July 5th 9:25am

Question of the Day: Can Whitney Houston Make a Real Comeback?

Now that Whitney appears to be off the pipe and her ribs aren’t showing anymore, she’s set to drop her album on Sept 1st. Her downward spiral to hell and back (with Bobby) has the entire music industry is wondering

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July 5th 9:10am

Boys With Unpopular, “Sissy” Names More Likely to Commit Crimes

A new study shows that men with feminine or unusual names are more likely to hold up a liquor store or pop a cap in somebody’s @ss: Boys growing up with popular names such as Michael, Joshua and Christopher have a good chance of leading law-abiding lives. But young men named Kareem, Walter or Ivan…

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July 5th 6:50am

Rihanna’s Ready to Beat CiCi’s @ss over “Swag” Theft?

Looks like while Riri has been laying low, CiCi has been trying to take her spot:

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July 5th 6:35am

Whitney Spotted Without Crack Pipe

Whitney Houston is looking good. Her hair is done and her clothes fit her. She looks like the woman we remember pre-Bobby Brown. Its so nice to see her gettin’ her life back in order. Check the expression on the airline security. Even he seems proud of Whitney’s transformation. Pop the lid for more pics…

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July 4th 5:11pm

Breaking News! Steve McNair, Star NFL Quarterback of the Tennessee Titans and Woman Found Murdered

The one time star quarterback of the Tennessee Titans was found dead with a shot to the head alongside a female companion who was also shot in an apartment in downtown Nashville last night. Flip the lid for more

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July 4th 2:54pm

Desperate For Tracks and Attention, ‘Dippin’ It Low’ to Advance Career

Go under the hood to see FFT’s specialist Christina Milian in the last issue of Vibe

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July 4th 9:00am

Investigation Into the Prescribing Practices of Michael Jackson’s Doctor

The State Attorney General is probing into the the distribution of drugs to Michael Jackson… all the evidence is leading to these doctors:

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July 4th 8:50am

Keyshia Cole Gives Bossip The Scoop on New Tattoo

When we were at the BET Awards we caught up with Keyshia Cole for a quick minute and asked her about her new tat with “Truly Blessed D. Gibson”. Keysh’s response was

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July 4th 8:46am

Police Get Taser Happy With Pastor and Congregation

The police in Texas are unlawfully using their authority to cause mayhem and disrupt the normal lives of citizens. They tased a pastor the other day: In the second documented act of police brutality in less than a week, Texas police officers are accused of displaying more force than needed on a man, a pastor,…

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July 4th 8:31am

Fill In The Blank: Ne-Yo’s Lips

Your boy Ne-Yo was pictured smooching up some broad at the Essence Festival this weekend. Fill in the Blank: Ne-Yo’s fish lips prolly taste like __________________________________. Peep more Ne-Yo, ATL Housewives, Lisa Raye, D-Wade and some oldheads when you pop the hatch…

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July 4th 8:29am

Amber Rose Changed it Up to Booger Green on You Hoes!

Amber Rose is back walking the Hollyweird streets again. This time the ex-ho is looking like a Newport box, shorts. Mind you, she’s got to be the freakiest and most well put together box of pimps we have ever seen. Don’t know where Kanye was… Pop it for more of Amber, stag

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July 4th 8:20am

*Update* In White Folks News : Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Bust Down Our Rumor and Are Seen In Public

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have not been seen together in over a month, until this morning! We think Justin reads Bossip, especially since these new pictures were taken about an hour after we dropped the break up rumor post this morning. Do y’all think Justin reads Bossip? Pop the top for 4th of July…

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July 4th 8:03am

WTF is Really Good, Grace???

Grace Jones performed at the Roskilde Festival 2009 in Denmark looking crazier than ever. We know our girl Grace is an effin weirdo, but sheesh. Get more crazy squat shots and Ciara performing in Vegas when you…

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July 4th 8:02am

Blast From the Past: Good Times Edition

Look at Thelma and Michael looking beyond grown at the Essence Festival in N.O. yesterday. They’re looking pretty good though. Bless their hearts, Good Times is a certified classic show that will probably be on TV forever. Flip the script for more picturas…

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July 4th 6:43am

Man Jumped After He Beat Mother’s Womb to the Point of Screaming

A teenager in Connecticut overheard her mom yelling and moaning while her loins were getting saturated and called friends to come over, thinking her mom was being unlawfully assaulted: A Connecticut teen heard her mother screaming during sex and assumed she was in danger and being assaulted. Instead of investigating her assumptions, she rounded up…

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