January 7th 3:08pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up?

MTV VJ and Official Jersey Shore After Hours host, Julissa Bermudez attended the premiere of “Leap Year” at the Directors Guild Theatre on January 6, 2010 in New York City wearing this. Are you feeling this get up? Pop the hood for another look

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January 7th 2:20pm

Boog Speaks Out About Domestic Abuse Allegations! Blames Arrest On Traffic Violations

Former B2k member Jarell “Boog” Houston responded to allegations of domestic abuse today with an official statement. Pop the hood to see what he had to say for himself

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January 7th 2:00pm

In White Folks News: The Pitt-Jolies Go on a Date, Angelina is Looking Rather Thin & Tired

Brad Pitt took his boo Angelina Jolie out on a date last night in NYC. Ange ain’t lookin’ too hot…her knees are larger than her thighs!!! Gross. Pop it for more flicks…

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January 7th 1:13pm

Gilbert Arenas has No Job at the Moment but Still has Sh*t to Do…

Gilbert Arenas may be suspended at the moment but he is still working. Just like Mario showed off his ink Gilbert felt the need to do the same thing. Pop the Hood for Gilbert’s Skin Art and PETA Ad

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January 7th 1:11pm

Khloe Kardshian is Ready to Cash In: She is Trying to Get Pregnant!!!

Kourtney Kardashian just popped out little Mason right before Christmas and with all of the attention she received, Khloe now wants in on it. Yesterday morning in a radio interview, Khloe announced that she has stopped taking her birth control and that Lamar can’t wait to have her walking around with a ‘GUT FULL of…

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January 7th 12:51pm

Trina Lets Her Monkey Hang All The Way Out on Set

Here’s Trina and her chocha on the set of Jagged Edge’s new video for “Tip of My Tongue”. Hmmm… What’s up with that hang time in between her legs? SMH. Pop the top for another look.

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January 7th 12:34pm

Random Ridiculousness: Barack is Modeling Now???

Someone else has gone and pissed the White House off again. Outerwear clothing company Weatherproof used an image of the President (wearing their gear in China) for their Times Square Billboard ad without asking the proper authorities first: A larger-than-life President Barack Obama became a presidential pitchman Wednesday on a Times Square billboard that used…

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January 7th 12:30pm

Somebody Needs to be Fired: The RHOA have Been Nominated for a NAACP Image Award

Exactly how does a show that delivers nothing but drama, foolishness, gold-digging and pure ignorance get nominated for a NAACP Image Award???

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January 7th 12:17pm

Teen Girls Evade Police After Settin’ It Off At The Bank

Police are still searching for two Ohio teen girls, 12 and 14-years-old, who have eluded them since robbing a bank Tuesday afternoon. The pair managed to escape police despite their use of helicopters and dogs. Continue

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January 7th 12:10pm

Danger to Ray J: “I Need a Big Fu*kin Check or We Got Problems.” (Video Inside)

Monica “Danger” Leon is a trip. She’s on record threatening a lot of people in the industry including Ray-J, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. Pop the top for the details.

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January 7th 11:08am

Does Mariah Still Look Drunk???

The People’s Choice Awards went down in LA last night and Mariah came out to try and accept an award again.  She still looks drunk from the last award she accepted. More flicks of the show under the hood including pics of Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and Mary J.Blige.

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January 7th 11:06am

Attention Whores Gone Wild: Tila Tequila Still Acting a Damn Fool

Tila needs to really go sit her a*s down somewhere and mourn over her fiancée in private: Tila Tequila is lashing out at Nicky Hilton and Bijou Phillips for retrieving dogs belonging to her late fiance Casey Johnson.

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January 7th 11:00am

SMH: Former NBA Player Jayson Williams’ Whip After Accident

Jayson Williams was injured in a car accident after drinking and driving earlier this week….Details are emerging about what went down that night: Ex-NBA star Jayson Williams was partying at an upper East Side bar before he crashed his luxury SUV into a tree and fractured his neck,

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January 7th 10:58am

Which One Would You Hit???

Morris Chestnut and Omar Epps hit up the red carpet of the People Choice Awards looking rather tasty.  Out of both chocolate dips, which one would you let soak them loins all the way up??? More of these two under the hood for the ladies.

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January 7th 10:55am

PETA Certainly Knows How To Piss People Off

PETA thought they were slick using our First lady’s image in their little “Anti-Fur” ad, but the White House ain’t having it: The White House is fuming over a new anti-fur campaign featuring first lady Michelle Obama.

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