March 20th 1:10pm

Remember Me???

Look who showed up to last night’s Starlight Children’s Foundation “A Stellar Night Gala”? It’s Mr. T — and he’s still sporting his camo and American flag. Pop the hood for more shots of him, old banger Sheila E, actors Christopher and Kyle Massey and some very special Mr. T. videos.

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March 20th 12:30pm

Janet Jackson’s New Jawn… “NOTHING”

Janet Jackson and ex-boyfriend Jermaine Dupri have come together for this new jawn called “Nothing”, which is the first single off the soundtrack for the movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?”. This track reminds us of the Janet that did “Again”. Flip the Lid to See If You’re Feeling This Jawn…

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March 20th 12:23pm

Ho Sit Down! Rush Limbaugh Tells 11-Year-Old Healthcare Reform Supporter “Your Mom Still Would Have Died”

The media has rallied to support 11-year-old Marcelas Owens, after Rush Limbaugh and other right wingers levied a hostile verbal attack against the boy, who recently took to the nation’s capital to show his support for President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill. Owens’ mother died three years ago of pulmonary hypertension after losing her job…

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March 20th 12:19pm

QuickTrim Kim Is A Walgreens Queen… But What Product Will Fix Her Knifed Up Looking Grill???

Tons of folks showed up at a Miami Walgreens yesterday to meet Kim Kardashian, who was doing an event there for QuickTrim. We like her little outfit, but feel like her face is getting fuglier by the day. Isn’t she starting to look like an exact replica of her knifed up lookin mama??? Pop the…

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March 20th 11:43am

Naomi Campbell Throws Another Temper Tantrum.. This Time At Barney’s CO-OP

It seems that Naomi Campbell still hasn’t realized that the world doesn’t revolve around her. The paps followed her into Barney’s CO-OP on Madison Ave in NYC and instead of leaving the store, she did exactly what she does best… Pop the Hood for Details

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March 20th 11:29am

New Music: Rick Ross & John Legend “Sweet Life”

Rick Ross’ plump-butt just incorporated John Legend into his music for the second time. The new track is called “Sweetness,” and we don’t know if it is has an underlying meaning or what… Pop the hood and get an earful

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March 20th 11:27am

The NBA’s Favorite Tranny Is Caught Swirlin’ And Lookin’ Busted At Event In His Honor

We don’t even know where to start with this one… Dennis Rodman was caught lookin’ busted gettin’ some tranny love at Rodman Mania an event in his honor. Yikes. Pop the hood for some more morning fug.

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March 20th 10:30am

New Swirl Video: Robin Thicke And Estelle Are On A Rollacosta

We all thought Robin Thicke’s single “Shakin’ It for Daddy” ft. Nicki Ninaj was his second single but apparently we were wrong. This new jawn, Rollacoasta ft. Estelle is nothing like the Robin Thicke we are all used to. Flip the Lid on this Jawn and Let Us Know If You Hate It or Love…

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March 20th 10:14am

Crazy Camel Fan Breaks Into Stranger’s Home And Gets In Their Bed After Concert!!!

After attending Jay-Z’s concert earlier this week in Pittsburgh, a local man left the venue, broke into a nearby home and crawled in bed with the homeowner, a complete stranger!!! Details on the flipside.

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March 20th 9:58am

Romeo Miller Adds To Empire With New Animated Film And Comic Book Series

Romeo Miller is taking his entrepreneurial and media endeavors to new heights with an animated movie and comic book series. For more info just… Continue

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March 20th 9:44am

Gaga’s Lawyer Calls Ex-Boy Toy’s Claims “Unlawful”

Lady Gaga is fighting back against ex-boyfriend music producer Rob Fusari’s lawsuit that claims that he basically made her and should receive a $30.5 million settlement for monies she cut him out of. Pop the hood for more on Gaga’s legal lam.

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March 19th 5:15pm

Neon Magazine Fesses Up And Apologizes For BeyBey Marriage Contract Story

We told you that German BeyBey story was SUSPECT!!! Sony Records sent us a letter from Neon Magazine apologizing for the false story. Pop the hood to see it.

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March 19th 4:44pm

Taye Taye Must Read Bossip, Tells Ellen He Calls His 6 Month-Old Baby “Swirl”

Everyone’s favorite actor Taye Diggs, aka Mr. McChocolatey, went on the Ellen Degeneres show and discussed his 6 month-old son Walker’s many nicknames…one of which is “Swirl”. SMH! Pop the top to peep the video…

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March 19th 4:36pm

In Skanky News: Sandra Bullock’s Husband’s Tattoo Whore Explains Her “WP” Ink Job

According to Jesse James’ tatted up Kat Von D/Marilyn Manson mistress, her “WP” tattoo does not mean “White Power”…but it’s definitely something that only a stank a*s whore would put on herself permanently:

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March 19th 4:17pm

Malcolm X’s Killer Scheduled To Be Set Free This April

The man who killed El Hajj Malik El Shabazz a.k.a. Malcolm X in cold blood, is set to be released from jail. Continue

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