August 11th 12:42pm

Dear Bossip: I Hope My Wife Reads This

Bossip, Bossip. Can you help me? Prolly not but a n*gga needs to vent. I am a proud husband, father and provider. I’m everything my father wasn’t. I did not know him as a child. I know that I am blessed every time I pay my bills and kiss my kids goodnight. Just to give…

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August 11th 12:01pm

Haitian Presidential Opponent “Sweet Mickey” Says Wyclef ‘Doesn’t Know The Country’

Wylclefs’ Presidential opponent Michel Martelly publicly announced his intentions to run against Wyclef in the upcoming Haitian election. Although he spoke highly of Wyclef’s decision to run, he also added some ‘interesting’ facts about his relationship with ‘Clef and the people of his impoverished country.

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August 11th 11:11am

The Best Of Nicki Minaj: Top Five Verses From Young Money’s Head Chick In Charge

Nicki Minaj has been on the receiving end of more than a few jabs from us over her “Yabba Dabba Doo raps” but we have to admit that throughout her career, the Young Money emcee has also had more than a few notable quotables.

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August 11th 11:05am

We “Kinda” Understand Dudes Wife-ing Up Hoes, But Dudes Are Wife-ing Up Stalkers Now Too???

It’s one thing to wife up a former stripper ho who f*cked all your boys, your boys’ boys, AND your boys’ boys’ boys, BUT it is another thing to wife up some trifling and crazy a$$ heffa that stalked you and your family. Apparently, former San Diego Charger Chris Chambers doesn’t care about that stuff…

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August 11th 10:52am

BOSSIP Presents: The Top 25 Black Museums In America

Okay y’all. Just in case you were looking for something to do before the summer is out, we have featured the top 25 Black Museums in America.

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August 11th 10:52am

Twitter Files: Lebron James Says ‘While You’re Talkin’ Ish, I’m Taking Names’

Lebron James has had about enough about all the darts being thrown, and he’s putting the haters on notice now!

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August 11th 10:34am

Iran Challenges US: Says ‘We Have Dug Mass Graves For Your Soldiers’

Iran is telling the US, if you want some bad enough come get some. In response to U.S. Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement that “military intervention” may be needed to halt Iran’s nuclear intentions, the Iranian Army has begun to dig mass graves to bury American troops who attack their nation.

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August 11th 10:12am

Another Day, Another Ex-NFL Player Chokes Out His Baby Mama Outside Of Their Child’s School

Former Carolina Panther LB, Mark Fields, was locked up and charged for scrapping up the mother of his daughter…outside of the little girl’s school. SMH.

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August 11th 10:00am

“Naughty Bodies” Stripper Hits Client With Car, Drags Dead Body Under Vehicle For 2 Miles…

Meet Kristina Hensley. Kristina is an exotic dancer employed by a company called “Naughty Bodies.” Kristina was hired by Jae Cho to come to his crib to perform a “private show.” Unfortunately, the evening did not end with a “Happy Ending.”

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August 11th 9:47am

House Members Cut $12 Billion From Food Stamp Fund

During one of the worst national recessions the government has decided to cut $12 billion from the Food Stamp fund, potentially effecting 41 million Americans.

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August 11th 9:37am

Some Morning Fug

Natalie Nunn and her Mac Tonight/Jay Leno chin hit up the Nylon + Express August Denim Issue Party at The London Hotel in LA last night.

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August 11th 9:07am

Who Is My Mom-Dukes???

This guy has a mom who has been ‘blessed’ with the gift of gab as well as some amazon-esque genes. If that’s not a dead giveaway, peep who his mom is below…

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August 11th 8:45am

Blood Diamond Naomi Could Face Jail Time If She Was Indeed Lying About The “Little Dirty Pebbles”

Poor thang: Naomi Campbell says she has nothing to gain by lying in her testimony about alleged “blood diamonds.” But according to London’s Telegraph , she could have everything to lose, including her freedom.

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August 11th 8:33am

Trigger Happy Rihanna Gets Inked Again, Ties With Mariah, BeyBey And Gaga For Most #1 Pop Chart Singles

Rihanna was spotted in Manhattan yesterday toting this Vlieger and Vandam handbag (which has a pistol imprinted on the front) from dinner at Emilio Ballato to a neck tattoo touchup appointment at Eastside Ink.

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August 11th 6:32am

Alaska Plane Crash Claims The Life Of Former Senator Ted Stevens And Four Others, Investigators Search For Answers

Alaska trailblazer and former Senator Ted Stevens is dead at 86 after a plane carrying him and eight other passengers crashed into the side of a mountain Monday night. Treacherous weather is believed to have caused the accident.

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