April 10th 12:13pm

Now This Is More Like It! Tiger Nike Commercial Takes A Twist

Tiger mighta opened a real can of worms with that Nike commercial. Pop the hood for a parody that is pure comedy!

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April 10th 12:00pm

Gimme A Pee!!! We’re Number One!!! Cheerleaders Pull A Pissy Prank

This old trick again? Some nasty a$s Texas cheerleaders are giving golden girls a whole new meaning, SMH. Pop the hood for the scoop on this “Number 1 Squad” Continue.

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April 10th 11:53am

3 New Jawns: Keyshia Cole, Ashanti and Ne-Yo ft. Brandy… Hate It or Love It?!?!

Ashanti, Brandy and Keyshia Cole are trying to make a comeback. Instead of putting them up individually, we decided to see which new jawn do ya’ll think is going to make it to the top of the charts… Take a Listen:

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April 10th 11:46am

What The Hell??? Firefighter Sentenced For Arson Murders!

Long Island volunteer firefighter, Caleb Lacey — the son of a preacher —is going away for 25 years for starting a fire that murdered a mom and three children. Pop the hood for more.

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April 10th 11:44am

Texas Medical Board Spanks Murder Murray

The Texas Medical Board had ordered Dr. Conrad “Murder” Murray to pump the breaks on killing patients with administering Propofol and other sedatives. Pop the hood.

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April 10th 11:22am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mariah Carey May Have A Chance To Save Her Career?!?!

Mariah Carey and the diva that she is refuses to leave this business with a flop. The attempt she made with The Dream to revamp her last album did not work and the fact that the label shelved her ‘Angel’s Advocated Remix Album‘ probably really pissed her off. So, Mimi has decided to go back…

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April 10th 11:01am

Liz Taylor Getting Her Swirl On With Janet Jackson’s Manager

Well, this was unexpected. Much-married Elizabeth Taylor, who is 78, is reportedly engaged to talent manager Jason Winters, 49. Maybe Miss Jackson will be the flower girl. Pop the hood.

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April 10th 11:00am

There’s Not Enough Money In The World

This poor man, Kevin Fox, was wrongfully accused of raping and murdering his 3-year-old daughter and served time before being cleared by DNA evidence. He was awarded $8 million on the wrongful conviction, but that’s not enough to bring back his daughter, find his killer or make up for the injustice. Continue

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April 10th 10:59am

Ice-T Goes In On Twitter: Stop Worrying About My Acting B*tch And Eat A Hot Bowl Of D*cks!!!

Ice-T is just like his wife Coco, seen but never really heard… Unitl Now!!! A singer by the name of Aimee Mann decided to share her thoughts on Ice-T’s acting skills on Twitter and lets just say Ice-T doesn’t take kindly to insults. Pop the Top for Ice-T’s Tweets Continue

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April 10th 10:25am

Three Teens Arrested In Connection To New Jersey Couple Killed After Their Engagement Party

Three 19-year-old’s are believed to be behind the brutal shootings that claimed the lives of Nia Haqq and Michael Muchioki last weekend… A Jersey City woman whose brother was charged in the execution-style killings of two men earlier this year was among three teens arrested today for a similarly ruthless double-slaying: Sunday’s killings of a…

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April 10th 10:09am

RihRih Wants You To Know She Is Ready To Hit The Road…

That Rihanna reign just won’t let up! The hype continues to build as the kickoff date for RihRih’s big tour approaches. Your fave lil ‘lumnati sex slave is now attention whoring for ticket sales, pop the hood to watch.

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April 10th 10:08am

Question Of The Day: If Plies Was The Valedictorian Of His Graduating Class…Why Is That Frowned On In The Black Community?!?!

Most people know rappers don’t live the the thug life they glorify in their songs. It’s normally someone extremely close to them, whose life story they share. Plies gets a lot of heat for rapping about the streets because he supposedly was the valedictorian of his graduating class. So what if he did… Is that…

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April 9th 10:59pm

Guess Who..

Who was seen performing the other day in a purple hoodie, some sweat-culottes and some boots?? Pop the hatchy-poo to find out who it is…

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April 9th 10:35pm

Some Friday Night Crack

Damn, Kim Kardashian is toting so much cake that that thang can’t even be covered by her bikini bottom, or maybe this heffah just needs to get something in her own size next time. Pop it to peep that donk up, close, and personal…

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April 9th 7:08pm

The Dream Reveals C-Milli’s Pregnancy Demands “That Woman Wanted Everything!”

After failing to show up for his wife, new mom Christina Milian, and daughter’s first photoshoot with US Weekly, The-Dream is looking less and less like a model husband or father — poppin’ big sh*t about his wife’s pregancy cravings and putting foul words in his baby’s mouth… SMH. Actual quotes from this shady character…

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