August 24th 6:53am

Attention Whores… Skinny Jeans are a Major Health Hazzard!

The early show recently looked into the health hazzards that skinny jeans can cause in women and you won’t believe how serious they are! Pop the hood to watch.

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August 23rd 10:28am

Isn’t He Married???? Snoop All Cozy with Some Broad in France

Wow. This dude ain’t sh*t. This is the second time Bossip has had to put this guy on blast, but unlike before, this doesn’t look like it’s a video shoot. SMH. For real. Pop it for about 8 more pics of Snoop looking like he’s ready to chop this lady down right on the dance…

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August 23rd 9:22am

In Swirl News: Terrence J Speaks on Swapping Spit with Khloe Kardashian

Terrence J is trying to act like he can’t remember tonguing down that Khloe K in Miami:

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August 23rd 9:15am

Which One Would You Hit???? Luda or Larenz??

Ludacris‘ Foundation held a Summer Splash event in Cali this weekend, and Luda himself and Larenz Tate were in the building. Out of these two gentlefolk, which one would you let soak those panties all the way up??? Pop the hatch for more images from the event…

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August 23rd 9:10am

Life After Tameka is Looking “Real Happy” For Usher

Damn. We don’t even remember the last time we’ve seen Usher smiling this hard. Not even on his wedding day. SMH. Anyway, here he is cheesing up a storm and chucking the deuces at shady Tameka on a boat in St. Tropez. That divorce is definitely looking like a good look for Ush. Good for…

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August 23rd 9:02am

Ciara Gets Her Model on

Ci-Error is officially back to her weave game. Here are some pics of her walking down Robertson Blvd. for a photo shoot for US Magazine. Check under the hood to see more of Cici…

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August 23rd 9:00am

Little Zoe Cleaned Herself Up a Tad…

We know we’re hard on lil Zoe Kravitz, so we’re going to cut her a break today. She was photographed this weekend hugged up and holding hands with another actress, Olivia Thirlby at the “I Heart Ronson” event. It’s just tough love, Zoe, tough love. Flip it for more of Zoe and sisters Natalie and…

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August 23rd 9:00am

Trey Songz and His Groupie Love…

Trey Songz performed at Blanco’s in Long Island over the weekend and some of LI’s finest groupies came out to show him love! Including one girl who made love to her birthday cake! Flip the hood for pics.

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August 23rd 8:52am

A “Lil Positivity”: LeBron Gets Crunk for the Kiddies

NBA’s 2009 MVP LeBron James held a Bike-a-thon in Ohio yesterday for the children…others were in attendance as well, such as Chris Paul of the NO Hornets, cornball Nick Cannon, and DJ Lance Rock of Yo Gabba Gabba. Pop it to check out more pictures of LeBron, his family, and others giving back to the…

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August 23rd 8:33am

Whitney and Bobbi Kris Spotted in NJ

Whitney and Bobbi Kris were spotted walking through Newark International Airport in New Jersey.  And we must say the two are keeping up their good looks,compared to a couple of years ago.  Flip the hood to see the steady transformation!

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August 23rd 8:19am

Ginuwine Attempts to Come Back…AGAIN

Ginuwine gave a concert at BB King’s in NYC  yesterday and from the looks of things the microphone was wearing him out! Pop the hood to see this dusty R&B sensation try to regain his throne.

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August 23rd 8:05am

No More Home School…MJ’s Kids May Be Going to a REAL LA School

Bossip has learned that Katherine Jackson may be putting her three grandchildren in private school instead of keeping up with home schooling.

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August 23rd 8:00am

It’s Our Anniversary!

What celeb couple celebrated one year of marriage? Flip the hood to find out who beat the odds.

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August 22nd 9:31am

*Exclusive Floyd Mayweather Jr. Part 3*: “Most Good Boxers are Latin and Black…White Boys Lack. I Call a Spade a Spade Bossip!”

We chopped it up with “Money Making” Floyd Mayweather Jr. again. The dude is down to earth and trying to turn a new chapter in his life. It’s called maturity: Bossip: What Up Floyd? How you living man? Floyd: I am doing good… no complaints. Getting ready to get to work with my training. Bossip:…

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August 22nd 9:31am

Some Weekend Swirl: Ice-T, Coco, and Her Suspect Backs

Coco and her backs were the topic of discussion last weekend on Bossip…and here she is seen out shopping with her pimp husband, Ice-T in Hollyweird. SMH at her “Bo Derek” cornrow steez. Flip the script for more…

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