November 30th 6:40am

Tiger Woods Speaks on Accident, Denies Argument with Wife and Adultery Rumors…Plus Accident Pics

Tiger is trying to clean up all of this accident-domestic violence-adultery talk with a quickness: Tiger Woods is speaking out about the car crash Friday that set off a stream of salacious rumors about his marriage to Elin Nordegren

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November 30th 6:22am

Chris Brown Calls Into Radio Station And Says “Me And Rihanna Are Never Getting Back Together…I’m Good”

Breezy called into Angela Yee over the weekend and put  some issues to rest about Rihanna’s interview…where he thinks she tossed him under the bus. Pop the top and listen to Chris’ subtle way of blowing off RiRi

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November 30th 5:47am

Jesus Take the Wheel: NYC Mother Gets Locked Up After Leaving her Toddler in a Car While Shopping

A Long Island woman was arrested after she left her 2 year old baby in the car while she went shopping. More under the hood.

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November 29th 9:08am

**Bossip Exclusive** Trey Songz Gets Into a Fight at his Own Birthday Bash

Bossip was in the building with Trey Songz as he brought in his 25th birthday in NJ at local hot spot 501 Lounge, and got more than a couple gifts.  Apparently he got into a brawl in VIP. Pop the top for the insider details.

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November 29th 9:00am

While Kanye is Away, Amber Rose Likes to Play… Are You Feeling this Get Up???

While Kanye is in search of peace overseas, his girl Amber is tearing up the streets of Atlanta and made an appearance at two different clubs this past weekend. We see why Kanye has a say in everything this girl does, because without him, her style is ___________________’!!! Pop it for the Bald Headed Beast

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November 29th 8:40am

Diddy and Jay-Z Get a Couples Room for Diddy’s Birthday… Suspect

We guess Diddy’s 40th Birthday Party at the Plaza in NYC wasn’t enough for him and Jay-Z.  A Source says the two spent stacks to get a private room with just the two of them. 

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November 29th 8:35am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Father Chases his Family, Shoots his Wife and One Son, Then Kills the Other Son

A father went on a killing spree in Paterson, NJ and the target was his family. He chased them down in the middle of the street, shoots the 7-year-old son, shoots the 11-year-old son in the neck, then chases the wife and shoots her in the shoulder…

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November 29th 7:45am

Attention Whoring at it’s Finest: Chris Brown Hits Miami Beach Topless

Chris Brown thought it would be a good attention whore move to release a pic of him topless on the beach. For the ladies that still got love for Breezy pop the top for a peek and tell us what ya think.

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November 29th 7:15am

What Were You Thinking???

This showed up to a birthday party in NYC for Trey Songz birthday the other night. It appears to be a woman but you never really know in New York…

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November 29th 7:10am

Pay Yo Bills: Former NBA Player Latrell Sprewell is Foreclosing on his $5.4 Million Mansion

Latrell Sprewell played in the NBA for 13 years and now is about to lose his mansion in Westchester County and he already lost his yacht last year. What the Hell are these athletes and celebrities doing with their money???

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November 29th 7:00am

Chanel Iman is Still Making it Rain on Them Hoes

Chanel Iman is on the cover of yet another magazine called Prestigous for their December Issue.  She’s really been getting some major burn lately. Chanel also speaks on her new boo, apparently Ryan Leslie lacked in a couple of areas.

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November 28th 12:08pm

Domestic Disputes: Tiger Woods Injured in Car Accident Due to Heated Argument with Wife

Another case of some swirl gone wrong: Tiger Woods did not suffer facial lacerations from a car accident. They were inflicted by his wife, Elin Nordegren — according to a conversation Woods had Friday after the accident.

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November 28th 12:00pm

Quote of the Day: Officer Ross to Bugsy, “R.I.P. Donkey”

Officer Chubbylumpkins is feelin himself just a tad now that 50 Cent’s album sales are garbage: “So we celebrating my ni**a birthday, but we’re also celebrating the demise of a p*ssy. R.I.P. to the donkey, we buried him. It feel good, ni**a. Don’t look surprised, you knew we was gonna do it. There’s only one…

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November 28th 11:39am

First Pics of Heidi Klum and Seal’s Baby Girl Lou…

Pictures have surfaced of Heidi Klum and Seal’s babygirl Lou Sulola Samuel. Pop the top to see this adorable little specimen..

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November 28th 10:52am

RiRi Spotted Drinking Some Caribbean Brewski’s

We’re not sure if that’s some Caribbean “Ginger Beer” or some real brew that Rihanna is sipping on, but knowing her underage drinking track record, it’s probably the latter. Flip the script for 30+ pics of Rihanna drinking beer, traveling, etc. etc.

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