September 22nd 9:43am

Some Morning Preciousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Halle Berry, her mother, and her beautiful little girl Nahla spent some quality time together at a park in Los Angeles over the weekend. Awww, Halle is pretty much still glowing.  How precious. More images of Halle and her baby when you..

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September 22nd 8:54am

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Shaq and his wife Shaunie were spotted in NYC earlier this week with Shaq wearing some crazy mop looking apparatus on his head. Looks like fun, and it’s good to see him and Shaunie look so happy together even after all the bullsh*t that they’ve been through… Images via Splash

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September 21st 10:41am

Tiny Doesn’t Confront Jumpoffs Via Myspace

Posted by Bossip Staff Former Xscape band mate and T.I.’s significant other, Tameka Cottle aka Tiny exclusively spoke with Bossip yesterday to clear all rumors certain ‘media outlets’ are saying in regards to her confronting Tip’s jumpoffs in Myspace messages. She states: “These rumors are not true whatsoever. I am a family woman, I have…

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September 21st 10:13am


Posted by Bossip Staff Shop, shop, and shop seems to be all Rihanna does these days, so have a blast checking her do what she do in Paris. Peep some pics of Nik Pace from ANTM and her alien dome at Philly’s Fashion Week when you…

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September 21st 10:00am

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Omar Epps and his wife Keisha (formerly of the group Total) attended some Pre-Emmy event in Hollyweird this weekend. These two have been going strong for some time now. There’s nothing like black love. Good for them. More images from the Entertainment Weekly event below: Photos: Wireimage

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September 21st 9:57am

Quote of the Day

Posted by Bossip Staff People are really going hard on this “Sarah Palin” character. Especially comedian Sandra Bernhard: Sandra Bernhard issued a blistering warning to Sarah Palin during a performance of her new one-woman show. The Republican V.P. nom would be “gang-raped by my big black brothers” if she enters Manhattan, Bernhard said. “[The gang…

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September 21st 9:55am

Keyshia Out on the Town

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some shots of Keyshia Cole leaving Villa in LA in a nice white double “R” with some fellow. Hmmm, Keysh, perhaps a little swirl action for you as well? Images via WENN

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September 21st 9:07am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Michelle Williams and Senor Babywipes Terrence Howard attended the Niche Media Michigan Avenue Launch Party last night in the Chi.  Mini-Me was there too, more aqui: Images via WENN

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September 20th 10:14am

Yung Berg Comments About His Chain-Jacking

Posted by Bossip Staff Yung Berg lets loose on the goons who jacked his chain: “What happened in the D, happened in the D,” Berg said. “I love ya’ll for making it happen in the D because ya’ll showing me that ya’ll inspire to be big. Whoever it is … I don’t even know who…

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September 20th 9:51am

In Critical Condition

Posted by Bossip Staff Travis Barker and DJ AM are in critical condition: Former Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and a popular disc jockey were critically injured in a Learjet crash in South Carolina that killed four people, authorities said Saturday. Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the plane carrying six people was departing shortly…

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September 20th 8:39am

Old Heads Back in the Studio

Posted by Bossip Staff Naughty by Nature fans may have a reason to put their weapons down temporarily: Two years after officially reuniting, Naughty By Nature is in the final stages of completing their first album in eight years. Tentatively titled Anthem, Inc., the group exclusively reveals that music from the album will be available…

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September 19th 12:36pm

Did The Old Man Play the Race Card????

Posted by Bossip Staff Some mainstream media outlets are debating whether a recent attack ad on your boy Barack played the race card. Time Magazine sees McCain being slick here and dangling race out there for white folks to bite on: When politicians interject race into a campaign, they seldom do it directly. Consider McCain’s…

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September 19th 12:32pm

Not Like Anyone Cares, but….

Posted by Bossip Staff Angela Simmons partied the night away at Butter in NY for her 21st birthday with family and friends including D. Wade, DJ Clue, and Dawn Richards . Happy Birthday, lil’ mama. Now that you are 21, we gotta get rid of the Just for Me (for sensitive scalps) and get you…

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September 19th 12:31pm

This Wedding’s For The Hood!

Posted by Bossip Staff WTF? We never seen so many Soldier Boy clones in our lives. This whole entire wedding had to cost around $250.00. Poor thangs… More pics under the Hoods Hood…

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September 19th 12:30pm

Rock The Vote

Posted by Bossip Staff Solange performed at the Rock the Vote road trip…..time is dwindling down. If you have not gotten out there to register to vote, make sure you get on that pronto!!! Be a part of history, YES WE CAN!!!! More Rock The Vote coming up next…

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