July 2nd 12:50pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: Priest Jailed for ‘Laying Hands’ on 25 Children

We’ve heard of laying hands, but this is just ridiculous. A pedophile Priest recently plead guilty to molesting more than 25 children. Pop it for details…

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July 2nd 11:47am

Poor Thang! Lindsay Lives To See 24, But Catches A Birthday Beat Down!

Lindsay Lohan got her birthday beating early this morning, while out celebrating turning 24-years-old, but it wasn’t the kind of playful birthday spanking some of us look forward to. The actress was punched in the face by a waitress at L.A.’s club Voyeur! Details on the flippy

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July 2nd 10:41am

Drake Cancels European Tour Due To Family Emergency

Poor thang! With his mother about to go into surgery, Drake has canceled his European tour to stay home and support her. Pop the hood for his statement Continue

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July 2nd 9:53am

Who’s My Mommy???: My Mommy Thinks She’s Extremely Creative But She Just Looks Like She Doesn’t Bathe…

This little cutie was seen kickin’ it with his mommy in NYC. If we tell you his name, it would be a dead give-a-way but here’s a hint: She recently just went on a little rant about someone stealing her crusty style… Pop the Top for a Peek

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July 2nd 9:51am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Popped For “Getting Intimate” With Cop Car

Wow. This is Les Paul Stucky. Les Paul was arrested this week for freaking a cop car. Pop the hood for this craziness and to see an image of the poor car who fell victim to Stucky’s humping:

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July 2nd 9:48am

Name That Cake

These cakes were spotted shopping yesterday with some nice little cheek rippage going on with her jeans. This one might be a little tough…you know the drill..

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July 2nd 9:48am

Another Day, Another Divorce: Kelsey Grammer’s Wife Serves Up The Papers

Poor Frasier: The third time wasn’t the charm for Kelsey Grammer. Former Playboy model Camille Donatacci filed for divorce

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July 2nd 9:46am

Nahla Says Eff The Paparazzi, I Got Me A Minnie Mouse Balloon!

Halle Berry went grocery shopping at Bristol Farms with the adorableness that is Nahla. Halle wasn’t feelin’ all them paps crowding her precious baby, but Nahla wasn’t even trippin’. Pop the hood for lots more cuteness.

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July 2nd 9:24am

The Bald Headed Beast Ruffled Up And Stuntin In NYC

Amber Rose was spotted in NYC rockin’ this pink and black ruffled frock. Pop it to peep more pics of Amber in NYC

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July 2nd 8:50am

Making It Rain On These Tennis Hoes: Serena Advances To Wimbledon Finals

Serena Williams has made it to the finals for this year’s Wimbledon tournament:

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July 1st 11:48pm

Ricky Rozay With A Little Kanye West On The Side… “Live Fast, Die Young”

Rick Ross has teamed up with Kanye West for this new jawn “Live Fast, Die Young”. One sure thing, if you put Yeezy on the track… More than likely, you will have a hit on your hands but throwing them patty cake rhymes in the mix is not cute, especially for a man that’s over…

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July 1st 5:45pm

Toya Confirms Her New Spinoff “Toya’s Family Affair” Plus Reveals Her New Veneers

Antonia “Toya” Carter was in Los Angeles BET Awards weekend and during one of her Radio Room interviews she revealed that while “Tiny and Toya” won’t continue on for a third season, she’ll actually be getting a spinoff of her own. She also discussed her love life, her career as a stylist and plans to…

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July 1st 5:20pm

A Lil Positivity

Bossip loves stories about talented graduates like the Englewood Urban Prep Class of 2010, Notre Dame valedictorian Katie Washington and now Deonte Bridges, a valedictorian from Booker T. Washington High School, an Atlanta public school who absolutely KILLED his speech. Pop the hood to watch

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July 1st 3:49pm

A List of Ways to Revive Ladylikeness

Bossip fam! Happy “almost there Thursday!” So last week we talked about chivalry and how a lot of woman believe it’s dead. Well, one of our male readers sent in an email suggesting that many woman are no longer ladylike, hence the death of chivalry. In theory, a lady must act like one to be…

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July 1st 3:45pm

Snoop Dogg Wanted To “Rent” Entire Country

Snoop Dogg is surely reinventing the phrase “living large” as the rapper wants to rent an entire country for a video shoot. Details when you Continue

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