January 28th 8:59am

Mariah Carey’s New Videos: “Up Out My Face” & “Angel’s Cry”

Mariah Carey’s jawn “Up Out My Face” with Nicki Minaj looks more like a Target commercial than a video for her single. Personal servant Nick Cannon also made his cameo at the end… NOT SURPRISED!!! She also finished the video for “Angel’s Cry” featuring Ne-Yo. Pop the Top for a Peek

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January 28th 8:47am

SMH: Chris Matthews On Obama “I Forgot He Was Black”

Chris Matthews, host of “Hardball” on MSNBC launched into pretty ignorant drivel on air following President Obama’s address last night, calling the president truly “post-racial” before adding, “I forgot he was black for an hour.” SMH. Look under the hood for a video and transcript of Matthews comments below:

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January 28th 8:24am

President Obama’s State of the Union: “I Never Suggested Change Would be Easy…”

If you live in America and care about what’s going on, then you were amongst millions of other people that were doing the same thing. Last night, President Obama gave his State of the Union address. Some people’s faith in him and what he is trying to do has grown weary but change takes time…

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January 27th 6:52pm

Ho Sit Down: Kelis is Hard up on Child Support Checks But Avoided Nas at Sundance Festival

Kelis has been really going hard at Nas to get her child support payments, but when she had the opportunity to see him up close and personal while they were at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, she avoided him. Pop the top for more details.

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January 27th 6:42pm

Grandpa’s Got A Gun, Don’t Mess With His OG Kush

67-year old James Tillman wounded an attempted weed thief Sunday after retrieving his 9mm and a shotgun when the burglars broke into his Sacramento, CA home. The men were trying to steal his medical marijuana. Continue

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January 27th 5:51pm

FIRED!!! ESPN Terminates Out Of Pocket Blogger For Hatin’ On Haiti

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey GOODBYE!!! Here’s a little update on that f*ckery we told you about with Paul Shirley. It seems he is no longer an ESPN employee. After dedicating some blog space to dissing the sh*t out of Haiti, Shirley has been handed his walking papers. Look…

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January 27th 5:10pm

Rumor Control: Alicia Keys and Swizz Keys ARE Enagaged

According to a close source, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are indeed engaged.  Pop the top for the photo evidence and details. 

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January 27th 4:43pm

Hate It Or Love It? Donell Jones Makes A Conscious Comeback With “Free”

Last time we heard Donell Jones he was still crooning about juggling his main piece with his sidepieces, so we gotta admit it’s a little refreshing to see he’s matured with his new material. Look under the hood to play catch up with the singer who seems to have figured out where he wants to…

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January 27th 3:59pm

Out of Pocket: Diddy Rented The Gold Crown He Gave Justin For His B-Day

Diddy crowned his son Justin the “Prince of New York” at his sweet 16 birthday bash last week, but he crowned him with a RENTED gold crown. Pop the top for the details.

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January 27th 3:50pm

Stop the Violence: Six Rutgers Sorority Members are Charged with Hazing Pledges in New Jersey

The Eta Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho is facing criminal charges after injuring several pledges who were on-line for the sorority. More details under the hood.

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January 27th 3:36pm

Kiss Your Kindle Goodbye! Apple Introduces The iPad And This Puppy Does EVERYTHING

Thanks Steve Jobs! Now we know what we really want for Valentine’s Day! After a whole lotta rumor Apple’s Steve Jobs finally unveiled the iPad today. Look under the hood for details.

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January 27th 3:00pm

Jesus Take The Wheel!!! Man Stabs 2-Year-Old Son To Death Before Turning The Knife On Himself

People are just losing their minds left and right these days!!! Police have arrested a California man named Alex Trujillo after they say he fatally stabbed his 2-year-old son before stabbing himself. Continue

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January 27th 1:41pm

Question of the Day: Where Were Lamar Odom’s Kids While Khloe Was Getting Her Presidential Photo Op?

While Kobe Bryant’s two children accompanied him on his recent trip to meet President Obama, BOSSIP has confirmed there were no signs of Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny and son Lamar Jr. — just good ol’ Khloe. Follow the jump to weigh in with your thoughts

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January 27th 11:58am

WTF?!?! Who Wants To Wear Roadkill On Their Head???

We thought Lada Gaga had some freakish getups, until we found the broad that’s been been known to outfit her a time or two, Reid Peppard, who uses taxidermy to turn dead creatures, namely roadkill rodents and vermin, into wearable accessories for her fashion line RP/Encore. Look under the hood for more

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January 27th 11:12am

True or False: Did Brad Pitt Ditch Angelina for Jen???

It seems like there was more than “Hope for Haiti” at the telethon last week, because Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston may have rekindled something when they had an emotional reunion.  More details under the hood.

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