July 16th 10:15am

True Or False: Pictures Of Diddy And Cassie Getting Kinky Are Up For Sale !?!?

Diddy did IT! And by IT we mean Cassie… Not that that should come as a surprise to anyone, but allegedly there are now pictures to prove it. Pop the hood for details:

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July 16th 9:50am

Photo Emerges Of Mel Gibson’s Baby’s Mom Oksana After He Punched Her In The Face

Oksana is surely going for crazy/racist a$s Mel Gibson’s jugular. As if the audio wasn’t enough, now an image of Oksana after Mel allegedly punched her dead in the face has been “leaked.”

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July 16th 9:32am

Who Is My Baller Father?

This tall teenager is the son of an ex-NBA player with a great rep on and off the court. Do you know who he is? Pop the hood to find out

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July 16th 8:43am

Some Morning Handsome

Mr. Sexual Chocolate Face himself, Idris Elba is on the cover of the August 2010 issue of Ebony magazine. Ladies you likey???

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July 16th 8:18am

End Of Days: Earthquake Hits Maryland 3.6-Magnitude

Another day, another natural disaster: A 3.6-magnitude earthquake struck near the Gaithersburg, Maryland, area just after 5 a.m. ET Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

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July 15th 11:34pm

Rihanna Really Doesn’t Give A Fizzuck About No Damn Breezy

Rihanna’s reps have shot down those SUSPECT AZZ rumors of the singer reaching out to Chris Brown following his BET Performance. Pop the hood for the details

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July 15th 11:07pm

Worlds Biggest Boobs Baby Moms “Sheyla Hershey” Now Fighting For Her Life Due To Surgery! *Video Fixed*

Remember Shelya Hershey? Last time we reported on the Brazilian chica she was trying to find someone to give her a surgery for the biggest boobs in the world and her son was begging her not too. Well, right now the “housewife” is fighting for her life after obtaining her goal. Click Here To Watch…

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July 15th 10:53pm

The Good News Is The Oil Has Stopped Gushing Underwater… The Bad News Is It’s Not Permanent

Those fu*kers at BP are breathing a huge sigh of relief as they’ve finally found a containment cap that seems to be holding back the oil from gushing through the ruptured well… Details on the flip

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July 15th 5:03pm

Three Philadelphia Police Officers Arrested After Allegedly Stealing Drugs And Selling Them

Three Philadelphia police officers were caught after being accused of plotting with drug dealers and staging a traffic stop. Details when you Continue

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July 15th 4:34pm

BossipVideo.com Links!

Vivica Fox On Lopez Tonight Embracing Being A Cougar And Talking Saber Toothed Tigers: CLICK HERE Freaky Al Roker Gets Caught All Up In Meridith Vieira’s Breast!: CLICK HERE Anita Baker And Snoop Dogg In The Studio Working On “Give Me Your Love”: CLICK HERE Rocsi For PETA Behind The Scenes And Her Talking “Dog”…

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July 15th 4:33pm

Cry Me A River: Lloyd Apologizes To Ciara Via Twitter For Calling Her A Hollyweird B*tch

Damn near a year ago, Lloyd was feeling some type of way about his so-called “friend” Ciara and decided to call her a “Hollywood B*tch“. Apparently this little rant has been on Lloyd’s mind since he said it in September of 2009 and now in July of 2010 has issued an apology via Twitter. Took…

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July 15th 2:43pm

Dawn From Dirty Money Says NO To Marrying Her “Soulmate” Que But YES To Getting Almost Naked For Black Men

Que, former member of Day 26, decided to propose to Dawn Richards of Dirty Money via Twitter. For the past two weeks, no one knew Dawn’s response until now and apparently it wasn’t a “YES”!!! Pop the Top for Dawn’s Response in Vibe Interview

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July 15th 2:34pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Too Short Arrested For Battery (GO) Road SMS Might Not Be Such A Great Idea Come To Think Of It (GO) Mother Ordered To Stop Breast-Feeding Her 6-Year-Old (GO) Christina Milian Goes Shopping With Her Sister (GO) Delonte West To Plead Guilty To Weapon Charges (GO) Bangladesh Discusses Lawsuit With Cash Money Records (GO) Will…

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July 15th 2:33pm

Lindsay BloHan Seeks Treatment, Enters Rehab Early

Lindsay Lohan headed to a rehab clinic yesterday, conveniently owned by her new lawyer Robert Shapiro. Details on the flipside

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July 15th 2:12pm

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson: “If My Mama And Grandma Don’t Have A Problem With My Johnson’s Preference Then Why Should It Matter”… Child Please!!!

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has gone on Wendy Williams, Angela Yee and now Global Grind to explain why there are no black women on his show. This time he is blaming it own his “Johnson” and also says that his mama and grandma are fine with his choices so… “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!” Imagine if…

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