January 19th 3:23pm

Talk About Don’t Feed The Animals… This Fool Bit Off A Cops Nipple!!!

A Chicago man is in jail after police say he assaulted and bit off the nipple of an off-duty police officer. SMH! He bit another man’s nipple off!!! Continue

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January 19th 3:08pm

SMH Bow Wow Beefs On Twitter… With His Mom

Twitter keeps embarrassing the sh*t out of Bow Wow… First there was the little high drunk on NYE incident, then his mom joined and it all went downhill from there. Look under the hood to watch the mother/son drama unfold.

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January 19th 2:12pm

In White Folks News: Some More Knifed-Up Heidi Montag Pics

We reported on Heidi Montag’s Norwegian body plastic surgery job last week, but more pics have surfaced and we can’t even tell who the hell she is. More pics of Heidi and her new face under the hood.

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January 19th 2:02pm

Some Afternoon Cakes

Apparently, video model Shakur wasn’t just in New York to show off her ring and talk about busting her guns – she was also putting her cakes to work! BOSSIP has some exclusive shots of the Egyptian beauty from an NYC photoshoot just for your afternoon enjoyment. Cakes and more after the jump!

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January 19th 2:00pm

HHW Exclusive: Waka Flocka Flame Shot

Popular Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has reportedly been shot in College Park today. For more details Continue

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January 19th 1:54pm

Caption This

Prince William saw this man while visiting the Redfern Community Centre for indigenous Australians in Sydney.  If you could read Prince Williams mind he probably would be saying This man ___________.  Fill in the blank and check out more flicks of the random guy under the hood.

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January 19th 1:45pm

Camel Hits The Desert, Jay-Z To Headline This Summer’s Coachella Music Festival

Illuminati Hov worked his black magic to land a headliner spot for this year’s Coachella music festival. Camel will close out the first night of the festival April 16th, while fellow headliners Muse and Gorillaz will perform the 17th and 18th, respectively. Look under the hood for the full festival lineup.

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January 19th 1:31pm

Rihanna Takes a Break from Fu*kin for Publicity to Work

Rihanna was seen leaving a recording studio in West Hollywood last night solo. That’s something we haven’t seen in a couple weeks. Matt where you at??? More pics of Rihanna and her no talent a** once you pop the top.

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January 19th 12:55pm

Coupled Up: Kim K and Reggie Serve Up Some Swirl Love Courtside

Kim and Reggie were spotted courtside at New Orleans Arena taking in a game looking happier than ever.  A couple more pics of Kimmy Cakes and swirlin Reggie under the hood.

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January 19th 12:27pm

Rush Limbaugh Claims Obama Using Haiti To Boost Credibility With Light-Skinned And Dark-Skinned Black Community

On-air idiot Rush Limbaugh is back to making incendiary comments again — this time using the tragedy in Haiti as an excuse to attack Obama. The sad part is that while we can’t seem to make any sense of his comments, Limbaugh has a load of lemmings ready to believe anything he says. Pop the…

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January 19th 12:22pm

Drake Wants the Ladies to Know He’s Been in the Gym… Hmmm

Drake was spotted in Hawaii with his tanned biceps on display and his suspect swag turned way up.  Pop the top for more pics of Drizzy and to see what he had to say about hitting the gym.

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January 19th 12:21pm

Certified Links

Would Dr. King Have Ridden With Obama???… Dr. Boyce Watkins Examines (GO) Jennifer Lopez Weighs In On The Late Night Talk Show Wars (GO) Ludacris Enlists Pharrell For “Battle of The Sexes” (GO) Rob Pattinson To Present At Hope For Haiti (GO) HHW Exclusive: Hip-Hop Caucus Unites With David Banner For Haiti… Banner Speaks On…

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January 19th 12:03pm

When Pigs Fly: Jay-Z Wants to Raise a Family in Florida

According to Jay-Z, he is ready to start a family and thinks Orlando would be a great place to do so.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 19th 11:29am

Dude- Where is My Stylist???: Chris Brown Looks Like a Clown

We asked you the other day about Chris Brown’s fashion sense and most of the commenters agreed that he did. Everyone has an opinion but do you still feel the same way after seeing him with this get up on!?!?! and if you do, all we have to say is… GTFOH with that!!! Pop the…

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January 19th 11:15am

Looting Violence In Haiti Turns Ugly, Anderson Cooper Comes To The Aid Of Haitian Boy

Cameras captured violence on the streets of Haiti as an angry mob of looters scrapped over the goods they recovered. CNN journalist Anderson Cooper was nearly caught in the melee trying to help a young boy who was beaten so badly that blood poured from a wound in his head. The footage is extremely graphic,…

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