March 12th 12:12pm

Howard Stern Is Not Done With “Precious”: “Just Let Her Go And She’ll Get Sick And Die!!!”

People are defending Gabourey Sidibe after the comments Howard Stern and his crew made the other day. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Howard from speaking his mind even more. Gabby’s mother definitely not holding her tongue and has a few words for Mr. Stern. Pop the Top for Howard Stern’s Ignorance and Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments:

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March 12th 11:44am

New Music: Usher Is “GUILTY” Of Using T.I. And His DivorceTo Try And Sell Albums

Usher is desperate and doing whatever it he needs to now, so once Raymond vs. Raymond hits the streets it will sell out. In his new jawn featuring T.I. called “GUILTY” (how ironic), Usher is trying the whole confessions thing but don’t think it’s going to work this time. We are putting an APB out…

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March 12th 10:43am

Monica Sings Mariah’s Jawn to Rocko… “IT’S A WRAP!!!”

The poster child for all Hood couples, Monica and Rocko, are calling it quits. Apparently rumors have been floating around the internet about them breaking up and Monica has decided to address the situation: I am going to do what I have always done. Focus on my children, my family & my career. Rock was…

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March 12th 10:30am

In Guido News: Snooki Was Getting It In At The Club Last Night

BOSSIP was in the building for the official NJ launch of their new Hennessy Black liquor. While on the scene, we ran into Snooki who was a bit preoccupied making love in the club. Check the flip for more details and pics of Angie Martinez, Alesha Renee and more.

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March 12th 10:20am

Soon To Be Newlyweds Carmelo And Lala Buy $2 Mil Los Angeles Love Nest

Even with their wedding date just a few months away, Carmelo and Lala still have plenty of paper. The couple just scored a new crib in L.A. for a little under $2 mil. Pop the hood for more details and some pics!

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March 12th 9:52am

For Discussion: Athletes As Role Models…Yay or Nay??

We came across this interesting Newsweek article that breaks down the idea of why athletes should NOT be role models: Steven Ortiz, a sociology professor at Oregon State and the author of several published studies on athletes’ bad behavior, explained

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March 12th 9:50am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Nine-Year-Old Boy Found Beaten And Starved, Forced To Eat His Own Feces

Last month the Sheriff in Louisiana’s Calcasieu Parish went to investigate a call concerning a nine-year-old boy, living with his father and stepmother in south Lake Charles. What he found was unbelievable. The child, only 38 pounds, had been deprived of meals, at times resorting to the unimaginable out of desperation.

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March 12th 9:44am

True or False???: Swizz Beatz Says “I Left Mashonda Because She Wanted Me To Choose Between My Marriage And My Oldest Son!?!”

Swizz Beatz finally breaks down and speaks on why he and almost ex-wife Mashonda didn’t work out. Then Swizzy added Alicia Keys was not the reason for the break-up, they were having problems for 10 YEARS!!! If this is true and Mashonda was making him choose… SHAME ON YOU MASHONDA!!!! Flip the Lid for a…

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March 12th 9:38am

Hate It Or Love It: New Olivia Feat. Maino “Take It Off” Remix

Olivia’s new album Show The World will be hitting stores in the spring.  Until then she’s keeping busy with a new mixtape and a hot new single “Take It Off”. Check out the remix featuring Maino and pics under the hood.

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March 12th 9:02am

Niecy Nash Is Swirlin’ With The Stars

Niecy Nash was seen leaving Dancing With The Stars practice with her partner looking like she wanted to take her work home with her. SMH. More pics on the flippy..

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March 12th 8:47am

F**K A Video… Lady GaGa Turns Bey Bey Out In “TELEPHONE” The Movie

Lady GaGa was not playing around with her new video. She stepped up her game and turned “Telephone” into a mini-movie, so Beyonce had no choice but to play along. Finally, Beyonce is playing a chick role because we all know that doesn’t happen in her marriage… Pop the Top for a Peek at This…

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March 12th 8:46am

Another Day, Another Reality Show: Stacey Dash Is Ready To Attention Whore For The Tube

According to sources, Stacey Dash will dish about her new reality show on a daytime talk show today. She will also talk more on her relationship with Jamie Foxx. More details on the flip.

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March 12th 8:21am

Some Morning Tranny

Wendell Williams hosted the 35th Annual March of Dimes Beauty Ball at Cipriani on 42nd Street in NYC last night. We see she chose to cover those tig ol biddies this time. More pics under the hood.

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March 11th 6:26pm

Kimora’s Looking Like She Got Her Happily Ever After!

Kimora does everything over the top, so is anybody surprised that these “Life In The Fab Lane” promo pictures look like something straight out of a storybook fairytale? Pop the hood for more pics of Kimora and the fam and another teaser for the new season.

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March 11th 5:34pm

SMH: ‘Precious’ Story Pales In Comparison To New Jersey Madman Who Raped Daughters

A New Jersey man has been accused of raping and abusing his own children, keeping them prisoner in their own home and fathering offspring with several of them.

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