January 12th 2:06pm

Justin Timberlake Finally Done With Jessica Biel

We’re hearing breakup rumors again for Justin and Jessica… The pair planned a trip to Africa together, but only one of them made it over there.

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January 12th 1:49pm

Best I Ever Had Model *Shakur* Gets An Engagement Ring AND Busts Guns

Shakur, aka the Best Drake “Ever Had” has sure been busy. The Middle Eastern rapper/singer/model showed up to Lip Service Radio last night rocking a gargantuan rock on her left ring finger. Look under the hood to take a glimpse of her trinket and to hear Shakur talk about a fight with another model and…

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January 12th 1:18pm

We Broke it Here First: Tina and Mathew Put Beyonce in the Middle of their Divorce

Bossip has learned that the recent divorce between Mathew and Tina Knowles has put Beyonce right in the middle. Details under the hood.

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January 12th 12:32pm

Pepa says She Has NOT Been Chopped Down in 4 Years!!!

Pepa’s new show, Let’s Talk About Pep, is all about finding her a man and also the right man to give it up to since she hasn’t had any in 4 years. While things were getting hot and heavy in the jacuzzi, her dude’s jeri curl catches on fire… SMH!!! Pop it for Pure Comedy!!!

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January 12th 12:26pm

Some Afternoon Swirl: Shaquille O’Neal Cybersexin a Becky??

Damn Shaq Fu, say it ain’t so: NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal has been linked to two mistresses in the past few months. Shaq has been having a steamy affair with 25-year-old Swedish model and aspiring actress, Dominica Westling,

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January 12th 12:17pm

Certified Links

British Man Jailed Due To “Speck” Of Marijuana On Shoe (GO) Denzel Washington Attends L.A. Premiere For Book of Eli (GO) Rod Blagojevich Apologizes For “Blacker Than Barack Obama” Statement (GO) Channing Tatum Burned His Penis (GO) Charges Filed Against Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club Bouncers [Video Included] (GO) Alicia Keys Whispers Sweet Nothings To Andy Samberg…

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January 12th 12:00pm

When Pigs Fly: Ashanti is Trying to Make a Comeback

Ashanti has some new projects coming out in an attempt to make little self relevant again. Check the details on the flippy.

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January 12th 11:55am

Lamar Shows His Tranny Wife Some Love

So much for Lamar keeping the house to himself. Right after he had his spot blown up for putting his and Khloe’s love shack in his name alone, on January 5th he filed to make it a joint property instead.

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January 12th 11:55am

Brandy to Danger via Twitter: STFU and Keep My Brother’s Name Out Yo Mouth

Danger has everyone about to whoop her a$$ after saying that Ray-J’s gay and also by not clarifying that she wasn’t talking about Young Buck of G-Unit. Brandy, the gangsta that she’s not, decided to speak up on Twitter and so did Young Buck of G-Unit. Pop it for Tweets

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January 12th 11:40am

Which One Would You Hit???

Tyrese and Tank decided to do a joint birthday party called the Fly & Flashy Birthday Extravaganza which went down in LA last night.  Out of these two men which one would you give birthday sex to??? More flicks of these two, Rihanna, Diddy, Snoop and more under the hood.

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January 12th 11:38am

In Guido News: Snooki From Jersey Shore Gets Jumped By Broads This Time, Dude That Punched Her Gets Fired from Job

This little Snooki character from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” is something else…remember when she was socked up by some dude at a bar a while back?? Well, she’s at it again, but this time some lil girls get to scrapping on her. AND we just caught wind that the dude that punched her just lost his…

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January 12th 11:27am

Dude, Where is My Stylist???

Shanell of Young Money looks like she has NO MONEY!!! Lil’ Wayne and his artists just did their last show at the Desoto Civic Center in Mississippi. We understand that these artists like to be different and stand out from the crowd BUT… SHANELL, WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE ON???

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January 12th 11:06am

Guess Who is Hiding from the Cameras

Can you all guess who was playing hide and go seek with the paps at a movie premiere last night. Pop the top to find out.

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January 12th 10:46am

This Guy Again: Rush Limbaugh Says *Negroes Brought Ted Kennedy His Booze*

Racist Rush strikes again. The notorious shock jock managed to let another racist remark slip Monday, this time when talking about the late Senator Ted Kennedy. Continue…

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January 12th 10:40am

What NFL Baller Just Bought a Brand New House for a Skripper????

BOSSIP has learned that a well-known NFL player has invested in a new home….for a stripper!! Pop the hatch for the details.

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