Angel Lola Luv. Isn’t he supposedly dating Ciara? That little union seems concocted by CiCi’s record label, but nevertheless, the two were going with it. Poor girl may be getting the Vivica treatment.

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October 22nd 9:41am

Bossip *Exclusive* T.I. Interview

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, TI had to put a halt on a video release of, Swing ya Rag, cause Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, are on one. Here we go again with this Cristal and Timberland ish: Rapper T.I. has been busy shooting multiple videos for new singles off his album Paper Trail,…

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October 22nd 9:39am

Family First for Obama

Posted by Bossip Staff In a report by Livesteez, Obama has temporarily halted his campaign: Presidential candidate Barack Obama will leave the campaign trail for two days this week to visit his seriously ill grandmother in Hawaii, the Democratic candidate’s spokesman, Robert Gibbs, said Monday. “Senator Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has always been one of…

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October 22nd 9:38am

Seen on Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Eve, Ne-Yo, and Pattie LaBelle were in Hollyweird for the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Issue at Skylight. We love E-V-E, but she needs to tape up her dog ears if she’s going to continue to wear blouses like that. Matter of fact, just cover those sleepy puppies up. A Few shots…

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October 22nd 9:35am

Jesus Take The Wheel

Posted by Bossip Staff At Livesteez they reported that this extraordinary individual chopped up around 13 people, literally: The 31-year-old suspect, identified only by his surname, Jeong, first set fire to his room in a low-cost lodging facility in southern Seoul and then stabbed other residents with a sashimi knife while fleeing the fire, police…

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October 22nd 9:33am

He’s 259 Dogg Years Old

Posted by Bossip Staff Snoop Dogg celebrated his birthday at Shag looking like a doberman with cornrows. Fellow litter mates Warren G and DJ Quik were there soaking up all the champizzle they could. SMH @ the Walmart “Coach Snoop” cake in the thumbs. Step into the dog house for a few more pics…

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October 22nd 9:07am

Diddy Purchases ENYCE Clo. Brand

Posted by Bossip Staff According to a Livesteez, Diddy has just acquired the popular ENYCE Clothing Brand: Word on the street is that Sean “Diddy” Combs has conquered yet another piece of the fashion real estate to add to his ever-growing empire. The music mogul has purchased the popular urban clothing line ENYCE from Liz…

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October 22nd 9:00am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff There are many words that could be used to describe T-pain but there are none that quite encapsulate our sentiments after reading what he had to say in an article on Blender.com. There were such gems as: Many rap horn-dogs talk about the inspiration they get out of strip clubs. When…

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October 22nd 8:41am

Danity Kane Contradiction With Dawn Richard

Posted by Bossip Staff Dawn Richard spoke to Essence and basically she has no idea what is happening with Danity Kane: ESSENCE.COM: Last night’s finale of “Making The Band 4” was sort of subdued drama with a pretty ambiguous ending. Diddy has left the ladies of Danity Kane to decide what the group’s future will…

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