October 26th 12:30pm

Leona Lewis Defends her “Electrician” Boyfriend but Where Was He When She Got Punched in the Face???

Leona Lewis decided to come for some of the media who have been criticizing her boyfriend who was there  before her fortune and fame.

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October 26th 12:10pm

New Music: Mary J. Blige… “I Can See in Color”

Mary J. Blige’s new Jawn, I Can See In Color, reminds us of some that old Mary flavor. It’s one of those songs that you relax and chill out too. Take a Listen:

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October 26th 12:00pm

RHOA Kim has a Hello Kitty Moment

Kim was spotted in LA with her woman parts on full blast. Pop the hood to see what she’s working with and to hear Sheree defend her womanhood.  ***Warning***

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October 26th 11:45am

Usher’s New Jawn “Rockband”

Usher’s newest jawn just hit the net and it’s called “Rockband.” We are not quite sure how we feel about this one yet. Pop the top and take a listen. Tell us what you think

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October 26th 10:10am

Monica is UPSCALE & “STILL STANDING” with her Man

Hennessey Black, BET, & Upscale magazine had a party for Monica last night to launch her reality show, Monica: Still Standing and the Upscale Magazine cover. About two weeks ago, a woman claimed Monica was trying to take her man. Well, last night…

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October 26th 9:50am

Lil Wayne is Ugly Enough Already But Imagine him Without Dreads

Serving jail time in New York may mean that Weezy F. baby will have to cut off his prince’s locks. More info and Wayne’s new jawn under the hood.

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October 26th 9:40am

Not a Total Betty but a Vast Improvement

Raven Symone hit up the United Nations event over the weekend looking real slim and trim.  She should be the spokeswoman for Spanx because they are really her best friend. More pics of Raven under the hood.

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October 26th 9:07am

Fabolous Gets Bottles Thrown at Him at a Party

Fabolous was at a Howard Homecoming after party when things in the club got crazy.  Apparently, some of the party goers got too wild and started throwing bottles at him.  Peep the video under the hood.

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October 26th 9:00am

Fergie Is Aging BBBAAADDD and She’s Only 34

Fergie is always being photographed left and right. Some of the shots that they are capturing of her are not helping her image. She just teamed up with Avon to launch her own fragrance, but we think they need to be focusing on an anti-aging cream.

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October 26th 8:40am

For Discussion: Joe Jackson Receives an Award and is Praised For Good Parenting???

Al Sharpton is pictured here, giving Joe Jackson an award the other night. The man with a perm is saying more Joe Jacksons are what’s needed in the black community: The Rev. Al Sharpton believes the world needs more fathers like Joe Jackson – a man the King of Pop said, routinely beat him and…

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October 26th 7:22am

Who Lets Their 9 Year-Old Dress Like This… Halloween Or Not

Never mind her grill, let’s focus on the fit and ask yourself; who would let their 12 year 9 year-old daughter come out the house like this? It will all make sense once you pop the top and see the family

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October 26th 6:57am

Remember Me???

Brandy must be trying to get back into the game; she was spotted shopping recently and uh, well…nothing interesting to really say here. Pop it if you want to see more….

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October 25th 1:00pm

Tyler Responds to Spike Lee Calling Madea a Coon…

In a recent interview, Spike Lee refers to Tyler Perry’s TBS sitcoms Meet the Browns and House of Payne as coonery and buffoonery. Tyler Perry responded to Spike’s comments in his interview on 60 Minutes which airs tonight at 7pm. Pop the Hood for TP’s response… He’s PISSED!!!

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October 25th 12:55pm

Sheree Go Home and Stay There

Sheree hit up the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Fashion show in NYC looking like this. We would like for her to go home and stay there, no need to try again. More important people also hit the scene like Naomi Campbell, but we just had to point out her get up.

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October 25th 12:40pm

Random Ridiculousness: UPS Worker Finds Weed in a Package, Sells It and Gets Arrested

The sticky icky always gets people caught up… Some federal agents informed UPS manager, Anna Wright, that her store may be receiving a package with contraband inside. As soon as she received it, Anna was supposed to contact the United States Postal Inspectors but that didn’t happen. ATLANTA — A UPS Manager is accused of…

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