June 20th 10:10am

Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty to Drug Possession In Arizona

Although incarcerated at Rikers Island Prison for a felony gun charge, Lil Wayne is still a wanted a man in Arizona. Continue…

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June 20th 10:01am

Lady Gaga Too Drunk, Belligerent, And Skanky For The Yankees

Lady Gaga’s “classy actions” are no longer welcome at the Yankee Clubhouse: A fuming Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium executives that Lady Gaga is permanently banned from the team’s clubhouse after her boozy antics

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June 20th 9:58am

Ghetto Beauty Pageant Mom With Wacky Wig “The Inside Of The Dress Looks Busted But The Outside Is Fly!” [Video]

The Pippy Longstocking wig is just one of this Beauty Pageant Mother’s problems. Pop the top to watch something that makes us embarrassed

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June 20th 9:50am

Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Have Family Day Out…Plus More Lakers Seen On The Scene

How precious. Look at Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom getting some nice and wholesome face time with his children. They were spotted at Leslie’s pool supply store this weekend stocking up on some pool trinkets and ish for some summer fun. Good for them. More details and images including Derek Fisher, his wife, Kobe Bryant,…

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June 20th 9:45am

Suge Knight Suing Kanye West For 2005 Shooting, Pair Face-Off In New York

Suge Knight is going forward with an impending lawsuit against Kanye West after the former Death Row Records head says he was injured at a club where he performed. Continue…

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June 20th 9:20am

SMH: Man Shoots Up His Stepdaughter’s Family At Del Taco, Then Kills Himself

A gunman attacked his stepdaughter’s family as they at lunch at a California restaurant, killing her husband and 6-year-old son

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June 20th 8:59am

Happy Father’s Day From Bossip!!!!

We would like to take the time to wish all the wonderful fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day!!!

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June 19th 5:19pm

Angela & Vanessa Simmons Get Painted, Cuffed And Duct Taped For NOH8

Angela and Vanessa Simmons show their support for the NOH8 Campaign. Wonder what Rev. Run would have to say if Daddy’s Little Girls decided to come out the closet??? Pop the Top for More Pics

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June 19th 5:15pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Finds 5-Yr Old Daughter Killed And Stuffed In Trash Bag Inside Closet Of Own House… By UNCLE!

In Compton a 5-yr old girl, Mireya McCall, was found by her mother inside of a trash can… killed by her own uncle.  People in the community say they are not surprised either! We can’t believe this story… R.I.P. Mireya McCall. Check Out More Videos On BossipVideo.com

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June 19th 5:00pm

Amber Rose And The Dream Host Same Party But Not Pictured Together?

The Dream and Amber Rose hosted Play Nightclub last night and for some reason… decided not to take pictures together. The Dream is spotted kickin’ it close to some other female he will give a good excuse for hanging out with, we’re sure. Pop the top and peep

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June 19th 4:55pm

Jay-Z Concert Gets Squashed By The Mayor… What Happened Hov, We Thought That Was Your Homie???

Jay-Z probably won’t be thanking Drake later or anytime soon now that Mayor Bloomberg’s office has shut down plans for a last minute show he planned for Monday night. Following the disastrous near riot that erupted when Drake fans overcrowded South Street Seaport last week, the mayor’s office has nixed Hov’s plans! Pop the hood…

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June 19th 3:44pm

Manute Bol, One Of The Tallest NBA Players Passes Away…

Manute Bol, who became a basketball sensation in the 1980s as a skeletally thin shot-blocking giant with the Washington Bullets and other professional teams, and who devoted his post-basketball life to improving the lot of his fellow natives of Sudan, died June 19

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June 19th 2:35pm

Beyonce Lookalike “Rachel” First Booted Off Big Brother U.K. Means The States Can Stop Watching

We told you about Rachel from the U.K. Big Brother and her flat cakes last week. Now, all of sudden ole girl is the first to go on the show. Pop the hood for some shots from her eviction.

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June 19th 2:16pm

Some Saturday Cakes

Amazin’ Amie has been shooting for a Show magazine spin-off called ShowCase which we’re hearing is dedicated to all things snow bunny thick. Pop the hood for more behind the scene shots

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June 19th 11:45am

Janelle Monae Is So InStyle

Janelle Monae is creeping her way to the top and getting some shine she certainly deserves. After signing with Bad Boy, no one thought she would really find her own lane but apparently something is going right over there… ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! Pop the Top for Janelle’s Pic in InStyle

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