June 29th 8:40am

Hov Shuts Down Breezy’s BET Performance

A Bossip reader dropped a dime about Breezy’s absence from the MJ tribute at last night’s BET Awards show. Hov threatened to pull out of the show if Breezy stepped anywhere near the BET stage. Pop the top for more

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June 29th 8:37am

The Morning After: RiRi Leaves Rashard Lewis’ Apartment Without Pants

Not even a week after the Chris Brown court case and RiRi’s gettin’ buck with her latest conquest Orlando Magic’s Rashard Lewis. Damn RiRi, we’ve heard of the walk of shame but this takes things to another level. Pop the lid for more RiRi’s pants-less pics

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June 29th 8:36am

Update: Katherine Jackson Given Temporary Custody of MJ’s Kids.

We just received word that Katherine Jackson has been given legal guardianship status of Jackson’s three children. Round 1 goes to the Jackson family. Pop the top for more

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June 29th 8:36am

Janet Jackson Speaks Out on Behalf of the Jackson Family

Janet repped the rest of the Jackson clan last night at the 2009 BET Awards. She was visually shaken but delivered a clear message of how much Michael Jackson will be missed and how his legacy touched everyone around the world. Pop the lid for more

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June 29th 8:35am

Are You Feeling This Get-Up? BET Awards Edition

We don’t know what Bey was thinking when she hit the stage in this wedding gown/tranny fit. We know she’s going for theatrics but how nice would it be to see Bey dress like a woman and not a drag queen for once? SMH

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June 29th 8:33am

Some Afternoon Linkage

BET Awards 2009: Best Dressed Ladies LiveSteez Ana Ortiz is Officially a New Mami Lossip Jay Z’s Death to Auto-Tune Music Video F-Listed Janet Jackson was Released from the Hospital Bossip Throwback

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June 29th 8:32am

Drake’s a “Young Money” Millionaire

The drama surrounding which label Drake wanted to sign with was deeper than a damn NFL draft. He was touted to go to several different record labels and now it looks like he went the direction with the most money

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June 29th 8:31am

Coupled Up: BET Awards 2009

Ye flossed his P*ssy Princess at last night’s awards putting all the relationship rumors to rest as its obvious the two are very much back together. We can’t lie, she’s workin’ the hell out of those day glo heels and matching clutch. Pop the lid for more red carpet and performance pics

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June 29th 8:28am

Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” With Looking Like a Tranny

Check out Mariah on the set of her new music video “Obsessed” in the NY. Is it just us or does she look like a tall glass of tranny in that cheap @ss snakeskin dress and t-strap heels. Judging from the size of those clod-hoppers, Mariah’s definitely straddling the lady boy fence. Pop the hood…

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June 29th 8:25am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Trannys, Drag Queens and Fairies Take Over the Streets of San Fran

Since NY represented with their Stonewall Riots, San Francisco couldn’t be outdone. The streets were filled with gay pride supporters this past Sunday. Looks like a bunch of broke down tranny’s trying to get some hype to us. Pop the top for more gay pride pics from bayareastreetstyle.wordpress.com

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June 29th 8:24am

Hoes: Woman Gives BJ For Fritos!

A Frito-Lay employee purchased some head with a box of Fritos: Sue Smith a 36-year-old woman from Oklahoma, agreed to accept a box of Frito-Lay chips in exchange…

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June 29th 8:23am

What is Going on in This Forum

No matter what’s going on in the world of gossip, entertainment, celebrity news, current events and politics, Bossip stays up on it all. There’s no better place to express your feelings, likes and dislikes than Bossip Forums. How Did Tiny Get a Reality TV Show? Celibacy and Black Women Real Chance of Love Click Here…

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June 29th 8:20am

In Swirl News: Hank and Kendra’s Shotgun Wedding at the Playboy Mansion

For all you swirl fans out there, Hank and his knocked up bride Kendra tied the knot this weekend at the Playboy mansion with Kendra’s ex Hugh Hefner and his three new side pieces in the audience. That’s some Hollyweird mess for your @ss. How many people do you know get married at their ex’s…

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June 29th 8:15am

Breaking News! Scam Artist Madoff Gets 150 Years In the Joint

Bernard Madoff, the man who scammed so many people out of hundreds of millions of dollars finally got his sentence today. He is going to prison for the rest of his life. Pop the lid for more

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June 29th 8:10am

“Hey Steph Jones…That White Girl On Your Arm is Not Jordin Sparks!”

We ran up on Jordin Sparks’ Swirl-Pimp boyfriend, Steph Jones last night at an underground BET Awards After Party and he was with the pale piece up top who’s clearly not Jordin!

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