April 10th 10:59am

Ice-T Goes In On Twitter: Stop Worrying About My Acting B*tch And Eat A Hot Bowl Of D*cks!!!

Ice-T is just like his wife Coco, seen but never really heard… Unitl Now!!! A singer by the name of Aimee Mann decided to share her thoughts on Ice-T’s acting skills on Twitter and lets just say Ice-T doesn’t take kindly to insults. Pop the Top for Ice-T’s Tweets Continue

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April 10th 10:25am

Three Teens Arrested In Connection To New Jersey Couple Killed After Their Engagement Party

Three 19-year-old’s are believed to be behind the brutal shootings that claimed the lives of Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki last weekend… A Jersey City woman whose brother was charged in the execution-style killings of two men earlier this year was among three teens arrested today for a similarly ruthless double-slaying: Sunday’s killings of a…

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April 10th 10:09am

RihRih Wants You To Know She Is Ready To Hit The Road…

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! The hype continues to build as the kickoff date for RihRih’s big tour approaches. Your fave lil ‘lumnati sex slave is now attention whoring for ticket sales, pop the hood to watch.

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April 10th 10:08am

Question Of The Day: If Plies Was The Valedictorian Of His Graduating Class…Why Is That Frowned On In The Black Community?!?!

Most people know rappers don’t live the the thug life they glorify in their songs. It’s normally someone extremely close to them, whose life story they share. Plies gets a lot of heat for rapping about the streets because he supposedly was the valedictorian of his graduating class. So what if he did… Is that…

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April 9th 10:59pm

Guess Who..

Who was seen performing the other day in a purple hoodie, some sweat-culottes and some boots?? Pop the hatchy-poo to find out who it is…

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April 9th 10:35pm

Some Friday Night Crack

Damn, Kim Kardashian is toting so much cake that that thang can’t even be covered by her bikini bottom, or maybe this heffah just needs to get something in her own size next time. Pop it to peep that donk up, close, and personal…

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April 9th 7:08pm

The Dream Reveals C-Milli’s Pregnancy Demands “That Woman Wanted Everything!”

After failing to show up for his wife, new mom Christina Milian, and daughter’s first photoshoot with US Weekly, The-Dream is looking less and less like a model husband or father — poppin’ big sh*t about his wife’s pregancy cravings and putting foul words in his baby’s mouth… SMH. Actual quotes from this shady character…

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April 9th 5:59pm

Khia Disses Nicki Minaj… Again

Khia is continuing to cause controversy by riding on the coattails of female Hip-Hop’s hottest rising star. Pop the hood to find out what she’s saying now… Continue

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April 9th 5:55pm

What The Hell??? Now T-Pain Is Shuckin’ And Jivin’ For Conservative Victory?!?

We understand that doing drops is part of the job, but still some just don’t know when to say when… Pop the hood to for T-Pain’s latest “minstrel show” moment. SMH.

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April 9th 5:23pm

In White Folk’s News: “Survivor” Producer Suspected In Wife’s Murder Was A Cheater Too!!!

SMH… It’s a sad day when cheating husbands murdering their wives isn’t even shocking news anymore. BOSSIP recently learned that Bruce Beresford-Redman, one of the producers of hit reality series “Survivor,” who is a person of interest in his wife’s Cancun murder was also a cheater.

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April 9th 3:56pm

BOSSIP Exclusive: Tahiry Tweets On Sexing Up Eva Mendez In A Threesome

Tahiry recently tweeted it up with BOSSIP on who she would have in a celebrity threesome.  Of course Eva Mendez wasn’t left out. To find out why… Continue…

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April 9th 2:36pm

Are You Feelin’ This Getup?

Rihanna was spotted visiting a Beverly Hills medical building wearing this outfit… We’re not too sure about the straw hat with the tasseled top, poufy floral shorts and animal print sandals, but what do you think? Pop the hood for some more shots and to tell us Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

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April 9th 1:50pm

Lust or Love . . . What’s the Difference Anymore?

Happy Friday, Bossip Readers! In light of all the recent headlines that are exposing the cheating ways of many, it leaves one to wonder what it is that makes someone recklessly abandon their marriage. Is it simply infatuation or lust? Or are they confusing their casual encounters for love? Either way, the differentiation between lust…

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April 9th 1:39pm

Some Afternoon Linkage

Cube Denies Dissing Dr. Dre & Talks Possible Collaboration [Video] (GO) 50 Cent’s Lil Homey Ordered To Pay Up For Assaulting Woman (GO) Man Gunned Down By Police With Rubber Bullets In Holding Cell [FOOTAGE] (GO) Obamas To Appear On American Idol (GO) Nearly Half of Americans Won’t Pay Any Tax This Year (GO) Her…

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April 9th 1:04pm

Beverly Johnson Starting To Make Naomi Campbell Look Less Crazy

You just don’t want to mess with Beverly “Say Hello to My Little Friend” Johnson. Her ex-Swirl claims she broke up with him — at gunpoint. Pop the top for more.

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