September 14th 10:27am

A “Lil’ Positivity”: Homewreckers Unite and Walk for a Cure

This past weekend was a HomeWreckers ReUnion. Gabrielle Union, who is an ambassador for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s Circle of Promise, raised awareness at the RACE FOR A CURE event in New York for breast cancer. Even fellow homewrecker Rocsi came out for a good cause. More Pics Under the Hood…

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September 14th 10:26am

She by Sheree Makes Its Debut at Fashion Week… Yes!!! in New York

Sheree was not playing when she said she was going to be at Merecedes Benz Fashion Week in New York. She finally debuted her collection and she actually had real models with real clothes on. Sheree the Man was in full effect at the debut and the clothes don’t look half bad. Wonder if Lisa…

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September 14th 10:25am

Why Is Jay-Z Partying With Rihanna…Are He and Beyonce Done?

People are questioning Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fairytale relationship. Either they are arguing, or so secure in their relationship that they don’t need to hang out with each other after big events? Jay was spotted getting his party on with Rihanna and guess who else… Pop it and see Hova and his boy at the 40-40…

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September 14th 10:20am

Slim Thugga Gets Out of Pocket on LeToya Luckett, Lil Mama and Jacking Off to Alicia Keys and Beyonce

Slim Thug got out of pocket when speaking about his selection process with Destiny Child. Also decided to tweet who really is the baddest b*tch in H*Town, his feelings for Alicia Keys and kickin’ Lil Mama in the side. Pop it and peep what he said…

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September 14th 10:15am

Brand New Janet Jackson Music “Make Me”

Janet Jackson released some new music last night. This one is exclusively for her fans and was dropped shortly after her VMA performance. Pop the top to peep the lyrics and song.

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September 14th 10:15am

Twitter Files: Keri Checks Solange and Lil Mama Via Twitter

Keri was at the MTV VMA’s last night but her mind was on Twitter.  She tweeted on a shout out from Wale and Lil Mama’s impromptu stage appearance during Jay Z’s performance.

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September 14th 10:10am

Missing Yale Student Found Dead in University Wall

Yale graduate student Annie Le had been missing for five days before authorities  found what is believed to be her body.

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September 14th 10:07am

Shaunie O’ Neal Looks Like a Million Bucks

Shaq’s wife, Shaunie, is not half stepping anymore. She was looking like a million bucks when she stepped out for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Do you really think her and Shaq reconciled their differences or was it just cheaper to keep her???

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September 14th 10:03am

What’s Goin on in This Forum?

The party doesn’t stop here… head over to the Bossip Forums to keep the roast-fest rolling on all your favorite celebs, and best of all you get to pick the topics that YOU want to talk about.  Some of the topics today include: Is Amber Rose a Bad Influence on Kanye? Is Obama Too Nice……

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September 14th 9:55am

NYC Acorn Employees Get Fired After Helping an Undercover Pimp and Prostitute

James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles, who have performed sting operations on ACORN employees disguised themselves as a pimp and a prostitute, have hit ACORN offices in NYC.

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September 14th 9:50am

You’ll Never Guess What MJ Was Buried In…

In a candid 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters, Latoya Jackson dishes about what her baby brother was buried in, and as usual, it’s bizarre.

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September 14th 9:30am

Pure Comedy, What the Hell, SMH & Coon of The Day: Ellis Lanksder Can’t Be Serious…

This was live last week. A post game interview with Ellis Lanksder starts and ends with the most “like-ums” we have ever heard. Rumor has it that the boy was on shrooms. SMH Poor guy…

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September 14th 8:20am

In Case You Missed It Everybody Else at the 2009 MTV VMA’s

Besides Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lil Mama and Kanye… There were other celebs that graced the Red Carpet at the at the MTV VMA’s. So, in case you missed it… Pop the hood to check out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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September 14th 8:10am

Swirled Up for the VMA’s: Asher Roth and his Caramel Accessory

Asher Roth hit up the VMA’s last night for the first time with two nominations. He also brought a lil’ caramel accessory with him to grace the red carpet. Pop the Top to See What He’s Working With…

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September 14th 8:00am

What In the F*ck Was Lil Mama On Stage For Last Night?

Everyone already knew that Lil Mama was tacky, but last night when she jumped on stage, attention whoring like GaGa during Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ performance, we could not help but get angry at the ugly little thing. It was just not right… What Is Wrong With This Picture??

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