December 7th 11:20am

Jesus Take the Wheel: HIV Positive Man Injects Wife With Disease Using Needle

An HIV positive New Zealand man faces 14 years in prison for injecting his wife with the disease through a sewing needle while she slept. Continue

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December 7th 11:00am

Derek J is Having a Hard Time Breathing in this Get Up!!!!

Derek J (Fee-Fee) showed up to the 2009 CRG 2nd Annual Winter Ball in Atlanta, where Nicole Ari Parker, Will Packer and Rob Hardy of RainForest Films were honored for their Artistic Innovation and Contributions to Film. Even though it’s good to see Derek J in something other than tight a$$ jeans, this barely can…

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December 7th 10:50am

Abortion Vote Today Could Decide Fate of Health Plan

The decision on the abortion amendment will be a decisive moment. If it fails, anti-abortion Democrats may vote against the final health bill. If the amendment passes, the party’s Senators who support abortion access could walk away.  Basically, Obama can’t win for losing. More bolitics under the hood.

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December 7th 10:29am

Breezy Tries To Look Hard in Graffiti Album Booklet Pics

Chris Brown’s album pictures have just been released and it looks like the little peon is trying to ‘look hard’ and showing off his lil six pack. Pop the top to see them all…

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December 7th 10:24am

Some Monday Baby Swirl

Someone took the itty bitty baby out for a stroll in L.A.. The daddy has a chocolaty bald head…and that’s all we will say. Pop the top to see the parents

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December 7th 10:22am

Drizzy Drake and his Big A** Dome Give Back for the Holidays

Drake was seen on the scene at Crenshaw Mall for a Toy Drive.  We love to see people give back but we couldn’t overlook his massive dome piece. More flicks of Drizzy Drake once you pop the top.

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December 7th 10:22am

Aretha Covers Them Thangs Up

Aretha Franklin and her tig ole bitties attended the Kennedy Honors in DC last night. We see you Re Re, and we are glad you had ‘the girls’ away for safe keeping. Swirler and Kennedy Honoree, Robert DeNiro was there as well with his wife Grace. Images below:

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December 7th 9:50am

Guess The Skinny Rocked Out Cakes

These little backs belong to a ‘special young lady’ who has practically ruined her life and career due to booze, yayo, rocks, etc. Flip the script to find out who it is (even though this is an easy one)

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December 7th 9:31am

Pure Comedy: Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence Team Up for New Movie

The new film “Death at a Funeral” is a remake of a British comedy that came out in 2007. Pop the top to see the trailer.

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December 7th 9:19am

Tiger Paid Main Side Ho Millions to Shut Up & Not Leak Any Evidence

Tiger Woods is allegedly now breaking Rachel Uchitel off stacks upon stacks to shut the fu*k up and not release any more evidence: Tiger Woods is paying millions of dollars to his mistress Rachel Uchitel. Tiger has reached an agreement that will pay Uchitel more than one million but less than three million dollars.

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December 7th 9:05am

Seen on the Scene: Janet Jackson is Looking Good Nowadays

Janet was spotted at Mr. Chow’s restaurant in Knightsbridge, West London over the weekend, chilling with friends and a young fan that she met while dining. More pics of JJ on the flippy.

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December 7th 8:55am

Tyrese Leaves Weird Voicemail Saying He is Rushing To Hospital For Sharp Pains in his Head, Says “Pray For Me”

Tyrese left someone a voicemail saying that he was rushing himself to the hospital due to sharp pains in his melon. He also requested that this particular voicemail should not be leaked. Apparently, this person betrayed his trust. You gotta pop the top and hear this one

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December 7th 7:05am

Camel gets Caught Buying Some Panties for Bey Bey… Hmmm

Jay-Z was spotted in the hot sex shop Wicked Wanda’s in Ottawa, Canada, and you won’t believe what he bought his wife. Details under the hood.

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December 7th 7:04am

L-Boogie, Lauryn Hill… is That You???

Lauryn Hill was spotted in a shop in Jersey the other day, looking like someone off of Fat Albert. Pop the top and see for yourself

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December 6th 11:02am

Dude, Where is My Stylist? Oh, There He is Rockin the Sandals and Blonde-Do

LisaRaye and Elise Neal hit up celebrity stylist Joe Exclusive’s (pictured with the ladies) birthday party in LA last night. SMH at dude’s get-up…check on the flippy for more images.

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