March 19th 8:24am

Whitney Houston Is Taking Shots At Lady Gaga’s “Dark Costumes” In New Interview

Whitney Houston is talking about Illuminati entertainers, strippers, and people in the industry lacking integrity. She might catch some shots for going at “Gaga’s” fits, but sometimes… ex-cluckers kick the best knowledge. Pop it and watch it Continue

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March 19th 7:50am

New Music: Tank Wants To Know “Do You Remember”???

Tank has definitely been missing in action when it comes to the music scene. Earlier this year he went off on one of his baby mamas on Twitter but that last all of 2.5 seconds and people still want to know… Where the hell is Tank??? Until we find out, check out his new jawn…

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March 19th 7:44am

Rumor Control: Is Chris Rock The Latest Celebrity To Adopt An African Child?

Chris Rock was spotted in New York yesterday carrying an unidentified child, setting off rumors that he either had another child out of wedlock or adopted a child. Pop the hood to solve the mystery.

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March 18th 5:14pm

What’s That Smell??? Oh It’s Just The Body Decomposing Under The Hotel Bed…

A mother of five was found dead in Tennessee; her body was discovered stuffed in a bed frame in the hotel room where she and her children had been staying.

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March 18th 4:50pm

Which Recording Artist Is Thirsty Ho Hoopz Planning To Hop On Next?

With his dating show in the works, OchoCinco was clearly not that smitten with Hoopz after all, but BOSSIP sources tell us the bisexual banger already has her sights set on another victim love match. We’ll give you a clue — Hoopz new love interest is in the music industry and to be more specific…

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March 18th 2:16pm

Raise Your Incense In The Air… Erykah Badu Got A New Album Let Me Hear Ya Say Oh YEA

Erykah and her voodoo vajayjay are back with a new album this month! New Amerykah Part Two (Return of The Ankh) is set to drop March 30th. Pop the hood for a look at the new cover art and a listen to the Madlib produced “Strawberry Incense”.

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March 18th 1:51pm

Rumor Control: Steph Jones Says He’s Still With Jordin And Ironclad Panties

BOSSIP got a direct quote from Steph Jones regarding the rumor that him and Jordin broke up. Pop the top for the details.

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March 18th 1:43pm

Cancel Maury– Padma’s Baby Daddy Is Revealed… Adam Dell, You ARE The Father!

In Bollyweird news, it turns out that Padma Lakshmi didn’t get curried up by her cousin after all. Her daughter Krishna was fathered by a very paid white man. Shocking right? Pop the hood for details.

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March 18th 12:00pm

Pope Backpedaling After 300 Molestation Victims Come Forward Since January!

Priests in Germany are on the hot-seat over molestation. Since January, 300 people have accused several German priests of abuse and some claim the Pope is turning tail. Pop the top for more Continue…

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March 18th 10:59am

Talk About Being Prisoner To Your Name, Akon Launches Konvict Fragrance (Handcuffs Included)

Akon is stanky rich thanks largely to Lady Gaga, but he’s covering up the funk with his new Konvict fragrance. While the name doesn’t exactly ring so fresh and so clean, we gotta give him credit for staying true to the brand all the way down to the packaging. Pop the hood for details.

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March 18th 10:50am

10 Ways To Avoid A Lover’s Spat

Good day Bossip Readers! How many times have we started a conversation off with a “I don’t want to argue with you,” and then it turns into a knock down drag out? While fighting with your significant other is a given it’s also necessary for a relationship to grow – or par for the course,…

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March 18th 10:45am

Lil Guido Snooki Charged For Killing Folks??

SMH: Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was criminally charged for selling booze to minors at a party at her house

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March 18th 10:43am

New Music: Monica Is Looking In The “MIRROR” For Answers

Monica has released another jawn from her new album, “Still Standing”, that drops next week. The latest single “Everything to Me” is definitely on point, so let us know how you feel about this one. Hate It or Love It?!?

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March 18th 10:38am

Diddy Buying In On Historic European Soccer Team

Diddy is a business man, that much we can’t deny. Puffy may now be trying to purchase a football club out of Europe… for the name:

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March 18th 10:32am

Jet Beauty Of The Week

Jill Scott is the cover girl for Jet Mag this week.  In this issue she talks openly about life after her breakup, motherhood and the new Tyler Perry movie “Why Did I Get Married Too”. Pop the top for Jill’s thoughts on raising her son without her ex fiancée.

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