February 25th 8:57am

Lance Gross Puts Groupies On Notice With His My Life Photoshoot… My Morning Starts With Eva!

Aw look at the preciousness that is Lance Gross and fiancee Eva Marcille!!! Lance tweeted pics from his “My Life” photoshoot with Hannibal Matthews, including this one — which he captioned “My morning starts with her…” Way to keep those groupie hoes at bay Lance!!! Pop the hood for more from the shoot, including pics…

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February 25th 8:07am

More Public Lovin’ For Bey Bey And Hov Hov

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen at the Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night in LA looking like the happiest married couple ever. The way Bey Bey is grinning, we’re almost sure they got into some ‘baby-making activities’ when they got back to the crib. Pop the hatch for more…

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February 25th 8:06am

Quote Of The Day: Chris Breezy Speaks On Everyone’s Favorite Topic

Chris Brown felt it was necessary for him to share his two cents on Tiger Woods and his “situation.” Pop it for the quizzote..

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February 25th 8:00am

Would Someone Please Get This Guy A Bigger Jacket??

Will.I.am was spotted in NYC yesterday before the Black Eyed Peas performance at Madison Square Garden. We know Will is an “eccentric fella” but DAMN…that coat is younger than the f*ck!!! That joint looks majorly uncomfortable… More pics on the flip including shots of BEP’s MSG performance…

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February 24th 3:48pm

Kanye West Is Still Using Amber Rose For Attention… Posts Grace Jones Pose On New Website

Pimpin’ ain’t supposed to be easy but Kanye West sure makes it look that way… The rapper just launched his new website and he continues to follow the Ice-T business model for generating public interest. Pop the hood for yet another look at Amber’s backs.

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February 24th 3:44pm

Justin Timberlake Must Have Shut Precious Down… She’s Taking Her Mom To The Oscars

With the Oscars 11 days away we thought Gabourey Sidibe would be getting ready for her big date with Justin Timberlake.  Apparently she wasn’t precious enough for him to be her red carpet date, ’cause instead she’s rolling with her mom. Check out Gabby talking about it under the hood.

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February 24th 3:00pm

HHWIRED Exclusive: Biggie’s Estate & Faith Evans Hit With “Breach Of Contract” Lawsuit

While Christopher Wallace, aka Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G., left this earth over a decade ago, the problems he rapped about that came along with money continue to haunt his estate.

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February 24th 1:58pm

Mommy, Where Is My Hairstylist??

Mel B and her daughter Angel were out and about in West Hollyweird shopping yesterday.  The mother and daughter duo were seen rocking their matching shaved heads except Angel’s hair was looking real raggedy. Come on Mel you’ve got to do better. More pics of the two and a nice back-shot of Mel on the…

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February 24th 12:44pm

Yurg Bergy Responds To The Reports Of His Pistol-Whipping Incident While Lying In The Bed Naked

Wow that was fast. Yung Burgundy felt it was necessary to let ‘the world’ know that he did not get pistol-whipped in LA due to the fact that he was in Las Vegas chillin like a villain. Peep what the little pipsqueak had to say in 3, 2, 1…

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February 24th 12:42pm

Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Leona Lewis was spotted at the Love Ball in London rocking this fashion disaster. There may be some of you out there who actually like this look…so we have to ask… Are You Feelin This Get Up??? Pop the top to see more pics and let us know what you think.

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February 24th 12:08pm

All The Way From Jail: Remy Ma Denies Nicki Minaj Was Her Lover

Come on now Remy…you ain’t got to lie to kick it!!!

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February 24th 12:01pm

Cops Pop Man For His Bed Of Grass… Marijuana-Filled Mattress Lands Him Behind Bars!

A Massachusetts man is facing cannabis trafficking charges after police discovered that he had a bed made of 102 pounds of marijuana.

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February 24th 11:49am

Certified Links

Atlantic City Shooting Victim Claims Fat Saved Her Life (GO) Juelz Santana’s BDay Party Erupts Into Violence (GO) The Sugababes Know How to Perform of the Day (GO) Tiger Style: A History of Tiger Woods Shout-Outs In Rap Lyrics (GO) Lil Jon Set To Return With “Crunk Rock” (GO) Britney Spears gets coffee and water…

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February 24th 11:44am

Shakespeare: Booty Pad Or No Booty Pad … That Is The Question

By now, Bossip Readers should recognize these cakes anywhere. Sometimes they are inflated (like in this picture), sometimes they are deflated. With that being said, we want to know what ya’ll think about…

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