February 10th 9:12am

New Couple Steez: Taraji P. and Lamar “Lickem Low” Odom

Posted by Bossip Staff Taraji P. Henson and Lamar Odom were seen the night before the Grammy’s getting it in and bouncing out together: Hollyscoop has confirmed that Academy Award nominee Taraji Henson and L.A. Lakers power player Lamar Odom are officially an item! The couple, who have been dating for a little over a…

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February 10th 9:10am

Dwyane Wade: Reefer ‘n’ Sex Parties

Posted by Bossip Staff D-Wades divorcing wife has subsided her STD claims, but in lieu of all that, new allegations have surfaced saying Wade would hold sex parties where dank and used condoms were everywhere:

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February 10th 9:05am

*Exclusive* Musiq Schools Bossip on Sex&Luv

Posted by Bossip Staff Bossip recently sat down with Musiq, the only dude who could write 439 songs about love, and you feel them all. Being that Hallmark holiday Valentine’s Day is coming up, we figured we’d give you lovebirds and cynics some dialogue: Bossip: Sex and Love…..the same thing? Musiq: Sex and love are…

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February 10th 9:00am

Are You Feeling this Get Up?? Raven Strikes Again

Posted by Bossip Staff Yeah… That is so Raven. The unofficial Disney Queen hit up Bondi Blonde’s Style Mansion last night in this spunky get up. It’s not quite as offensive as past ensembles, but it seems she still hasn’t found a style that compliments her frame. Are you feeling this particular get up?? Get…

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February 10th 8:56am

T-Pain and Ugly White Guys Make Goofy Video: “I’m On a Boat”

Posted by Bossip Staff Your boy T-Pain just released a parody with a couple of goofy looking white kids. Pop the hood and see the clownery first hand…

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February 10th 8:55am

DMX in Isolation…Says He Needs Some Respect

Posted by Bossip Staff DMX started “woofing” at the guards the other day, so they placed all of his 5’5″, 150 pound muscle built frame in lockdown:

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February 10th 8:54am

Skin-and-Bones Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff Hussy Cat Doll Nicole Scherzinger took the stage looking like a decked out cadaver recently:

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February 10th 8:50am

Fantasia: “Simon Didn’t Do D*k for Me!”

Posted by Bossip Staff ‘Tasia sets the record straight about saving her home from foreclosure:

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February 10th 8:47am

DJ Khaled Was NOT Involved in LAPD Chase

Posted by Bossip Staff Rumors have been buzzing that DJ Khaled was involved in a high speed car chase with LAPD which resulted in his suicide. He just released a statement on his Myspace page that it was NOT him:

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February 10th 8:43am

50 Cent to Lil Wayne: “Lets Deal With the Issue”

Posted by Bossip Staff When MTV asked 50 about the Lil Wayne beef, he responded by saying there was no clarity…: “It’s been so long since I was saying anything about Lil Wayne,” 50 added, admitting he started with Wayne last year. “I gave him an award….

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February 10th 8:42am

Ho Sit Down: Octuplets Mother Used Disability Checks For In-Vitro

Posted by Bossip Staff Remember we reported on the Octuplets being born a few weeks back? She injected herself with all them damned kids and paid for the procedure with disability checks: An in-vitro procedure typically costs between $8,000 and $15,000. Asked on NBC how she was able to afford the treatments, Suleman said she…

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February 10th 8:40am

Change In Action…

Posted by Bossip Staff Get a load of President Obama in route to handling thangs in Elkhart, Indiana yesterday.

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February 10th 8:40am

Next Up in the Clink: Faizon Love??

Posted by Bossip Staff The fat and furious comedian Faizon Love has been charged with felony assault behind the scuffle he was involved with last month:

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February 10th 8:30am

One More Nail in the Coffin for Officer Ross

Posted by Bossip Staff Rick Ross is a big fat liar:

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February 10th 8:00am

Random Ridiculousness – What the F*k??

Posted by Bossip Staff Some dumbass called 911 on Burger King behind some bullsh*t:

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