December 22nd 4:33pm

Who Owns It???: Bey Bey Beyonce vs. The Kardashian’s

The Kardashians are trying to let the world know they can do it all and that’s probably why People Magazine put them at #9 on the 25 the Most Intriguing People of 2009 list. With that being said, it comes a no surprise that they would try to copy the biggest copycat, the one and…

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December 22nd 4:32pm

Racism In China Continues To Make Noise Over Bi-Racial Reality Star

Why is there so much hate against Lou Jing? Last month we told you about Lou Jing, a contestant on the Chinese reality show “Let’s Go! Oriental Angels” who stirred up a national debate about race in China, now more details and a video have emerged

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December 22nd 3:42pm

Susan Boyle Hits 2.4 Million Albums Sold in 4 Weeks and Alicia Hits 405k for her 1st Week Sales Knocking Out Breezy and Rihanna

Susan Boyle is back again this week killing it again with 654k copies sold putting her at a grand total of 2.4 million. Taylor Swift holds the number one spot for most albums sold this year with 2.7million sold. Susan may be able to take her out with 1 week left. Pop it for Details…

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December 22nd 2:16pm

Maino Sides With Tiger Woods

While most guys like to pretend Tiger Woods is an anomaly, rapper Maino joins the dog pack by penning an anthem all about getting down Tiger-style. Pop the hood to hear the joint:

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December 22nd 1:51pm

True Or False: Jennifer Hudson Knocked Up Again Already

With her first child, David Daniel Otunga Jr, only four-months-old, could Jennifer Hudson be pregnant again already?

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December 22nd 1:44pm

Breaking News: T.I. is as Free as a Bird, Well Almost!!!

T.I., aka Clifford Harris, has been released from a federal prison in Arkansas to a halfway house in Atlanta, GA. “The king’s baaaaack!” That’s the latest catch phrase buzzing through Atlanta as news is spreading that T.I. has been released from jail. More Details Under the Hood …Continue

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December 22nd 1:36pm

Certified Links

HHW Exclusive: B.G. Is A Free Agent (GO) Tom Cruise Accused Of Wiretapping (GO) Soulja Boy Speaks On New Album; Becoming One of the Best Rappers (GO) Fact Or Fiction: Is Simon Cowell Leaving ‘American Idol’? (GO) Jay-Z’s “Forever Young” Video Leaked (GO) Arrests In Africa Link al-Qaida To Drugs (GO) Rihanna gave Kanye a…

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December 22nd 1:13pm

MaShonda Deletes her Twitter Page But has an ‘Alicia Keys, In Yo Face’ Moment First!!!

MaShonada just made a huge step. Her only outlet to the world for people to hear her voice and side of the story has died. MaShonada deleted her Twitter page yesterday but she went out with a bang and gut punch A. Keys in the stomach with some family photos from the birthday party.

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December 22nd 11:41am

Dear Bossip: He’s Got His Cake and Eats It Too!

Hey Bossip! I have a situation. I been with my children’s father for 16 years and I just found out that he’s been seeing another woman since August. I, as a black woman, confronted him and her about it … just like a man, he DENIED it to the fullest. I don’t want lose him…

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December 22nd 11:00am

Another Day, Another Arrest: Kid Cudi Popped for Burglary

SMH: It seems like “escorting” himself from Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball Tour only created an outlet for Kid Cudi to find his way into even more drama. The rapper was arrested Monday in Los Angeles after the Los Angeles Police Department detained him, along some of his associates under suspicion of being suspects to a…

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December 22nd 10:00am

Bossip Twitter: The Biggest “Sellout” Of All-Time? “Winners” to Come on Christmas Day

As you know, we have been laggin’ in our twitter game and starting next week, Bossip will be going hard at providing more content and PERSONAL updates on our twitter account. To kick things off on our twitter drive, we want our Bossip visitors to respond to Bossip’s question on twitter: Who is the biggest…

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December 22nd 9:47am

EMTs Who Refused to Help a Dying Pregnant Mother Face Criminal Charges

Remember those a*s clowns who let Eutisha Rennix die at a sandwich shop this past weekend?? Hopefully they will soon be fired and facing criminal charges: Two EMTs accused of callously refusing to help a dying, pregnant mom during their coffee break became the target of a criminal probe by the Brooklyn DA’s Office yesterday…

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December 22nd 9:40am

Queens Street Named After Slain Father Sean Bell

A Queens street will be named after Sean Bell, the 23-year-old unarmed groom-to-be who was killed by NYPD in 2006 during the early morning hours of his wedding day. Killer cops shot Bell 50 times outside the Jamaica, Queens, strip club where he’d celebrated his bachelor party with friends.

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December 22nd 9:25am

Miley Cyrus 9-Year-Old Sister Smacking her Little Cakes While Dancing to Akon

While Miley Cyrus is having stripper pole parties, it’s no surprise when her little 9-year-old sister is being videotaped singing Akon’s ‘Smack That’ and actually smacking her a$$ while she does it. Pop It for the Video…

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December 22nd 9:24am

Just Because the President Gets the H1N1 Vaccine, Is that Suppose to Make Us Feel Better About It???

With major re-calls on the H1N1 vaccine and some people having the side effect of walking backwards, a lot of people are still hesitant when it comes to get the shot. Yesterday, Obama and Michelle received their shots. Since swine flu has been declared a crisis, why are the Obama’s just now getting their shots???

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