June 7th 9:05am

Quote Of The Day: Bernie Madoff Says “F*ck My Victims”

Berine Madoff is the epitome of scuzzbucket. The guy who was sentenced to 150 years in prison for scamming people out of hundreds of millions of dollars is still talking sh*t:

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June 7th 8:56am

Which One Would You Hit??? Cudi Vs. Tip (Photos)

Kid Cudi and T.I. were in attendance at the MTV Movie Awards last night in Hollyweird. Out of these two fellas, ladies, which one would you let soak up the drawls???? Peep a gang of pics (over 30+) inside from the awards when you….

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June 7th 8:55am

Brandy Breaks Up With Flo Rida… At Least She Doesn’t Have To Fake A Divorce This Time!

Brandy is no longer “coupled up” with rapper Flo Rida. We saw this one coming from a mile away. Pop the hood for details

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June 6th 6:03pm

Millbury, Ohio Heavy Storm Leaves 5 Killed… End Of Days??

In Millbury, Ohio a huge storm just swept through killing 5 people and destroying almost everything:

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June 6th 3:03pm

Lil Kim Talks Nicki Minaj…Plus Old Footage Of Nicki Paying Homage To The Queen Bee

Lil Kim is taking more shots and talking about Nicki Minaj something SERIOUS in the latest call with Kendra G. Kim says Nicki should pay respect, bow down when Kim is mentioned, give her a manicure, and shout her out every song. BUT, we have old recordings of Nicki doing all the things Kim says she…

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June 6th 11:49am

Jay-Z And Beyonce Do The French Open, Hubby Hov Discusses MVP BronBron’s Decision

Married couple Camel and BeyBey enjoyed a day of tennis at the French Open yesterday in Paris, and Jay-Z discusses his influence on Lebron James’ choice of team: “That’s his decision,”

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June 6th 11:29am

Sandra Bullock’s First Public Appearance Since Dirty Dog Nazi Husband Of Hers Cheated On Her (Photos Inside)

Sandra Bullock made a surprise appearance at the Spike TV “Guys Choice Awards” last night in Cali…it’s the first time she’s been out publicly since the crazy extramarital affairs scandal with Jessy James. Check out more images from the Spike awards on the flip including Lebron James, Mike Tyson and his wife, Terry Crews, Dwayne…

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June 6th 11:28am

BossipVideo.com Links!

That Crazy And Dangerous New Brazilian Dance Has Brothers Lining Up… To Get Hurt!: CLICK HERE *BossipVideo.com Exclusive* Boondocks Season 3 Episode 6 Sneak Peek “Smoking With Cigarettes”: CLICK HERE 50 Cent Swirls It Up In New Moview “Gun” And Is Chopping Down A Straight White Girl: CLICK HERE Eminem “Not Afraid” Video Premiere: CLICK…

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June 6th 11:27am

Michael Steele Goes In On President Obama And Is The Coon Of The Day!

Michael Steele, the sellout puppet for the Re-“pube” party, is still showing his ignorant-negro face trying to turn you against President Obama. With more GOP paltry and minuscule reasoning… Michael Steele goes in our Pres. Pop the hood so you can see what this Tom had to say

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June 6th 11:22am

Is This Broad Too Old For This Get Up???

Here is Bonnie Pointer of the Pointer Sisters photographed outside of a benefit in Hollyweird rockin these cut off jean shorts and thigh boots. Bonnie is 60 years old. Flip it for more pics and let us know if you think Bonnie is too old to be wearing this ish….

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June 6th 11:09am

8-Year-Old Removed From Class For Using Olive Oil Hair Product

The NAACP is filing a complaint against a Washington State elementary school after an 8-year-old girl was kicked out of class because her teacher complained about the smell of her hair. Continue…

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June 6th 10:31am

Kanye West’s Car Gets Into Crash In Hawaii…

Kanye West’s vehicle was involved in an accident in Honolulul, Hawaii. Details when you…

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June 6th 10:30am

SMH: Father Arrested For Forcing 9-Year-Old To “Drink Or Die”

A Georgia man is in police custody after authorities say he forced his 9-year-old daughter to drink alcohol and threatened to kill her if she refused..Continue…

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June 6th 10:14am

BP Executive Says “Majority” Of The Oil Leaking Into The Gulf Is Being Captured

A containment cap fitted onto a leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico is capturing 10,000 barrels of oil per day,

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