March 23rd 6:00pm

Shook Ones… Convict Tries To Break Back Into Jail To Avoid Retaliation

Sigh. Meet Sylvester “Scaredy Cat” Jiles. A week after this knucklehead got sprung from jail, he broke right back in. Details under the hood.

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March 23rd 5:54pm

Jamaican Shower Posse Gang Leader Vivian Blake Dies

Vivian Blake, leader of a notorious Brooklyn gang was pronounced dead Sunday (March 21) at a West Indian Hospital after suffering from a heart attack. Continue

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March 23rd 5:29pm

No Sh*t Sherlock!!! The Rest Of The Media Agrees With BOSSIP … Kim And Reggie Are Splitsville!!!

Nearly a week after BOSSIP broke the story that Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian were done, other media outlets are now confirming the breakup. Pop the hood for details.

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March 23rd 5:05pm

WANTED!!! Suge Knight Beats Down And Robs Yukmouth Of Luniz — Warrant Issued For Suge’s Arrest!!!

Suge Knight is a wanted man after putting hands on Yukmouth last night… and doing what he does best with his Yuk’s belongings:

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March 23rd 4:39pm

Angela Simmons Defends Hate Against JoJo And Says She’s SINGLE Dammit!

Angela Simmons is such a good sister! The second Simmons daughter spoke out on Twitter about the rumors and hate that has come against her little brother JoJo. Pop the hood for more details.

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March 23rd 4:12pm

Racists Target House Majority Whip James Clyburn

Apparently the right to health care for all sent some hate-filled blue-eyed devils into a racist tailspin. On the heels of the House vote approving legislation to reform health care, House Majority Whip James Clyburn was targeted with faxes which included depictions of nooses. Look under the hood for more details.

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March 23rd 3:20pm

She’s ‘Still Standing,’ But So Much For Changing The Subject… Monica Talks Tweeting, Cheating And Rocko

It’s only been a few weeks since Monica declared her romance was done with Rocko over Twitter, but even after promising a permanent subject change Monica is still discussing the breakup. Pop the hood for the latest.

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March 23rd 1:32pm

Monster Found Guilty of Molesting 23-Month-Old Daughter Then Leaving Her Outside To Freeze To Death!!!

A jury reached a guilty verdict for William Page, a Pittsburgh man who molested his 23-month-old daughter and then left her outside in the snow to freeze to death. More details when you…

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March 23rd 1:31pm

In White Folks News: Michelle McGee Is A Certified Racist And Sandra Bullock Is Lawyering Up!!!

This whole this is getting quite messy. Pop the top to peep more racist evidence from “Adolf McGee” and to read about Sandra Bullock, Messy Jesse, and her lawyer

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March 23rd 1:29pm

Would You Hit This???

Hawthorne James aka Big Red from the Five Heartbeats attended the premiere for Snoop’s movie “Malice in Wonderland” last night looking like a stud muffin. Ladies, if you had the chance to get some good lovin’ from Hawthorne would you let him beat that thang up??? More pics from the premiere on the flipside…

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March 23rd 1:28pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Ludacris And Nicki Minaj Perform “My Chick Bad” For Springbreak [Video] (GO) Fugitive Heads To The Bar In His Hospital Gown (GO) Game’s E-mail Hacked, Monthly Expenses of $52,000 Revealed (GO) FUBU Repositions U.S. Brand As FB Legacy (GO) There’s A New Tiger Mistress (GO) Gucci Mane Reflects On Career From Behind The Cell (GO)

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March 23rd 1:27pm

Bolitics: President Obama Signs Healthcare Reform Bill Into Law

The health care bill has been officially signed: President Barack Obama made history today, signing the healthcare reform bill into law.

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March 23rd 12:36pm

Guess Who These 2 Gallon Bottles Of Yoo-Hoo Belong To???

These two clod-stompers were spotted exiting Katsuya’s in Cali. Fantasia was also spotted leaving the “pap spot” in L.A….with some mystery dude. Pop the top to see who belongs to those two small children and to see Tasia’s L.A. boo

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March 23rd 11:58am

Did The Judge On DWTS Make A Pass At OchoCinco When Referencing His “HUGE HUGE TALENT”?!?!

Chad “Ocho Cinco” Johnson debuted his dance moves on Dancing with the Stars last night. He and his partner, Cheryl Burke, performed the Cha Cha but Chad’s moves reminded us of when John Travolta was in ‘Saturday Night Fever’. After the performance, it sounded like one of the male judges made a pass at Ocho…

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March 23rd 11:52am

Show Me The MuhFuggin Money!!! Wife Wins $9 Mill In Damages From Hubby’s Ho

They say ain’t no fury like a woman scorned, but who needs fury when you can take it to the jury instead? A North Carolina woman sued her husband’s mistress for $9 million dollars worth of “severe emotional distress” and she won. Details on the flippy.

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