December 10th 4:00pm

NYC Mayor Foolberg Shuts Down Knock Off Central “Canal Street”

Bootleggers got the shock of a lifetime when the NYPD held a massive raid on Canal Street to confiscate up to $1 million of counterfeit goods. Details under the hood.

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December 10th 3:03pm

Mo’Nique’s Alter Ego Meets Derek Blanks: Face On vs. Face Off

Mo’Nique had her alter ego shoot with Derek Blanks. We can’t see Mo’Nique ever having to put on for anyone because she comes across being so real, but then again, she is making a living in the acting world. Derek Blanks definitely knows how to take these celebrities to the next level.

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December 10th 2:42pm

Certified Links

Raekwon Ranks in Time Magazine’s Top 10 Album of the Year with “OB4CL Pt. 2” (GO) Kanye Responds To ‘Top Album Of The Decade’ Honor (GO) Nicole Richie Posts Family Photos On Her Personal Blog (GO) Steele Shakes Uncle Tom’ness; Corrects Reid Over Slavery Remark (GO) Woman Accused of Selling Moonshine at a NC Day…

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December 10th 2:12pm

Khloe and Lamar’s Ex Claudia Jordan Get into a Verbal Brawl in Public

Khloe and Lamar’s ex jump off, Claudia Jordan, had an exchange of words at a Hollyweird party and from what we hear, it wasn’t pretty.  More details on the flipside.

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December 10th 2:08pm

We Have a Pic of What Tyra’s Real Edges Look Like

Tyra Banks has been running around leading a lot of women to believe that it’s ok to rock their real hair no matter how it looks, but she may not be keeping it real.  Pop the top to see for yourself.

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December 10th 1:46pm

Guess Who Is Showing Their Allegiance To Pharrell With A New Tat???

Someone is doing way too much by getting Pharrell’s label tatted on him. Continue to see who this is… Continue

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December 10th 1:25pm

Kelis Speaks on New Album and RiRi Jacking Her Swag

In this interview, Kelis still sounds wacky and talks about her upcoming album. Her random obnoxious laugh is something else. She also talks about Rihanna swagger jackin… Pop the top to see the first interview with Kelis in a while.

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December 10th 1:15pm

Remember Me??? Treach and the Whole Naughty By Nature Crew

Treach was seen partying it up with the rest of Naughty by Nature at Brian Michael Cox and Tyrone Davis’ birthday party in Atlanta. Of all the things that Treach decided to wear, why did he show up looking like a member of the Trench Coat Mafia. Pop the Hood for this Random Get Up…

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December 10th 1:00pm

University of Tennessee’s Recruitment Practices Under Investigation

The University of Tennessee is being investigated by the N.C.A.A. for its football recruitment practices. Tennessee Athletic Director Mike Hamilton released a statement confirming a report in The New York Times that the N.C.A.A. was engaged in a wide-ranging investigation into how Tennessee recruits its players and into the 75-member campus recruiting group, Orange Pride.…

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December 10th 12:13pm

Twitter Files: Que Calls it Quits with Dawn and Day 26

Just a couple of days ago, everything was sweet between Dawn and Que. They tweeted “I miss u and love you.” Well apparently, something happened this week because Que shut down his Que Day 26 twitter page and he is now going under the name Que “on to the next one.” All the details and…

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December 10th 12:07pm

The Final Verdict Is In: Nas has to Pay Half a Milli to Kelis for Spousal Support

Nas and Kelis went to court yesterday and the judge finally gave the final amount on exactly how much Nas has to give Kelis every month for child support, spousal support, and then on top of all of that, her attorney fees. They were not lying when they say, “It’s Cheaper to Keep her!!!”

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December 10th 11:24am

10 Things Men Love About Women

Good day, Bossip readers! Over the last few weeks we’ve published a few articles about men and women and the ongoing battle that is, obviously, gender specific. One would think that since there are only two simple genders, it shouldn’t be as difficult as it is, at times, to co-exist!

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December 10th 10:30am

Rush Limbaugh Says: “Tiger Woods and His Black Frame of Mind is Terrible”

Rush Limbaugh’s dumb a*s is getting out of pocket again. We told you that we know for a fact that Tiger does not think, interact, or even know that many black people to emulate, but Rush thinks his misogynistic mentality is our fault. Flip the hood to hear what he thinks about Tiger and black…

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December 10th 10:28am

Barbara Walters Names Michelle Obama As Most Fascinating Person

Barbara Walters named her 10 Most Fascinating People list and guess who has the top spot: Barbara Walters’ yearly extravaganza that named ‘10 Most Fascinating People’ drew a lot of TV viewers to their sets. The list was full of unusual candidates including the First Lady of the USA, Michelle Obama.

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December 10th 10:20am

Sex Offender Gets 5 Additional Years Added to Sentence After Plot To Kill Cop is Foiled

Andrew Spencer is a registered sex offender that was popped a few years back for gun possession. He concocted a plot, while locked up, to kill the cop that nabbed him: A paroled sex offender was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday for a jailhouse plot to kill the NYPD cop who helped put…

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