February 18th 10:36am

Catch Me If You Can: Another White Man Caught Stealing Billions

Posted by Bossip Staff Bernie Maddoff was caught stealing over $50 billion and now there is a new case of billion dollar fraud: Texas financier R. Allen Stanford is accused of cheating 50,000 customers out of $8 billion dollars but despite raids Tuesday of his financial empire in Houston, Memphis, and Tupelo, Miss., federal authorities…

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February 18th 10:33am

A Million Not Enough For Husband of Woman Brandy Killed

Posted by Bossip Staff The cat whose wife was killed by Brandy is going for too much, and his lawyers want to wash their hands of him: The man whose wife died in the Brandy car crash has rejected a big settlement — and his lawyers have had enough of him.

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February 18th 10:32am

It’s A Boy!!

Posted by Bossip Staff Get a load of Baby Boy Brewer – M.I.A.‘s little bundle of joy. This chick may be going a little too far to get some freakin air time though. Dig how desperate she is to perform at the Oscars:

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February 18th 10:32am

C. Milian and the Dream Making “Fire, Heat”

Posted by Bossip Staff Awww hell-damn, C. Milian has signed with the Dream’s label and they are in the studio cooking up something serious: “Us Against The World” singer Christina Milian is moving forward with a recently inked deal with The Dream’s Radio Killa Records imprint.

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February 18th 10:30am

Bony Bird Chest Bares All

Posted by Bossip Staff Soulja Boy considered offing himself after getting robbed:

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February 18th 10:17am

Patti LaBelle: “Rats and Roaches…Oh, Hell to the Nah”

Posted by Bossip Staff Aunt Patti had to let those fools out in the A know what time it was during her concert: Veteran singer Patti Labelle stunned fans at a recent concert when she interrupted her set to launch a vicious attack on the venue where she was performing. The Lady Marmalade hitmaker was…

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February 18th 10:15am

Bone Thugs in Harmony + Vanilla Ice AND K-Fed?!?!

Posted by Bossip Stuff Music is truly in the sh*tter, and has reached a new low with this crap: Bone Thugs N Harmony has recorded with everyone from Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. to Phil Collins.

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February 18th 10:00am

Kanye’s New Jawn

Posted by Bossip Staff Kanye looks crisp and clean on the cover of Details Spring Fashion Issue. Check the flip to view Yeezy’s artsy-fartsy official ‘Heartbreak’ video featuring Kid Cudi.

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February 18th 9:45am

What’s Wrong With This Picture??

Posted by Bossip Staff It’s official. Lil Kim needs divine intervention. This nutty broad hit up the Faces of Fashion Week soiree at RDV looking like this. Clearly she has no idea how ridiculous she looks anymore. Pity…Pop that thang for more plastic surgery mayhem with Coco and the anorexic top model Jaslene.

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February 18th 9:00am

A Sight to Behold

Posted by Bossip Staff That look on Keshia Whitaker’s face tells us that she saw something at Mercedes-Benz fashion week that she didn’t like, but Forest didnt seem to mind.  Boobage or better was probably at work on this one. More pics of the happy couple when you…

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February 18th 8:30am

Creeping Towards Recovery

Posted by Bossip Staff Amy Winehouse and her embattled sobriety are making strides, but staying put in the Caribbean for the time being. Amy Winehouse’s mother has denied the star is set to return to Britain following her extended holiday in the Caribbean – insisting the singer needs more time to recover. Winehouse has been…

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February 18th 8:02am

Terrence Howard is No Stranger to Domestic Abuse

Posted by Bossip Staff Perhaps Mr. BabyWipes was condoning domestic violence after all:

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February 18th 8:01am

Softwear by Common and Microsoft

Posted by Bossip Staff Common is joining a long list of rappers who have delved into the realm of clothing, but unlike them, he’s partnered with Microsoft and it sounds like he’s actually thought this through: Last year, Chicago emcee Common announced plans to partner with Microsoft and create an innovative new line of t-shirts…

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February 18th 7:55am

Jesus Take The Wheel: Chimp Attacks!

Posted by Bossip Staff A woman got beaten within an inch of her life by her friend’s pet chimp: The Connecticut woman viciously attacked by a 200-pound chimp

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February 18th 7:50am

F*k a Deadbeat

Posted by Bossip Staff Former 2 Live Crew fool Luther Campbell got pinched for falling behind on child support payments:

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