November 8th 7:25am

Iron Mike Tyson, His Wife, and His Little Baby Girl Pose For the Camera…

The chubby little-dumplings name is Milan. Is it us, or in the picture above does Mike Tyson’s wife, Lakiha Spicer, seem like she is trying to stunt on you hoes? Pop the top for more..

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November 8th 7:00am

Her Cakes Pay The Bills

Your girl Kim Kardashian was in Culver City Cali yesterday… opening up malls and stuff. Let’s not even ponder on how much they had to pay to get her to do this gig…but, opening an entire mall has to be more than a club appearance. SMH. Pop the top and peep

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November 7th 2:00pm

The Full 20/20 Interview With Rihanna

Go under the hood to watch the full 20/20 Rihanna interview. Good for Riri, a good look leaving that buster. Yeah, we said it, Chris Brown is a straight up coward and buster. SMH at some young sisters defending violence against women, most of them have had their a*ses socked up too and think beat…

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November 7th 1:45pm

What is Wrong With This Picture? Is That You Knifed-Up Sammy

This is future baseball Hall of Famer, Sammy Sosa, in Vegas this week. If you don’t know what is exactly wrong with picture, go under the hood to see what knifed up Sammy looked like before.

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November 7th 1:30pm

‘Precious’ Generating Oscar Buzz

The Hollyweird elite are gossipin’ that the new movie “Precious” will likely be up for an Oscar. Set in Harlem in 1987, the movie chronicles Precious’s struggle to overcome the desperation of her circumstances, including the emotional and physical abuse she suffers at the hands of her mother (Mo’Nique). Go under the hood for the…

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November 7th 1:00pm

For Discussion: “If You Put It Up to a Vote of the People, We’d Have Slavery Again.”

This week on Larry King Live, there was a discussion about how the legislature in the state of Maine made same sex marriages legal. Now they have given the vote to the residents of Maine to really decide whether or not that want this law apart of their state even though the legislature already decided…

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November 7th 12:45pm

Tameka Foster Raymond is Starting to Look Like a Woman…

Tameka had a new photo shoot and we have to admit this actually shows her feminine side. Whatever she’s doing to drop the whole tranny action, she needs to keep it up… More Flicks Under the Hood

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November 7th 12:30pm

Jigga is Swirlin’ with his New BFF A-Rod and Robin Thicke’s New Jawn is Released ft. Jay-Z

Jay-Z performed at the World Series Parade for the New York Yankees yesterday and then last night he was chillin’ with his new BFF A-Rod at the Knicks vs Cavaliers game but it looks like Camel had his eyes on the GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS. Also Robin “White Chocolate” Thicke has finally released the new…

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November 7th 12:15pm

Ho Sit Down

Miley Cyrus recently admitted that she has never listened to a Jay-Z song although she mentions she listens to Camel on her “suspect” pop hit Party in the USA.

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November 7th 12:00pm

Mariah Is Covering Up That Midsection Now

Mariah skipped out to New York to film the rest of her video ‘H.A.T.E.U..” She threw on the Fonzereli leather to cover up that gut that was protruding in Malibu the other day. Pop the top for the pictures of her letting the belly breath

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November 7th 11:45am

Black Men Continue To Get Pimped By The NCAA

Dr. Boyce Watkins feels that African American Athlete’s are the reason that billions of dollars continues to pump into the NCAA. The NCAA has profited handsomely from the Black community’s commitment to producing and delivering hoop dreams that put young Black men on the court during the hours they should be spending in a book.…

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November 7th 11:30am

Kimmy Cakes Feels Left Out… So, Now Reggie and Kim are Buying a House Together

Kim Kardashian has been out of the spotlight lately not because she wants to but because everyone has been on Khloe and Lamar’s heels lately. Kim and Reggie are both selling their individuals pads and decided to buy one together. Spotlight on Kim… Action

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November 7th 11:15am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Lady Gets Maximum Sentence For Chopping Sexually Abusive Father’s Genitalia Off And Cooking It

Bridgette Harris concocted a plan and lured her sexually abusive father into a house to kill and dismember him. Bridgette was just sentenced and shown no leniency by the judge, although the jury suggested it: A Queens judge Friday slapped Brigitte Harris with the toughest sentence possible…

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November 7th 11:00am

Britney’s Baby Feeders On Front Street

Britney Spears is out in Perth, Australia giving the locals a show with her nips on full blast. Pop the top to see the show

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November 7th 10:45am

NCSI: Los Angeles has LL Cool J and CSI: New York has Attention Whores

LL Cool J was seen taking a little break on the set of NCSI in Los Angeles. It seems like the creator of CSI is attempting to make the show a star studded event. Nelly has appeared on one episode this season already, now guess what attention whores are coming up next…

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