November 9th 6:00am

Bill Cosby’s Band Responds To Russell Simmons

A member of Bill Cosby’s band responds to BDR: I respect Russell Simmons for all of his contributions to Hip Hop culture but I hope that people do not get distracted and lost in his critiques…Continue..

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November 9th 5:45am

Halle vs. Madonna: Which Piece of Cougar Meat is the New Face of Louis Vuitton???

Louis Vuitton was on the market looking for a new male face to represent the company and was interested in Halle’s boo, Gabriel Aubrey. Madonna still has a contract with Louis and so it was no surprise when she tried to pimp her “Cougar Meat,” Jesus Luz, to Louis to get a check. Pop it…

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November 9th 5:39am

Are You Feelin This Get Up? Brazilian Student Expelled After Hecklers Run Her From School For Short Skirt

This is Geisy Arruda. Geisy is a Brazilian student that was expelled after showing up to class in the get up she is wearing in the picture above: The Geisy Arruda video on YouTube might be in ANOTHER LANGUAGE, but it’s easy to see the hundreds of students heckling the 20-year-old for…

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November 9th 5:00am

Bugsy Hates Everyone Else, But Loves Him Some Kimmy Cakes

Kim Kardashian must have really rubbed 50 Cent the right way because he is praising the hell out of her. He even compares her to her archenemy, Paris Hilton.

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November 9th 4:55am

Random Ridiculousness: Man Calls 911 To Report Theft Of Chronic Stash

Some idiot in Oregon called the po-po after he was robbed of his dank:

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November 8th 9:43am

From Domestic Violence To Vibe Covers: What A Difference A Year Makes

Don’t call it a comeback for both Chris Brown and Vibe Magazine this December. Breezy, “Mr. I’m trying to get my life together after whooping my girl’s a*s,” will cover Vibe’s come back issue (they shut their doors back in June due to some financial issues)…in hope of salvaging both the performer’s and the magazine’s…

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November 8th 9:37am

What Kind Of Jordan’s Are These And Who Would Dare Wear Them??

They got some way-out rap acts down south. That is all we will say. Pop the top to see who these J’s belong to…

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November 8th 9:31am

Catch Fade: Thailand Trannys Beat Down A Tourist And Kick Him In The Face

When a white guy in a Thailand tranny hangout gets out of pocket, the shims commence to kicking off into his tail. He tries to get a punch and kick in, but he loses the battle against the three. Pop the top and peep

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November 8th 9:28am

Rihanna Does Girls, Guys, Dolls, And Album Covers

RiRi looks so much happier now that she has that whole ordeal off of her chest now. She was at Guys & Dolls in Hollyweird last night… dancing the night away. Hopefully, she goes tonight because the Blueprint 3 after party is going down there and Bossip will-be-in-the-house. Pop the top for more Rihanna and…

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November 8th 9:25am

Health Care Reform Bill is “A Go” with an Abortion Restriction, Moves to Senate

Well it’s about time: The biggest overhaul of America’s medical system since Medicare took a big step forward Saturday night,

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November 8th 9:23am

Joe Jackson Wants Money From Michael’s Estate

Joe Jackson is a piece of work. Despite Michael’s wishes, Joe Jackson has filed for a stipend: Court records show Michael Jackson’s father is seeking an allowance from his son’s estate. An attorney for Joe Jackson filed papers…

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November 8th 9:23am

Sunday Style: Greedy Genius Part 2

Last year we blasted Greedy Genius’ kicks by previewing the founder on one of the first Saturday Styles. Greedy Genius is still doing big things, without being on front street:

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November 8th 9:20am

Remember Me????

Remember Alexander O’Neal?? His video for “If You Were Here Tonight” was one of the “gayest videos ever“….you want to see what he looks like now???? Pop it…

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November 8th 9:18am

Some Sunday Handsome: Lance Gross Out with Ciara and NOT Eva…

Chocolatey goodness Lance Gross was pictured with Ci-Error at the Atlanta Hawks game that went down last night, but where the heck is his girl Eva??? CiCi is looking a ‘little bit healthier’ vs. that skinny Hollyweird steez she had crackin a bit ago. Pop it for more

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