March 13th 2:02pm

Coupled Up: Chilli and Larry Johnson?!?!

Posted by Bossip Staff Say what!  Pop it to peep it.

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March 13th 2:00pm

En Vogue Is Back!

Posted by Bossip Staff The new March 16th issue of Jet Magazine features, En Vogue. They are reuniting for 09: It’s like we haven’t missed a beat,” said Dawn Robinson, who left the quartet in 1997 but recently rejoined. “As the torch was passed from The Supremes to all-girl groups, then we passed it on…

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March 13th 8:20am

New ATL Housewife Kandi Says Her Fiance is Not a Drug Dealer or Deadbeat Dad

Posted by Bossip Staff Rumor has it that Kandi’s fiance sells dope and has other baby mama drama he does not take care of. Kandi has denounced those rumors insisting her fiance does his part:

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March 13th 7:38am

The Perfect Blend

Posted by Bossip Staff Vanessa Williams hit up the 34th Annual March of Dimes Beauty Ball in NY, and it is plain to see that she blends the perfect combination of age, grace and beauty.  Very nice. A couple more pics of a certified ageless banger when you…

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March 13th 7:35am

Tyra Banks to be Honored By the Gays

Posted by Bossip As a result of all the ridin’ she’s done on behalf of the gay community, Tyra Banks will be honored at 20th Annual GLAAD Media Awards: Former model-turned-talk show host TYRA BANKS and U.S. TV financial expert SUZE ORMAN are to be honoured at the 20th annual GLAAD Media Awards.

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March 13th 7:30am

Beyonce Fans Just Aren’t That Smart

Posted by Bossip Staff So sorry, Beyonce stans, but a study has proven that as a collective group, y’all just aren’t that smart: YOUR taste in music reflects your intelligence – and Beyonce fans are among the most stupid, it was claimed today.

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March 13th 7:15am

He’s Fine and He Sings Too

Posted by Bossip Staff The chocolately goodness that is Idris Elba just released a filler track to test the waters. He’s been on the music scene for a while as a DJ and a lowkey rapper…but now he sings too (and were not talking about autotune)

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March 13th 7:00am

Hand in Hand

Posted by Bossip Staff E-V-E was spotted out in LA walking hand in hand with some clear fella.  Is it safe to say she has been completely Hollyweirded out?? More pics when you…

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March 13th 6:58am

No Babies For Mariah Carey Just Yet

Posted by Bossip Staff The rumors about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey being with child have gone on for a while, but they want people to know they are going to wait a couple of years before adding to their family: Rapper/actor NICK CANNON has laughed off constant reports his superstar wife MARIAH CAREY is…

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March 13th 6:57am

Neverland Filled With Booty Hole Naked Sculptures of Boys??

Posted by Bossip Staff Michael Jackson is fighting to keep the public from hearing about the weird sh*t being auctioned off from his old home, like boy mannequin’s, wigs, and a whole truck load of sculptured boys:

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March 13th 6:55am

A Beach Body?

Posted by Bossip Staff Check out Uncle Russ out on the beach in Miami looking like he’s allergic to pushups.  He’s rich and apparently, that’s all that matters. A couple more if you can manage the effort…

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March 13th 6:52am

Another Athlete, Another Wife Getting Socked Up and Bitten

Posted by Bossip Staff Ambiorix Burgos beat the hell out of his girlfriend back in Sept: Formers Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos’ control problems have landed him in jail. Burgos, 24, was convicted Thursday of beating his girlfriend in a hotel near Shea Stadium in September after she tried to leave their room to go register…

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March 13th 6:48am

Which One is Packin’???: Raheem DeVaughn and Ryan Leslie

Posted by Bossip Staff Ryan Leslie might tell you straight to your face he’s darn near unpleasantly well- endowed, but Raheem DeVaughn might just let the Magnum XL speak for itself.  Either way, one of these cats is packin’.  Which one could it be?? More pics of Ursher and Jazmine Sullivan at Ryan Leslie’s performance…

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March 12th 9:41am

No Kids’ Choice Awards This Year For Chris Brown and Tina Davis Speaks

Posted by Bossip Staff Chris Brown has decided to remove his name from the ballot at the Kids’ Choice Awards: There won’t be any awkward Chris Brown moment at the Kids’ Choice Awards – the embattled pop star has withdrawn his name from the ballot.

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March 12th 8:30am


Posted by Bossip Staff Macy Gray was spotted out in Beverly Hills leaving a medical building (?) and getting her text message on.  We sure hope everything is okay, but if we were betting people, we’d say that look on her face is one of concern. More pics when you…

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