August 8th 9:05am

Norwood Continues the Superhead Hatefest Like Only He Can!

Norwood was in full effect with his Botox swag on a million trillion to promote his new documentary Kiss and Tail which is an exposé on all of Superhead’s sexcapades. More flicks under the hatch

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August 8th 9:05am

Rihanna and Amber Rose Plus Jay-Z and Kanye West: Run This Town Behind the Scenes

Rihanna, Kanye, and Amber were accompanying Jay-Z on the set of his latest video Run This Town. The video looks like it will have an all black leathery feel to it. Rihanna on the other hand… well she looks like one of them characters from the J-Lo movie The Cell. Pop the top and see…

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August 8th 9:02am

Philly Cops Walk After Unjust Beatdown

Nearly a month after the acquittal of three young men beaten by Philadelphia police, their aggressors meet the same fate. Eight disgraced members of Philadelphia’s finest were found not guilty, via the opinion of a grand jury, in a racially charged trial that questioned whether the men used excessive force to subdue three young men…

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August 8th 9:00am

Pure Comedy: Eddie Winslow Speaks Out About Superhead

These dudes sound like they are talking about a killer in the video below! This interview and interlude with Darius acting like he is 13 is comedy. Please do not knock over the computer when he starts talking about Bobby Brown’s screw face and him being right about Superhead. Let us not even talk about…

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August 8th 8:48am

Authorities Believe Helicopter/Plane Collision in NYC Today Was Not Survivable

No The search for nine people aboard a small plane and a helicopter that collided Saturday over the Hudson River has become a recovery mission, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

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August 8th 8:35am

Drake Covers FADER Magazine

Drake is on the cover of FADER magazine, looking like a flash in the frying pan. This guy better produce with all this light skinned love he is getting. SMH Pop it and see

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August 8th 8:22am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Halle Berry vs. Sanaa Lathan

Beautiful ladies, Halle Berry and Sanaa Lathan attended various events around town yesterday, and of course we have to ask…Who Looked More Bangin???? More pics when you…

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August 8th 8:20am

Shark Tank is Coming

Shark Tank is a reality TV show that really instills and buys into new ideas and entrepreneurs. The starter of FUBU is one of the guys on the panel. The show looks interesting, especially compared to the whack coon shows they play endlessly now.

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August 8th 8:17am

Ho Sit Down: Aubrey O’ Day Thinks She and “Who” Would Have a Cute Baby?

Aubrey HO’ Day thought this picture was “cute.” It was on her twitter, but you will never believe who her “soul mate” is and what their baby would look like. Now sisters, hold on to your coffee and pop the top.

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August 8th 8:16am

New Music: The Clipse Featuring Pharrell “I’m Good”

The song is pretty clean, but what about the video…any thoughts??

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August 8th 8:15am

Seen on the Scene: Usher Out Enjoying the “Tameka-Free” Life

Lil Usher seems to be out trying to get his swagger back after his ridiculous marriage to that old lady Tameka Foster. Here he is hosting a Vegas Magazine party at the playboy club in Vegas. What do you think ladies…can Usher still get it, or has Tameka tainted him for life????? Pop the hatch…

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August 7th 8:33am

Damn Snoop…Ain’t You Married Dogg?

Snoop is seen in a video below rubbing on a NAKED video “hyna” with some very loud, ashy, and scruffy hands. Damn, how is Shante viewing this one, Dogg; a normal video shoot? SMH. Pop it and watch it…

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August 7th 8:30am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Police Body Slam an 80 Year Old Woman at Wal-mart

Some Columbus, OH Police officers were caught on tape body slamming down an 80 year old black woman outside of Wal-mart.

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August 7th 8:25am

Everyone Meet Lil Puffy and Lil Biggie

Yup, Diddy is exploiting little Christian and Biggie’s kid already! In the video below you get to hear them talk… Pop it and peep

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August 7th 8:24am

Which One Can Get It??? Toddler Edition

Jermaine Dupri hit up the Heineken Event last night looking like the poster child for Osh Kosh B’ Gosh and Brian Michael Cox was repping Baby Gap. Even though they roll with the itty bitty crew… Which One Would You Let Give You a Paper Cut?

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