July 22nd 6:49pm

Kelly Rowland Is Working With Akon And Tricky Stewart Minus The Dream… Someone Finally Got It Right!!!

Kelly Rowland’s new album is anticipated to drop on October 26th. Sources claim she’s in the studio twerkin’ it out with Akon and The Dream’s partner Tricky Stewart. The Dream is too busy dealing with EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS!!! Pop the Top for Kelly’s Promo Pics

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July 22nd 5:40pm

F*ck You, Pay Me: Woman Sues American Airlines For $5 Milli Over Lost Luggage

Damn. We bet American Airlines wishes they would’ve given her back her measly $25:

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July 22nd 5:33pm

Prosecutors Want Wesley Snipes To Go To Jail Go Directly To Jail

Prosecutors are demanding Wesley Snipes bail be revoked and that the movie star is sent to prison immediately for failing to file tax returns. SMH Pop it for the deets

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July 22nd 5:18pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Police Chief-Champion Of Womens Rights Popped Trying To Rape Kid With Crazy Sex Toys!: CLICK HERE Tampon Being “Left In Too Long” Causes 20-Yr Olds Death?!: CLICK HERE Rihanna’s Voice Crackles And Pops Introducing Eminem To Perform “Love The Way You Lie”: CLICK HERE Diddy Says His Dad “Melvin Combs” Was As Big As “Frank…

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July 22nd 4:16pm

On The Come Up: Through The Lenses Of Eyewear Designers Coco And Breezy

In the fashion industry, twin sisters Coco & Breezy exemplify the importance of individuality as designers and entrepreneurs. At the ripe age of nineteen they’ve already cultivated a line of sunglasses and accessories that can be seen on red carpets and in music videos. Continue

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July 22nd 4:00pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Teen Mom Smothers Infant Because She Doesn’t Want The Burden

Fort Worth Texas teenage mom Shantaniqua Scott was accused of engaging in a radical act of easing her life- by smothering her infant. Horrifying details under the hood Continue

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July 22nd 3:41pm

This Shady Mothafu*ka The-Dream Filed For Divorce Before C-Milli Gave Birth

New documents have surfaced showing The-Dream filed divorce papers a little over a week before Christina Milian gave birth to their daughter Violet. Details when you …

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July 22nd 3:34pm

Are You Too Picky?

Good Day, Bossip Readers! Here’s to another “Almost There Thursday!” So the question of the day is: are you too picky? Many of us can relate to this ordeal, right? He’s small, you prefer tall but he treats you like a

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July 22nd 2:48pm

Lady Strangles Both Of Her Children Because They Were Autistic… The Chilling 911 Tape: “They A Died, I Don’t Want Autistic Kids”

This lady must be a candidate for Worst Mother Ever. In the 911 call, Saiqa Akhter, speaks calmly about trying to feed her two autistic children bathroom liquids and finally strangling them when they wouldn’t swallow the poison. Pop the top for the footage of her being locked away and to hear her call

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July 22nd 2:00pm

Platinum Life Keeps Getting Better

Looking for Bossip Baby? You can probably find her chasing cash, cred and fame playing Platinum Life: Web Edition Beta 2.0 on Facebook! It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of climbing the ranks from aspiring rapper, singer or DJ to arena-rocking superstar. In hot pursuit of fame and fortune? Jump into Career…

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July 22nd 1:24pm

Usher Turns On His Rico Suave Rapping Skills For New Jawn Featuring Bun B… “Get In My Car”

Usher hit us with the his R&B style, then played with the dance music and now he’s rappin?!?! His new jawn featuring Bun B “Get In My Car” is very very very ___________ for him but then again, when Usher’s competitor Trey Songz is spitting out 16 bars… What else is Usher left to do?!??…

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July 22nd 1:01pm

Chelsea Lately Blames Black Men For Kim Kardashian’s Success And Says She Would Sex Up Rick Ross

Chelsea Handler, by this point, has really expressed her love for black men in more ways than one. She had Lil Jon, Big Boi and Rick Ross on her show for the rapper roundtable and they taught Chelsea the importance of having cushion for pushin’…

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July 22nd 12:48pm

Swirlin’ It Up Wino Stylee

When we first saw this photo, we thought Kelis had driven Nas to smoke rocks! But it turns out that he and Amy Winehouse were just bar and club hopping London until nearly 5 am to celebrate Damian Marley’s birthday. Happy Born Day mi bredren!!! Pop the hood for more shots

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July 22nd 12:40pm

Keri Hilson, Lance Gross, Lloyd And Michelle Williams Catwalk It Out For Cancer

It’s always good to see celebrities do something good for charity. Keri Hilson, Michelle Williams and Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 put on the 2nd Annual Cancer for a Cause: Where Music Meets Fashion For A Cure charity event last night. Lance Gross and Lloyd made an appearance to show support.

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July 22nd 12:37pm

Tashera Simmons Announces Separation From DMX

Tashera Simmons is announcing her separation from rapper DMX. Tashera, who recently revealed plans to release a memoir of her life with the New York rapper, has officially separated from X and plans to star in a reality show to chronicle her life without her famous husband.Continue

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