November 10th 11:00am

Remember Me???

Ever wonder what Tahj Mowry, the little guy from Smart Guy is up to? Flip the hood to see the pure comedy that he calls a job now.

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November 10th 9:53am

Joss Stone Says She “Dabbles” With Rocks Every Now And Then

Joss Stone blazes like it’s nobody’s business, which is understandable, but she recently made some comments about going beyond the herb: “Weed has been given this evil stamp, but how is it dangerous? It’s going to make you laugh your arse off? You might go to sleep? I think alcohol is much more harmful. People…

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November 10th 9:51am

For the Ladies…

Look at what we have here ladies; one of our favorite pieces of male specimen is back to work.  Mekhi Phifer was spotted on the set of  the Fox show  “Lie to Me,” on which he just landed a recurring role.  Pop the top for more pics.

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November 10th 9:50am

Coon Of The Day: Lil Boosie Gets Jail Time Doubled

Lil Boosie will now spend more than 2 years behind bars after he directly violated a judge’s orders:

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November 10th 9:49am

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Beyonce To Actually Testify in Copyright Trial???

Some dude in Chicago is suing Bey Bey for lyric-theft: Did pop diva Beyonce Knowles and Destiny’s Child  rip off a Chicago songwriter’s song? A copycat claim contained in a 2006 lawsuit is expected to land the “Bootylicious” sensation in a witness chair next month as part of a copyright infringement trial to be held…

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November 10th 9:47am

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Diagnosed With Cancer

Kareem Abdul Jabbar told the world today that he has been living with Leukemia for some time now:

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November 10th 9:26am

In White Folks News: Lindsay Lohan on Suicide Watch???

SMH: Lindsay Lohan’s assistant is terrified the actress is going to kill herself.

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November 10th 9:00am

Nick Loves The Kids And Making His Wife Happy

A young lady’s day was made by Nick Cannon who happened to be at the MTV Studios in NYC and took a quick picture while hugging her. That was nice of Nick. Mariah was at the studio, as well, in a spousal, color-coordinated ensemble. SMH Pop the top and peep this geek

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November 10th 5:00am

L.T. “Kamikaze” Popped For Hit And Run, But Not For Looking Blowed Back

Lawrence Taylor, the former Giant legend, was popped for hit and run in Florida:

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November 10th 4:45am

New Omarion Video Featuring Gucci “I Get It In”

After being dropped by Young Money, Omarion’s album finally was able to drop and it’s obvious that the flavor of the month is Gucci Mane. This jawn is titled “I Get It In.”  

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November 9th 4:00pm

Camel Lets the Cat Out the Bag.. He and Bey Bey Are Making Babies

Jay-Z has finally admitted that he and Beyonce are trying to procreate and are working hard at it.

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November 9th 3:00pm

Rihanna: “I Wanted This to be the __________ that NO MAN Can Resist… And It Is!!!”

Rihanna just hopped on the celebrity bandwagon and is creating her own fragrance. She recently said in an interview that she has been standing next to the chemist, helping to mix the formula for this “perfect” scent. After seeing the pics under the hood… What would you say RiRi’s scent smells like…

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November 9th 2:59pm

*Update* Katt Williams’ Attorney Exclusively Tells Bossip…

BOSSIP received the scoop from Katt’s attorney on the reason behind the arrest: “The case is still under investigation. We believe this is a…

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November 9th 2:30pm

The Movie “Precious” Pulls in $1.8 Million Opening Weekend and Gabourey Sidibe Goes on The “Today” Show

“Precious” debuted this weekend at the movies and did $1.8 million. It didn’t make the top three but that is pretty damn good for a movie that was only released in 18 theaters around the US. Gabourey Sidibe made an appearance on the TODAY Show and tells how she even got the roll. Pop it…

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November 9th 2:25pm

Report: Unemployment Rate in October at its Highest Since 1983

Times are still hard out there for individuals who are still looking for jobs: Unemployment surged from 9.8 percent in September to 10.2 percent last month, its highest level since 1983. At the same time, the economy lost 190,000 more jobs. That means employers have eliminated 7.3 million positions since the recession began in December…

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