September 29th 9:55am

Janet Go Home and Try Again… That Wig is Not the Move for Fashion Week Close Up’s

Janet has been on the scene in Milan for their fashion week, and while we are happy to see her put the teacher get up swag to rest we aren’t feeling her pushed back wig.  Along with Janet other brown faces hit up Milan as well. Pop the hood for more flicks.

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September 29th 9:50am

Random Ridiculousness: Essence Atkins Finds True Love with Match.Com…

Actress Essence Atkins recently got married to her boyfriend Jamie Mendez who she met on a popular internet dating site last year in February. 

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September 29th 9:20am

Yung Berg Gets Socked in Biscuit Head By White Guy and Does NOTHING!

Poor Yung Berg can’t win for losing. In the video underneath the hood, a heated discussion and small fade is caught, but when Yung Turd attempts to flee into a store to get away… a white boy catches fade with the back of his head. Pop the top and peep

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September 29th 9:15am

“Take That, Take That” Brings GQ to Ebony

Hopefully Ebony Magazine is not fading to black but if it is… It’s going out with a bang. Diddy is gracing the upcoming issue and we can’t help but notice the smooth skin he has going on. Either he stuck with Proactiv or Photoshop is a beast.

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September 29th 9:10am

Mini-Madoff, Allen Stanford, Gets Tail Beaten In Jail and Is Granted a Transfer

Allen Stanford, aka Mini Madoff, is in jail awaiting charges for a ponzi scheme he cooked up that netted him over 7 billion dollars. While locked up, he got his butt whooped up pretty bad. The Texas financier R. Allen Stanford, awaiting trial on charges that he led a $7 billion investor fraud, was granted…

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September 29th 9:00am

R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole & T-Pain’s New Remix “Number 1 Sex” Says Autotune is NOT Dead

R-Kelly, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain have made a remix to “Number 1 Sex.” The song is pretty graphic and dirty… just like R-Kelly likes it. Pop the top and listen to the new jawn

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September 29th 8:20am

Amerie and her “2 Million Dollar” Legs Do YRB

Remember when Amerie said she was insuring her legs for 2 milli in 2007?? (Poor thang) Well here she is two years later promo-hoeing it up, and looking good doing it in the latest issue of YRB magazine. Flip the lid for more images…

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September 29th 8:10am

SMH: Secret Service is Investigating “Kill Obama” Poll on Facebook

Wow. People are bold enough to put anything on social networking sites these days. Some idiot who put a poll on Facebook asking whether President Obama should be assassinated or not:

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September 29th 8:10am

Newest Member to the Ghostface Killa Crew: Alek Wek in Milan

Alek Wek, one of the greatest supermodels, has been inducted into that GhostFace Killa Crew. Alek Wek was making her rounds during Fashion Week in Milan at the amFAR event. Even though she does the damn thang on the runway… There is no way we could not induct her into this crew. Pop it for…

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September 29th 7:55am

True or False: NYC Has One of the Lowest Divorce Rates in the Nation

With all the hustle and bustle of native New Yorkers, can a couple really have a good survival rate?

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September 29th 7:50am

Quote of the Day: Lloyd Calls Ci-ERROR a “Hollyweird B*tch”

We are not the only ones who think that your girl Ciara is on that Hollyweird steez something tough:

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September 29th 7:40am

Whose Cake is This Ho Kissing?

Hoes of the same feather flock together. This cake was getting kissed in Vegas while hubby was preoccupied. Pop the top and see whose cake was getting beso’d

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September 29th 7:30am

The “Queen” Project

Remember last week we told you Tamia, Deborah Cox, and Kelly Price have formed a collective project called Queen? Well, the possibilities of these three seasoned women are infinite. Pop the top and see their interviews

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September 28th 3:25pm

Some Reunited Swirl: Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are Officially Back Together

According to sources, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are officially back together.

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September 28th 1:00pm

We Know Lace Fronts Can Set a Sista Back But Come on Bey Bey…

Beyonce rocked her day late and a dollar short lace front wig over the weekend and it is definitely time to retire it.  It looks mad dehydrated like it needs some one on one time with a bottle of IsoPlus. More flicks of Beyonce performing at the F1 concert underneath the hood also.

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