May 18th 10:20am

Lebron Says Delonte Was Not Choppin’ Down His Moms

BronBron is finally trying to put a stop to ugly rumors that his mom was getting busy with his homie, Cavs teammate Delonte West. This morning Lebron’s lawyer sent a cease and desist email completely denying the scandal. Pop the hood for details

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May 18th 10:13am

Jesus Take The Wheel: 14 Year Old Girl Drugged, Raped and Tortured In Basement

Enduring two weeks of punishment, a 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped, drugged and beaten by two men while confined to a Crown Heights basement located in Brooklyn. Continue…

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May 18th 10:10am

New Video: Rick Ross, Ne-Yo And Stacey Dash In “Super High”

Officer Ricky Ross has released his new video “Super High” featuring luscious lips Ne-Yo. You would think Rick Ross has never touched a woman the way he’s feeling on Stacey Dash’s leg… Perv!!! Pop the Top and See for Yourself

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May 18th 9:59am

Midwest Stand Up!! Enter To Win A Pair Of Maxwell & Jill Scott Concert Tickets!!

Maxwell and Jill Scott are coming to a city near you very soon!! The Soul-Infused duo kick off “The Tour” on May 21st in Cleveland, OH, and later in Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis. If you’re in any of these areas and would like to check them out LIVE! in concert, please pop…

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May 18th 9:55am

Question Of Day: Does This Look Like Nelson Mandela To You???

Terrence Howard is coming back to the big screen with his Babywipes/Rebirth of Slick steez in full effect. He’s set to play Nelson Mandela…

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May 18th 9:40am

TMI: Jada Spills All Her “Nasty Secrets” To Oprah

It’s no surprise that Will & Jada are super-swinger-freaks, but Lil Miss Pinkett-Smith went on Oprah and spills all of her little secrets on how she and Will keep their relationship crackin. Continue…

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May 18th 9:31am

Could Nick “Mariah’s Lil Love Slave” Cannon Be Grinnin’ Any Harder All Up In Hov’s Grill???

Dang Nick, NICE GUMS!!! Hovy Baby was seen leaving the Four Seasons with Cornball Extraordinaire Cannon after the Audemars Piguet and Tony Awards “Time To Give” Auction after party. Pop the hood for more

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May 18th 9:22am

Christina Aguilera Speaks On Lady GaGa: “Oh The Newcomer… I Think She’s Really Funny To Look At!!!”

Christina Aguilera thought it would be best to nip all the Lady GaGa controversy in the bud. In a recent interview, Christina clears up her feelings by saying that she thinks GaGa is great but, no one really cares whether Christina likes GaGa. We all just want to know… WHY HAVE YOU COMPLETELY COPIED HER…

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May 17th 8:28pm

The Dream Done Bumped His Head Thinking He Can Cover An Aaliyah Song

The Dream has attempted many things but we never thought that he would try something like this. It seems that he had the bright idea to cover Aaliyah’s jawn “One in a Million”. It sounds like he imitated her voice instead of making it his own… Tell Us What You Think:

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May 17th 8:18pm

Is It Us Or Does NeNe Leakes Appear To Have Had Some “WORK” Done?!?

NeNe Leakes and her husband Geritol Greg along with the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta showed up to support Sheree Whitfield as she danced for the Alzheimer’s Foundation at Atlanta’s Dancing With the Stars. We can’t quite put our finger on it but there is something strange about NeNe Leakes appearance… Pop Top…

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May 17th 6:15pm

Black Sheep Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan Says “Expect Me To Be The Outcast In The Rest Of The Episodes”

Gloria Govan turned out to be the odd woman out on Vh1’s “Basketball Wives,” but now Gloria is speaking up to defend her family and her relationship and setting the record straight about why she signed up for the show in the first place. Details under the hood.

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May 17th 5:21pm

Which One Would You Hit??? Blast from The Past White Boy Edition

The original white boy “Boy Band” New Kids On the Block are having a little concert cruise in Miami, Florida. Ladies, if you could relive your childhood fantasies of making out with one of these kind fellows, Which One You Let Soak Up Those Drawls Now?!?! More pics on the flippy…

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May 17th 4:52pm

Pure Comedy: Hova’s Sister Happy To Pose For The Camera!!!

We know this picture is suspect, but it sure is a little comic relief for those of you having a “Case of the Mondays.”

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May 17th 4:31pm

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Asia’h And “The Lotus Project” Part 2

Last week officially presented Asia’h Epperson (Babyface’s newest protege) and now we’re bringing you part 2. Flip the script to have a listen and a gander…

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May 17th 4:04pm

To Whom Does This Precious Little Girl Belong?

Awww look at the precious little baby girl! How cute is she? Can you guess who her parents are? Here’s a hint, both her parents are famous and her mommy has made lots of money for looking good in bathing suits! Pop the hood for the answer

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