August 25th 8:37am

Cops Pull Out the Heat on Diddy

Posted by Bossip Staff This nicca stay in the news: A cop pulled a gun on rap mogul Sean (Diddy) Combs during a routine traffic stop in Los Angeles, authorities said Sunday. A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy briefly brandished his weapon at Combs on the Sunset Strip after cops pulled over a car driven…

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August 25th 8:32am

Mel B To Receive 400 Stacks For Renewing Her Vows

Posted by Bossip Staff Scary Spice is about to come up: When Melanie Brown renews her marriage vows at least she’ll recognize the groom – even if the wedding guests are a bunch of strangers. Scary Spice tied the knot with Stephen Belafonte just 15 months ago in a low-key, secret affair. Now she wants…

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August 24th 11:11am

Who Looked More Bangin???

Posted by Bossip Staff Ashanti hosted the 97.5 KVEG Purse Party at Poetry Nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and Christina Milian hosted the Red White & Blue Summer Oasis in Hollyweird. We must ask, Who Looked More Bangin?? Proceed for more images including Ashanti performing at the J&R Music Festival in NYC…

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August 24th 10:57am

What’s Wrong With This Picture????

Posted by Bossip Staff Roger Thomas and Armand Hutton of the group “Naturally” performed at the J&R Music festival held at City Hall Park. Something is just not right about this one, we can’t quite figure it out. Maybe you can tell us: What’s wrong with this picture?? Image via WENN

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August 24th 10:57am

Making It Rain On These Hoes

Posted by Bossip Staff The US Men’s Olympic Team won the Gold: Order is restored in international basketball. The United States is back on top, but not by that much anymore. Culminating a three-year mission to end years of embarrassment, the U.S. Olympic team survived a huge challenge from Spain, winning 118-107 Sunday in the…

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August 24th 10:46am

Some Weekend Boobage

Posted by Bossip Staff Shar Jackson celebrated her birthday in Vegas recently with her tig ole bittie swag in full effect. Her favorite person K-Fraud was even in the building: “We were friends before we were a couple and we’re always going to be friends,” Jackson told PEOPLE at Wynn Las Vegas before entering the…

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August 24th 10:45am

Coupled Up

Posted by Bossip Staff Keisha Whitaker gazes lovingly at her husband Forest Whitaker at the Premiere Party for TLC’s “Who Are you Wearing”. Love is blind and beautiful. SMH. Photos: Wireimage View images of Vivica Fox as a “Glam God” right now..

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August 23rd 10:18am

Obama Makes The Smart Move

Posted by Bossip Staff It was leaked to the press late last night that Obama picked Senator Joseph Biden as his VP running mate. Although nothing to get excited about, we think this is a smart move. He gets a little cred with older white folks and makes his run for the Whitehouse look less…

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August 23rd 6:04am

The Dejected Jump-Off’s Jawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Diddy’s recently fired ball juggler has got a new jawn with a nice vibe and Wayne kills it, but it utterly reaks of desperation. “Official Girl” sounds like homegirl is begging for her job back. Girl, get you some pride. SMH.

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August 23rd 2:42am

Man Who Fed a Brotha to Lions Gets Parole

Posted by Bossip Staff This nicca right here needs his ass beat: THE white owner of a construction company, initially sentenced to life in jail in 2005 for ordering that a black man be beaten and then thrown to a pack of lions, has been released on parole – a stunning turn in the notorious…

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August 23rd 2:35am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?????

Posted by Bossip Staff The slutty one from Danity Kane showed up to the “Traitor” premier rocking her typical WTF steez with a shag throw vest and some ill-fitting snake skin boots. It’s impossible to believe that she didn’t walk past any reflective surfaces on her way there because she undoubtedly took the train. Wack…

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August 22nd 2:59pm


Posted by Bossip Staff Da Brat was sentenced to 3 years in the pen for

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August 22nd 2:26pm

Random Ridiculousness

Posted by Bossip Staff Shaquille O’Neal stalks broads: NBA star Shaquille O’Neal has been ordered to steer clear of an Atlanta-area woman who took out a restraining order Thursday. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Richard Hicks granted Alexis Miller’s request on Thursday after reviewing her allegations that the basketball player stalked her, threatened her with…

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August 22nd 9:27am

She Stay Shopping For Someone Who’s “Broke”

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are some pics of Rihanna shopping on Melrose in Hollyweird yesterday. Perhaps she should slow it down a bit with all those ‘broke’ rumors swirling around. Click HERE to read more on Rihanna’s net worth and ‘financial turmoil’. Pics of her little boy toy Breezy on Melrose under the hood…

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August 22nd 9:00am

Seen on the Scene

Posted by Bossip Staff Denzel Washington was photographed leaving a medical center in LA recently looking a little scruff daddy in a stained up dingy T-Shirt.  Even on a bad day, this guy still manages to make it rain on these young cats. Peep images of Brandy stuntin in NYC right now…

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