July 11th 9:00am

Some Weekend Honeymoon Swirl

Kendra Wilkinson and her new husband Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett were caught grubbing on something during their honeymoon in St. Lucia. You can even tell that Kendra’s womb is getting a little swole too.. More when you…

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July 11th 8:58am

Seen on the Scene: What Happened to Free???

Free decided to crawl from under the rock she has been hiding under to attend the Battle For The Crown Artist Showcase last night in NYC. She’s not looking quite like she did back in the 106&Park days, but she is looking better than she has the last few times we’ve seen her….age must be…

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July 11th 8:53am

NeNe and Kim Are Still Beefin’

Kim and Kandi from the ATL Housewives visited V-103 in Atlanta the other day. Funny that they are already close, and both have a mutual dislike for Nene. After we talked with Nene regarding her feelings about Kandi, we are sure the dislike is mutual. Besides all that, Nene damn near threatened Kim while she…

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July 11th 8:43am

Coon of The Day : “I Love Chicken” Song

This is a brother singing about how he loves “chicken” in front of mostly white people. SMH&LOL at this coonin sh*t and the chicken in the studio giving him the “OK”. Click Here to Watch

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July 11th 8:37am

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Brandy Gets No Love From Record Labels

Looks like Miss Humm Breath doesn’t belong to a record label anymore:

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July 11th 8:32am

Fill in the Blank: Smiling Broads Equal Trouble

Here is a pic of Dwyane Wade at Alonzo Mourning’s Summer Groove Golf Event with some ‘bunnies’ grinning in his face something tough. Fill in the Blank: These broads are thinking _________________________________. Flip the lid for more…

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July 11th 8:30am

Which One Would You Hit???

Sean Garrett and Mario were on the streets of the ATL the other day and ladies, Mario is on huff! Sean and Mario look like they are really into Creatine and working out right now. Anyways, the question remains… Ladies, Which One Would You Let Hit??? Pop the top for more..

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July 11th 7:52am

A Lil Positivity

Serena Williams and her diesel donk were in New York yesterday teaching the little kiddies how to play tennis. We know we may talk a lot of ish, but we love seeing this stuff. Good look Serena. Pop the hatch for more flicks…

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July 11th 7:49am

What the Hell???: Historic Black Cemetery Gravediggers Charged With Dismemberment

The scandalous and cheap gravediggers that ran the Burr Oak Cemetery have been arrested and charged: Inside a graveyard in Cook County, Illinois close to 100 graves were dug up.…Continue

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July 11th 7:01am

Michael Jackson Home Movies with Janet and Macaulay Culkin

Check out some home videos with Janet and Michael Jackson. They are seen here having a fun-harmless time on Neverland Ranch. We see genuine love being displayed here with Macaulay Culkin and Janet, who was very pretty at the time this video was taken! Click Here to Watch

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July 11th 5:51am

Saturday Style: The News L.A.

The News L.A. makes purses, bags, home decor, hats, and more accessories. The bag Lala is carrying is The News L.A.. Our peoples from Personamagazine got the real deal from them: When Art & Fashion meet it’s a wonderful thing. The New’s L.A. is a perfect mix of two worlds colliding into pure bliss. The…

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July 10th 11:05am

Barack Obama: Damn I Want to Chop Those Backs Down’

Here is Barack Obama in Italy looking at the draped backs of some innocent 17-year old young thang. It looks like the French President had to get his “gander” on as well. There is nothing wrong with BO getting a little “Vert” on every now and then. What is Michele going to say about this…

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July 10th 11:04am

Hi Hater: Top Ten Signs of Haters

Katt Williams hilariously touched on the nature of ‘hate’ and ‘haters’ but a new report ‘Top Ten Signs of a Hater’ takes it a lot further more

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July 10th 10:19am

LA Police Chief: I Can’t Rule Out Michael Jackson Was Murdered, Shady Joe Jackson Says it Was “Foul Play”

Although the great MJ was heavily in debt, don’t sleep on the possibility he could have been murdered with the thinking his estate would be more valuable if he was dead. He had a lot of shady and greedy Hollyweird types around him and we wouldn’t put sh*t past these characters: Los Angeles Police Chief…

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July 10th 10:04am

Steve McNair Memorial

Eddie George is seen here saying some words in honor of his former teammate, Steve McNair,at his memorial service today. R.I.P. Air McNair… Pop the top to see the rest from the memorial

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