September 25th 10:45am

Recognize the Dreads???

This girl truly lives in a different world. There is no way anyone could ever mistake this head full of so called dreads. Pop it to Find Out

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September 25th 10:30am

Eddie Murphy’s Daughter has Hit the Runway

Nicole Mitchell and Eddie Murphy have bred a little model. Nicole and the girls had a family outting the other night to watch 19 year old Bria hit the runway for Macy’s. Pop it to See the Little Model…

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September 25th 10:18am

Child Support Rears its Ugly Head: Rick Ross is Ordered to Cough Up the Scrilla

Rick Ross is undoubtedly having a tough year especially when it comes to his pockets. Continue…

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September 25th 10:17am

Rumor Control: Keyshia Cole Pregnancy

There were some accusations that Keyshia Cole was knocked up by her boyfriend Boobie.  Finally someone has set the record straight.

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September 25th 10:15am

Lady GaGa Used to Be Normal… We’ve Got Proof

Before the lace masked dresses, weave basket hats and Kermit the frog appearances, Lady GaGa used to look like a normal white chick. Pop the hood to see how she used to look.

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September 25th 10:13am

Kandi Does Wendell Williams Show and Talks About her Favorite Housewife NeNe…

RHOA Kandi Burruss has been on a NYC media run this whole week.  Kandi did Good Day New York today and hit up the Wendy Williams Show yesterday as a guest host.  Pop the hood to see her and Wendell’s first encounter.

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September 25th 10:11am

Keri Hilson and Nelly Hit Up London… BUT What Does Keri Have On???

Keri Hilson and Nelly were both spotted in London this week. Keri Hilson is known for wearing some “hella-fide” colors but the “I Dream of Genie Pants” is definitely not hitting on it. Pop it for More…

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September 25th 10:09am

Whats Goin on in This Forum???

Our forums are popping today with a ton of good discussions going on right now! Let your voice be heard on some of these issues: How Young is Too Young to Get a Weave? Jay-Z on Oprah= Major Change Can Divorced Couples Fall Back in Love? Not registered yet? Click Here

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September 25th 10:05am

They’re Trying to Make Me Go to Rehab But I Say…

There are reports that Kanye may be checking himself into rehab real soon.

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September 25th 10:00am

Jay-Z on The Oprah Show: Full Interview

Oprah gets Jay-Z to talk about some things that regular Hip-Hop fans might not know about him. Oprah talks about his upbringing, also the use of the word “n*gga” and how they don’t see eye to eye on its verbiage. Pop the top and watch the interview… He also mentions the Chris Brown and Rihanna…

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September 25th 9:30am

Swirling Out For The Paps

This is singer Nadine Coyle of the British group Girls Aloud arriving in Los Angeles. If you do not know who her NFL boy toy is, or who she is reaching for in the picture… Pop the Top & Find Out…

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September 25th 9:26am

Question of the Day: Is a Teacher Wrong For Cursing Out Student For Using the Word “N*gga?”

In the video below, a student uses the word n*gga and is ripped a new tail for it by his teacher. His teacher also decides to go into the boy’s whole demeanor and attitude while the boy responds in his own incoherent-adolescent manner. Pop the top and watch this debacle

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September 25th 9:24am

Don’t Believe the Hype: Nas and Kelis Still Headed Towards Divorce

Don’t let the happy smiles and good times fool you, Nas and Kelis are still planning for divorce.

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September 25th 9:20am

A “Lil Positivity”: Quincy Jones is Awarded for his Good Deeds by Bill Clinton

Quincy Jones and Usher got real close and comfy at the Clinton Global Citizen Awards in NYC yesterday. Alicia Keys was also in the building to support the event that was put on by Bill Clinton as part of the Clinton Global Initiative program. Pop the hood for more flicks.

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September 25th 9:10am

When the Checks Just STOP: Eve Doesn’t have a “FETISH” Anymore and Gets Dropped…

When it’s “Ruff,” it’s “Ruff.” Eve just made an appearance in the new Swizzy and Ruff Ryder video but now we are hearing that she just got dropped from her label and her clothing line is done too… DAMN EVE

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