July 28th 10:46am

Tamera Mowry’s Swirly Matrimony-dom

It’s now Tamera’s turn to jump the broom: The 32-year-old actress is engaged to Fox News correspondent Adam Housley, 38.

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July 28th 10:26am

No Survivors In Pakistani Plane Crash, Cause Of Tragedy Still Unknown

No one survived the crash of a Pakistani passenger plane that went down in the outskirts of the capital Islamabad Wednesday morning with 152 people on board

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July 28th 10:10am

Foxy Pulls Up To The Courthouse In A Lambo, Cries That She Is The Victim, And That Other Broad Is A “Stalker”

Inga was straight stuntin’ on them hoes at court yesterday: Like a red carpet arrival, Foxy Brown rolled up to court in a black Lamborghini Tuesday.

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July 28th 9:58am

Which One Would You Hit???

Terrence J and J. Cole were also at BET’s 2nd Rising Icons event, both guys were looking rather tasty, but if given a choice Which One Would You Hit?

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July 28th 9:41am

In White Folks News: Brittany Murphy’s Late Shady K-Fraudian Husband Spent Up All Her Paper After She Died

Apparently Brittany Murphy’s widower Simon Monjack, who died just 5-months after she did, was being his typical shady self after the actress’ death: Six months after the 32-year-old actress’s death in December from pneumonia, anemia and multiple-drug intoxication, new allegations are surfacing about her controversial husband

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July 28th 9:37am

Who Looked More Bangin’?

Afro-Irish singer Laura Izibor and Canadian-Guyanese songstress Melanie Fiona both showed up for last night’s 2nd BET Rising Icons event looking BEAUTIFUL, but if you had to call it, between these two ladies Who Looked More Bangin’?

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July 28th 9:15am

Dear Bossip: Older Woman, Younger Man and His Brother

Dear bossip, I’m just about at my wits end on this subject so I thought I would check in with you on my issue.  I am a 30 year old woman dating a 24 year old boy. At the beginning, it was all good because he was my needed distraction to help me get over…

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July 28th 3:22am

Some Morning Chocolate Cakes… Stripped Down To The Crack For Your Viewing Pleasure

We thought you might need a strong cup of black coffee, no sugar, no cream… to get your day started. Model David Agbodji strips it all the way down for Calvin Klein’s 2010 Men’s Fall ad campaign. Last time we saw David, his body was glistening in nothing but baby oil. If You Thought That…

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July 28th 2:14am

Who Should Estelle “Fall In Love” With: John Legend Vs. Nas?!??

Estelle has dropped two new videos for her new jawn called “Fall In Love”. Just like Monica, Estelle has two dudes to choose between but this time it’s Nas or John Legend. Which version of the song do you prefer???

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July 27th 11:44pm

Is Usher Using New Music “Hot Toddy” Featuring Jay-Z As An Induction Into The Illuminati???

Usher’s new jawn featuring Jay-Z, Ester Dean and Ciara is called “Hot Toddy”. This isn’t Jay-Z and Usher’s first collabo, they also had a jawn on Usher’s last album “Here I Stand”. Seems like Usher was more interested in “Moving Mountains” instead of finding the “Best Thing”. Take a Listen and Tell Us What You…

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July 27th 11:25pm

Maryland ‘Serial Killer’ Charged In Mother-Daughter Murders

Authorities are hoping they have the answer to a question that has plagued them since early 2009: Who killed two mother-daughter pairs in a two-month period in suburban Maryland? Jason Thomas Scott, 27,

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July 27th 11:12pm

Caption This

Pharrell and his N.E.R.D.crew performed in Switzerland. One fan got a little gully and decided to jump on stage and attempted to rub herself down?!?? Pharrell on his toes… CLASSIC!!!

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July 27th 11:07pm

NYC To Pay Sean Bell Family And Friends $7 Million

Sean Bell’s daughters and two friends who were with him the night he was killed will receive a $7 million settlement as a result of the federal lawsuit they filed.

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July 27th 9:49pm

Kanye West Gets Suited & Booted And Performs At Facebook HQ… Smells Like Something Big Is About To Happen!!!

Kanye West doesn’t really put on his dancing shoes for anybody… it has to be the right price. Since he can’t walk up into MTV looking for love seems like he has turned to Facebook. Today, Yeezy performed four songs for Facebook employees…

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