November 20th 6:24am

Have You Seen A Picture Of The Victim From The Tyson Beat Down? It Looks Like A Truck Hit Him

We have a picture of the dude that Mike Tyson beat the dog snot out of in the LAX bathroom. Tony Echevarria, the victim, is saying he did nothing at all to provoke the attack:

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November 20th 6:21am

Who Looked More Bangin??? Selita Ebanks vs. Jessica White

Models Selita Ebanks and Jessica White attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show last night in NYC. You know we gotta ask…out of these ladies, Who Looked More Bangin??? More “pink carpet” images on the flipside…

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November 20th 5:19am

Dennis Rodman Parties Too Hard For Germany; Gets Detained

Dennis Rodman is no stranger to controversy. The former NBA star is a legend in the league for his on-court skill but a deity of sorts in the media for his outlandish antics. While competing in a “USA Legends of Basketball” exhibition game in the small town of Trier, Germany..Continue…

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November 19th 5:00pm

True or False: Michelle Obama is Jealous of President Obama and Oprah’s Friendship…

What is really going on??? Word around Washington is that Oprah is not welcomed to the White House. Apparently, Michelle isn’t to thrilled when her husband jumps as soon as Oprah comes a calling.

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November 19th 1:30pm

*This Just In* Jayson Williams Cops A Plea And Is Headed To The Big House In Retrial Case For Covering Up The Killing Of Limo Driver

Jayson Williams tried to pull the race card in his retrial hearing for smoking his limo driver and trying to cover it up. He just reached a deal and is set to see Plaxico:

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November 19th 12:45pm

Top 10 Things Men Hate About Women

Good day Bossip readers! We told you it was coming! If you didn’t get a chance to read last week’s post in which women went in on the fellas about the things that aggravate them to the nines and the responses  … well, it was gender biased to say the least. But to be fair

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November 19th 12:30pm

Activist Devin Robinson Calls For Boycott Of Non-Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores

The plight of a Black woman takes new heights when she takes part in the time old tradition of going to a beauty supply store. Millions of us have the same story of being followed, watched and monitored in the stores often by people who know nothing about us or our fascination with the very…

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November 19th 12:20pm

We All Know Fantasia is Seeing a Married Man But Let’s See What he Looks Like

It’s been reported that Fantasia is seeing a married man who dipped out on his family to be with her.  Pop the top to see this guy “Cook” and get more details on Fanny joining the homewreckers’ club.

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November 19th 12:10pm

*Breaking News*: Explosives Were Found in Front of T.I.’s Studio

Ignorance has got to come to an end. T.I.’s studio is now being investigated because someone decided to plant explosives in front of Continue…

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November 19th 12:05pm

Jennifer Hudson is Stepping Back into Acting and Eddie Winslow’s Got a New Gig

Jennifer Hudson is slowly getting everything back on track. She just join the cast of a new movie called Winnie, a biopic on Nelsson Mandela’s wife’s life. Production for the movie will begin in May 2010 in South Africa. Let’s see if she can add another Oscar to her resume. Flip it Eddie Winslow’s New…

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November 19th 12:00pm

Certified Links

Sigel Sends A Few More Darts At Jigga (Video) (GO) Amy Winehouse had leaky breasts (GO) Brad Pitt Turns Down Millions In Favor Of His Family (GO) Mississippi Governor Wants To Merge Three HBCUs (GO) Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang; Death Row Records Lawsuits Continue…Minus Suge (GO)

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November 19th 11:45am

Fabolous Celebrates his Birthday with a Certain Someone Special but First… What’s Up with That Grill???

Fabolous turned 32 last night and all of NYC came out to the Hotel Rivington to show love. Now that he’s on his grown man ~ish, we need FAB to finally invest some grown man money into that grill. In the midst of all the partying, our Bossip spy noticed that Fabolous and a certain…

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November 19th 11:40am

3 US Soldiers Get Arrested After the One Time Seizes 680 Pounds of Weed and Major Stacks

According to reports, three U.S. Army soldiers were arrested Tuesday after police pulled them over for speeding in a rental car. After the stop, Phoenix, Arizona police found 680 pounds of marijuana in the vehicle, as well as, $10,000 in cash. Continue

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November 19th 11:30am

Some More Rihanna Cake…As if All That Jiggle Wasn’t Enough the Other Day…

After seeing RiRi’s “stuff” on full blast the other day, we’re not sure if we can even handle seeing anymore…but here’s some voluntary Rihanna cake display…

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November 19th 11:15am

Lock Your Doors And Close Your Windows: FBI Looking For The “Geezer Bandit”

Some old-fart is cleaning up on the bank robbing circuit. This guy is a seasoned vet and the FBI says “The Geezer Bandit” gets away on foot, yet sometimes drags around an oxygen tank: An obvious sign of the times, the FBI is looking for an old man that has been robbing banks in broad…

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