July 24th 10:20am

Diddy: MJ Wanted to Chop Down Beyonce Before Joe Camel Came Into Picture

Diddy was on Letterman last night and talked about MJ’s game at his annual “White Party” and how the greatest entertainer of all time wanted to chop down Beyonce.

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July 24th 10:19am

Bossip on Twitter

If you’re on twitter, make sure you start following Bossip for ‘twitter only’ exclusives and tweets from various Bossip staff members that you won’t find on our main site. Going forward, you’ll see some very “personal” commentary from Bossip, only on twitter. Click here to start following Bossip on Twitter.

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July 24th 10:15am

Superhead Gets Reamed by White Reporters and Kicked Off Show, Reporter Says “She Was a Rump Shaker In a Bunch of Videos!”

Superhead was on a talk show the other day promoting her book when the reporters got real gully with her. At the 2:10 mark on the video, they open up a can on her loose cakes and then right before it’s over at the 3:10 mark, the male reporter says a funny but true statement.…

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July 24th 10:13am

Twitter Files: Bow Wow and Soulja Boy Tweet on Girls Going Short and Solange Responds

Yesterday Bow Wow, Soulja Boy and Latavia former Destiny Child Member… where she come from… hits up Twitter and goes all in on these chicks in the industry cutting there hair short. It was straight comedy!!!

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July 24th 10:10am

Michael Vick Reinstated Next Week!!!

Michael Vick may be reinstated to the NFL as soon as next week. He just met with the NFL commissioner: NFL commissioner Roger Goodell…

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July 24th 10:09am

R.I.P.: Best Selling Author E. Lynn Harris Has Died

African American Author E. Lynn Harris passed away at the age of 54 this morning in Arkansas. E. Lynn Harris, the best-selling Arkansas author known for contemporary stories about African-Americans, died today during a West Coast book tour. His latest book was called “Basketball Jones.”

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July 24th 10:07am

SMH: White Folks Are Going Too Far With This Commercial… But What About The Sistas In It, Are They Coonin???

Our boy Slide sent this video tip in and initially, we got pissed at the white folks, but our attention quickly turned to the stereotypical black females in the hair salon. The sisters part is a response that sounds like a white person trying to imitate a black woman. SMH Which is worse; the white…

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July 24th 10:04am

Michelle Williams Looks Sickly At Her Birthday Party With Jay-Z?

Michelle Williams is out in London celebrating her 29th. Also in attendance was Jay-Z, with some young pieces huddled up around him. In other Jay-Z news, we have also acquired a leaked song from the Blueprint 3, featuring Rihanna and Kanye. The song is called “Run The Town.” Pop the top for pictures and a…

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July 24th 10:00am

Maxwell Performs On Good Morning America

Notice that side eye? Well, it was real. Maxwell performed “Pretty Wings” yesterday on GMA. Pop the top and get a gander at the #1 R&B artist in America

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July 24th 9:55am

Three The Hard Way

Yeah, this threesome was seen at  the Lil Kim birthday party last night. Sure Lil Kim always looks like she is sucking on a Lemonhead, but what about Trina and LisaRaye? Out of the “ladies”… Who Looked More Bangin? Pop the top for more

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July 24th 9:38am

Rihanna’s Inspiration and Keri Hilson Does Canada

Is Rihanna original or does she just always make it drastic??? While hanging in London, she popped by the “Inglorious Basterds” Premiere with her Johnny Bravo Madonna swag. Then, Keri Hilson makes her appearance on Much Music TV in Toronto. Flip the Hood for more Pics

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July 24th 9:35am

Another Day, Another Tell All in the Life of Kendra

Just when we thought we couldn’t take anymore of the girl next door known as Kendra, she up and gets a book deal.

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July 24th 9:30am

Tyler Perry’s Got a New Movie

Tyler Perry just keeps coming with it, and this man is on a roll right now. First, he makes the Forbes list, then sends the kids to Disney World, all while working on a new movie dropping  in September with Mary J. Blige and Taraji P. Henson. Pop it for a Peek

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July 24th 9:05am

North Korea Says Clinton is ‘By No Means Intelligent’

Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, is catching heat from North Korean leaders for pushing for their denuclearization. North Korea has alarmed many world leaders with its stringent approach to governing. In return, North Korea took personal jabs at Clinton. An unnamed North Korean official, quoted by the state-run KCNA news agency, calls Clinton “by no means…

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July 24th 9:00am

Amerie is Still Pushing for Relevancy

Amerie might want to let the music go and concentrate on modeling. This is a picture from her spread in ELLE and she also just did OK Magazine. She has new music, but that mess is average and looking pretty seems to be her niche anyways. Pop it to see her OK! spread

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