March 22nd 1:42pm

Diddy’s First Baby Mama Misa In Miami Kickin It With The Fam And Some “Interesting Characters”

Misa Hylton hit up the Blackout Awards in Miami this weekend and brought her entire family out to the event…kids and fiancé included. Peep the fam as well as all of the ‘colorful fellows’ at the Blackout Awards when you..

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March 22nd 12:33pm

Ludacris Will Show But Not Tell About The Panties He’s Soaking Up!!!

We have never really seen Ludacris on the scene with a significant other and that’s probably why everyone wants to know what made him wife up this chick. In an recent interview, Ludacris talks open and honestly about his album but when it comes to Fab… Pop the Hood for That…

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March 22nd 12:05pm

PETA Tries To Shut Down Tyson’s Pigeon Show

According to PETA, Tyson’s new Animal Planet show “Taking On Tyson” is “cruel” and exploits the winged animals because it “glorifies an abusive sport.” The animal rights group is asking Brooklyn prosecutors to step in and shut the project down. Continue

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March 22nd 11:49am

Is Lance Gross Still Hung Up On His Ex??

Is there more trouble in paradise for Lance Gross and fiancée Eva Pigford? Despite his public pronouncements of devotion to Eva the Diva, word on the streets is that Lance is eager to reunite with his ex at their upcoming reunion. Pop the top for a little rumor control …

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March 22nd 11:30am

**Exclusive**Bossip Tweets It Up With Rosa Acosta On Threesomes, Freaky Fits, And Rob Kardashian

Rosa Acosta, one of the hottest chicas in the ‘modeling’ game right now took time out from her booty posing to tweet it up with Bossip about everything under the sun…Continue…

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March 22nd 11:30am

Certified Links

Michelle Obama Makes Appearance On The Simpsons [Video] (GO) Their Influence On Congress Is Growing (GO) UPDATE: Guru’s Health Stabilizes”; Health Problems Exposed (GO) How To Choose The Best Marketing Strategies For Your Business (GO) Big Daddy Kane Breaks Down What A “Freestyle” Is (GO) Olivia Munn Does Complex Of The Day (GO) Kid Cudi…

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March 22nd 11:17am

Hey Rush Limbaugh, Gets To F**kin’ Steppin’… The House Has Passed The Health Care Reform Bill!!!

Remember when Rush Limbaugh said if the government passes a health care reform bill then he would move out of the country?!?! Well, if you don’t… We DO!!! The House passed the health care reform bill with 219 votes, when all they needed was 216. Now the bill is on the way to the Senate…

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March 22nd 11:00am

*Exclusive*: The Mastermind Behind Michael Jordan The Brand… Erin O. Patton

Erin O. Patton’s name probably doesn’t ring a bell but he’s the main reason that Michael Jordan’s sneaker, the “Air Jordan”, became a household name. Patton recently chopped it up in an exclusive interview with speaking on how he redefined what is means to market to mainstream by opening the eyes of big companies…

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March 22nd 10:39am

Ooh La La… French Politicians Pushing To Legalize Sale Of Punanny

Vive les heaux! That’s hoes for the slow folks… Legal prostitution may be on it’s way back in France, where surveys say 60% of French people want brothels to be legal again. Pop the hood for details.

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March 22nd 10:37am

Slim Thug Kicks Off New FB Legacy Campaign

Slim Thug is kick starting the new FB Legacy clothing campaign with a series of new commercials that purposely mimic the now famous “I’m a PC – I’m a Mac” Apple spots. New commercials from the series will be released each week from the website or you can catch them right here on Bossip.…

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March 22nd 10:06am

Who Cares About Whoredom Talent???

Lil Miss “I Get Around” aka Rihanna is on the cover of Sunday magazine looking fashionably fly as usual. Pop it for inside pics and video…

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March 22nd 10:06am

Oprah To Testify At Defamation Trial For South African School

Oprah Winfrey is set to take the stand at a trial linked to the alleged sexual abuse scandal at her all-girls school in South Africa. Continue

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March 22nd 10:00am

Tiger Woods First Interview Since He Got Caught Creepin!!! “I’ve Hurt So Many People…”

With his return to golf just a few weeks away, Tiger Woods allowed ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi to interview him… but just for five minutes. Watch the interview on the flipside. Continue

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March 22nd 9:39am

Twitter Files: Crazy A*s Tweeter Goes On Rampage…”Dead F*cking Serious About Killing Barack Obama”

This simple a*s motherf*cker thought it was a good idea to tweet about assassinating President Barack Obama. Please be sure to pop the hatch for more on this craziness.

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March 22nd 9:10am

Deelishis Is About To Beat The Brakes Off Cassie… As Soon As She Drops That Baby!!!

Nine month pregnant belly and all, Flavor of Love chick, Deelishis is not the chick to play when it comes to her family. According to her Facebook page, it sounds like some cheap a** trick by the name of Cassie is trying to come in on her marriage. Flip the Lid for This Mess…

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