September 17th 11:30am

Who Looked More Bangin???? Kanye’s New Vs. Old

  Both Amber and Alexis hit up US Weekly’s 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers Event in NYC yesterday. Did Kanye Upgrade or downgrade? Who looked more bangin????

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September 17th 11:15am

Ludacris has a New Toy…

Ludacris was out in West Hollywood checking out his new toy that he just purchased. His new cognac, Conjure, must really be popping off to splurge in this recession. On a side note, check out Luda’s feet… Why are they twisted like that??? Pop it to See How Luda Balls Out…

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September 17th 11:00am

Freaks: While Chris is Picking Trash, Rihanna is Showing Off Nip-Rings…

When Rihanna touched down in NY she went to her favorite spot to eat, Da Silvano. Oh yeah, RiRi had on that see through tank top and she was hanging out everywhere trying to show off the nip-rings. Pop it to See the GOODS!!!

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September 17th 10:50am

Solo Dolo: Kanye Hits the Gym and Lamar Odom Hits the Club

After all the controversy from the MTV Awards… Kanye West stays as far away as possible from NY and hits up the gym in L.A while Amber continues to make her appearance at Fashion Week. Then a lonely Lamar Odom hits the streets without Khloe. Pop it for a Peek…

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September 17th 10:45am

Mary J and Gucci Team Up for a Good Cause…

Gucci had an after party dinner during Fashion Week to help benefit Mary J Blige’s Foundation FFAWN, Foundation For the Advancement of Women Now.  Pop the Top for More

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September 17th 10:15am

Brother Amir Junaid Muhadith aka, Loon Says He May Return to Diddy??

We told you Loon had converted to Islam a while back. Now Loon is on Al Jazeera English spreading the word of Islam something tough: Brother Amir recently traveled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the holiest and most sacred site of the Islamic religion, to perform Umrah. He has since quit rapping and now is focusing…

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September 17th 10:00am

Rick Ross Goes In With Floyd Mayweather Diss Video…SMH

This is the Rick Ross diss video with a funny looking “Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. We told you about the lyrics yesterday, today peep the visual. The guy rides pretty hard on Floyd… Pop the Top and Peep

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September 17th 9:45am

Serena Gets her Sh*t Together Quick…

After her recent US Open Loss and verbal fight with the officials, Serena is bouncing back quickly.  She was spotted on 5th Ave in NYC promoting her new book “On the Line.” Flip the hood for more flicks.

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September 17th 9:30am

Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Kelis stepped out to the Kid Cudi Album Release Party in NYC rocking this sequins two piece outfit.  All we want to know is… Are You Feeling This Get Up???

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September 17th 9:15am

Meet the Newest Member of the Ghostface Killah Crew

LaToya Jackson was spotted walking the streets of New York with her Ghostface on looking real transparent.  She might be the best Ghostface we’ve seen thus far. Flip the hood for another pic.

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September 17th 9:00am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Jasmine Guy’s Divorce Put Her In the Hole?

When Jasmine Guy decided to divorce Mitchell Duckett, she didn’t know about all the expenses ole boy had racked up: “A Different World” star Jasmine Guy got her furniture, artwork, jewelery, cars, pre-marital earnings and sole custody of her daughter in her divorce from her hubby of 11 years — but she also got a…

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September 17th 8:45am

Hofstra Ho Takes Back Gang-Rape Claim and Reveals She Let 4 Guys Run a “Train” On Her!!

This  photo was released of the freaky brother above who supposedly was involved in a gang rape of an 18 year old Hofstra student… SUPPOSEDLY: Four New York men were released

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September 17th 8:30am

What In Sam Hell???

One of our readers sent this picture to Bossip, asking “have we seen this?” Never in our wildest dreams. What Is Wrong With This Picture? Shout out to Jamelle

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September 16th 2:00pm

Whitney Houston Can’t have All the Shine… Bobby “Boo-Boo” Brown Set to Do Reality Show

Bobby Brown has signed on for a reality show and spoken out against the Whitney interview with Oprah. It comes as no surprise that his unhealthy self is back in the news right after Whitney threw him overboard : Sources close to the situation say that Brown is all signed up for the next season…

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September 16th 1:40pm

Chris Brown Begins Community Service: 1 Day Down… 179 Days to Go

Chris Brown started Community Service today. They say he’s cleaning the area where the VA Police Horse Stables are located. We translate that as … He’s cleaning up horse sh*t. Pop it for One-Time Watching him like a Hawk…

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