July 8th 10:59am

YUCK! STD’s On The Rise For Viagra Poppin’ Seniors

Eeeew! Old heads are poppin’ Viagra, having unprotected sex and contracting STD’s at an alarming rate. Pop it to see why the lil blue pill got Grandpa burnin’.

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July 8th 10:40am

One-Time Catches Alleged “Grim Sleeper” Serial Killer

L.A. police said Wednesday that they arrested a man in connection with the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer case that’s remained unsolved since the 80’s. Police say they have Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 57, in custody in connection with 11 murders since 1985 in the Southside of Los Angeles. Continue…

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July 8th 10:27am

Poor Thang: BeyBey Almost Clipped By Taxi Cab In London???

Poor thang: Beyonce had an amazing escape when she opened her car door – and it got ripped off its hinges by a London taxi

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July 8th 10:15am

“Good Morning America” Says No Thanks To Drake

Drake just got denied by ABC for their “Good Morning America” concert series. Poor thang! Details on why they said “No thanks” to the Thank Me Later rapper on the flippy

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July 8th 9:28am

ChitChatter: Kelis Speaks On New Album, Nas, Baby Knight, And PETA

Kelis must be trying to sell some albums this time around, because she’s all over the place talking about Nasir, Knight, her music and much more:

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July 8th 9:19am

Did Chad OchoCinco Know BronBron’s Decision Before The Rest Of The World?

Chad OchoCinco hinted at Lebron James’ decision hours before Jared Dudley. Pop the hood to see what we mean Continue

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July 8th 9:16am

It’s A Lil Nippy In The Morning…

Eve was spotted walking the streets of L.A.

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July 8th 8:58am

SMH: Brazilian Soccer Star Bruno Turns Himself In For Missing Woman Case

This sounds like some Joran van der Sloot craziness:

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July 8th 8:45am

Cori’s Illness Saved Snoop And Shante’s Matrimony-dom

Although your boy Snoop is typically one of the usual suspects in the “Isn’t He Married???” category, it appears that his marriage is ‘doing well’ due to little Cori: Snoop Dogg has credited his daughter Cori’s battle with lupus with bringing the rapper closer to his wife Shante, insisting the life-threatening illness helped to save…

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July 8th 12:43am

Is MJB Howard University Bound?

Mary J. Blige is ready to ‘Stomp The Yard’ at HU! Pop the hood for details!

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July 7th 7:29pm

SMH: Shady Man Coming Out Of The Woodworks To Sue MVP BronBron And Mom Gloria, Claims He’s LeBron’s Father

Wow, now that LeBron James is the hottest commodity EVER and will be announcing his new home this evening, some random dude is coming out and suing BronBron and his moms over a “paternity scandal”:

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July 7th 6:53pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

We know that Kelis’ post-Baby Knight body is off the chain (she looks great), but are y’all feelin her lil fit she’s rocking??? She and Wendy Williams were at Sirius Satellite radio today in New York. More pics when you…

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July 7th 6:06pm

Ice Cube Puts The Weinstein Brothers On Blast!!! Reveals Shady Hollyweird Partnership

Ice Cube doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to get taken advantage of — well at least not since he left Jerry Heller and Ruthless Records behind, but the producer/director/actor/rapper recently opened up about the shady dealings of brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Pop the hood to listen

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July 7th 6:02pm

Who Is My Daddy???

This precious little lady is the daughter of a guy who used to have it all, but not so much these days. Pop it to find out who her daddy is…

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July 7th 5:44pm

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Arizona Police Go Crazy About Being Called Racist Pigs And Even Start Crying: CLICK HERE Pharrell Goes On Chelsea Lately And Grabs Her Cakes… Is She Playing About Chopping Rappers?: CLICK HERE Marsha Ambrosious For The Blast Live @ Uptown Grand Performing: CLICK HERE Tyler Perry Says Folks Are Not Telling The Truth About Boondocks…

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