April 1st 11:24am

*Exclusive* Bald-Headed Bunda Carrying A Gut Full Of Yeezy???

Looks like Amber Rose is gonna have to cover up those cakes and put the Newports down. According to sources close to Amber, she is about 8 weeks pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. We wonder if Dr. Donda West would approve of this one. Pop it for the details….

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April 1st 11:20am

True Or False?!?!: Young Money Calls Child Services On Superhead Jr. Kat Stacks!!!

Kat Stacks has been on a roll since she decided to put some rappers on blast with her “C*M CHRONICLES,” and now the tables have been turned. Someone smartened up and called child services on this chick. Anytime you have to leave your child with a babysitter to go and SUCK D*CK… They need to…

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April 1st 11:14am

Jennifer Hudson Is A Weight Watchers Winner, Actress And Singer Scores Big Sponsor

Jennifer Hudson is getting leaner by the day, and it turns out she’s not doing it alone. She’s had some help from Weight Watchers, who picked up the Grammy and Oscar award winning singer/actress as their new spokeswoman. Pop the hood for details.

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April 1st 10:05am

Obama’s Site Has Some Fun With Biden’s Potty Mouth

Gotta love a White House with a sense of humor. Organizing For America is hawking this shirt, which pokes fun at Vice President Biden’s F-bomb. Pop the hood.

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April 1st 10:03am

For Discussion: Marilyn Minaj And G.I. Drake Land The Cover Of XXL, But Are These Young Money Rappers Doing Too Much???

Young Money’s picks of the litter Nicki Minaj and Drake posed for the cover of the May issue of XXL looking like a streetwalker and a G.I., but we have to admit the caption NICKI & DRAKE DOMINATION: The Rebirth of Rap Royalty caught our attention. Pop the hood for a good old fashioned hip-hop…

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April 1st 10:01am

T.I. Is Free As A Bird And Watched The Atlanta Hawks KILL The L.A. Lakers!!!

T.I. is a free man and is back on the scene. He made sure he was sitting court side for the Atlanta Hawks game while they “SMASHED” the L.A. Lakers with a final score of 109-92. Guess that’s what happens when you step out on the scene the night before a game. Flip the Lid…

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April 1st 9:52am

Poor Thang: Kimmy And Her Cakes Frolic In A Kini In Miami, Moves Out Of Reggie’s Crib

Kim Kardashian was surprisingly seen walking on the beach in Miami with some big black guy. Damn, she didn’t waste anytime jumping on some new man meat. We kid…we kid. SMH. More bikini pics and details on her living arrangements with Reggie on the flip…

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April 1st 9:34am

WTF: Cops Taser 10-Year-Old Kid At Tender Teddies Day Care

We know we’ve been talking about bad a*s kids needing good old-fashioned whoopings these days, but this is out of hand:

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April 1st 9:30am

Guess The Cakes…

These cakes were spotted yesterday looking all plump and stuff. This one is definitely a no-brainer, but check on the flippy to see who it is and peep more pics…

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April 1st 9:03am

Domestic Disputes: Couple Busted In Brawl Over Viral Vajayjay Photos

Meet Kizzy “Sugar Walls” Campbell of Florida. When her man, Johnny Lowe, came home, he discovered she’d been sending out online pictures of her va-jay-jay to other men. This heifer claimed it was all a big mistake, but when Johnny went in for the hug that’s when things got really freaky. Pop the top.

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April 1st 8:36am

GTFOH: Keri Hilson Forgets The Words While Singing The National Anthem But Says It’s Not Her Fault…

Last night in Atlanta, Keri Hilson sung the national anthem at the Hawks vs. Lakers game. She almost skipped an entire verse until she caught herself but she tries to blame it on her ear pack. The Star Spangled Banner is not one of those songs you can mess up because when you do… IT’S…

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April 1st 12:08am

*We Got What You Need* Bean Head Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj Debut “Massive Attack” Video

Nicki Minaj just debuted her “Massive Attack” video today and fellow Attention Whores Amber and Sean Garrett are all over this one… but not more than Nicki’s cakes. Click Here To Watch Video

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March 31st 8:55pm

Stepmommy Days Ahead For Gabs? D. Wade Slams His Ex In The Press And Files For Sole Custody Of Kids!

If devoted Daddy Dwyane Wade has his way, we may have to give up calling Gabby Break-A-Union and start calling her STEPMOMMY!!! Wonder if she told her boo she’s not interested in having kids??? Pop the hood for details on D-Wade’s ugly divorce and custody battle.

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March 31st 7:37pm

Making It Rain on Them Hoes: Gabby Sidibe To Host SNL

Howard Stern and Robin “House Negro” Quivers can shut it now: We heard on BOSSIP Twitter that Gabourey Sidibe is set to host SNL. Pop the top for more on the story.

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March 31st 7:16pm

Sexual Violence Is Not A Game But Apparently Japanese Developers Didn’t Get The Memo

Game developers in Japan are facing an uproar from women’s rights groups after creating a game that allow player to simulate sexual violence on women in virtual reality. Continue

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