June 2nd 7:56am

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Hammertime All Over Your Television Screen

Not another tired @ss D-list reality show. Seriously MC Hammer Reality Show? SMH. Network execs need to be taken out and shot execution style for even getting down with this dribble. Pop the lid for the vid

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June 2nd 7:55am

Some International Swirl: Leona Lewis and Childhood Crush

Leona Lewis and her childhood swirl, Lou Al-Chamaa, reportedly had broke up a while back. Well, here he is living fat off the hog in L.A.. What a cankering leech. Leona is out in L.A. working on her album. Pop it to see the rest…

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June 2nd 7:42am

Who Looked More Tacky?

Look at Kim Kardashian in those cheap looking shorts and throwed’ jacket. Now look at Dania Ramirez in that sky blue ensemble with the dog hair. They both came to the DJ Hero Launch looking cheap. Out of the two ladies… Who Looked More Tacky? Pop the top for more shots

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June 1st 2:53pm

*Exclusive* Kobe Pissed at Teammates For Dissing His Crazy Wife on Sports Blog?

Bossip just exclusively received this hilarious tip about Kobe being hot as fish grease at his teammates for going hard at Cray-Cray a.k.a. Vanessa on some sports blog: A Laker insider reports: The reason the Lakers struggled to beat the Nuggets is because Kobe was pissed at half the team for blogging about his wife.

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June 1st 9:29am

Pink to Kanye: “Someone Should Skin You & Wear Your Fur!”

Pink was a at a recent fashion show in Paris and apparently Yeezy was working her last nerve. Amidst her anger, she went as far as talking about “wearing” Ye’s skin: Pink blasted: “Kanye West is the person p***ing me off right now.

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June 1st 9:00am

*Exclusive* Chris Paul & Fiance’ Welcome Baby Boy Into the World

Bossip has exclusively learned that N.O. Hornet Chris Paul and his fiance’, Jada Crawley, had their baby boy today.

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June 1st 8:30am

JHud Has a Baby Shower

We’ve been wondering why JHud won’t just come out and admit she’s about to drop a little one? Will the baby be a dreamgirl — or dreamboy? Academy Award-winner Jennifer Hudson celebrated her pregnancy today at a downtown baby shower, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times. A source tells the Sun-Times that Jennifer Hudson celebrated…

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June 1st 8:29am

Kansas Abortion Doctor Gunned Down in Church

It doesn’t make sense when Pro-Life activists take the life of abortion doctors. Completely hypocritical isn’t it? The life of a fetus isn’t more important than the life of a grown man, is it? Pop the hood for more

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June 1st 8:28am

Amber Rose Lays it Down in South Beach

Ye’s newly single ex side-piece Amber Rose aka P*ssy Princess hit up Twitter with photos of her and her fam lounging on South Beach. The animal print bikini is fire but the tats on the thighs and under the navel ooze some serious ghetto hoochie steeze. Pop the lid for more

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June 1st 8:28am

Ho’ Sit Down: Breezy Says Next Album Will Be the Biggest HIT of His Career

Mr. “I ain’t owning up to sh*t” is slowly trying to pop n lock his @ss back into the limelight without a smudge on his record: “Chris is focused,” says songwriter Robert Allen, who is working with Brown on his upcoming album, tentatively titled Graffiti. “He knows how to deal with whatever is going on…

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June 1st 8:27am

Some Afternoon Linkage

5 Ways to Add Spice to a Stale Sex Life LiveSteez Rosario Dawson Runs Double Duty Lossip Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Sugey Abrego F-Listed Getting Head in the Whip Bossip Throwback

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June 1st 8:26am

Bey Does “Single Ladies” Choreography Everytime She Hears the Song…In Public

Like all the rest of you stans out there, even your girl Bey can’t get enough of her lace front jawn. Pop the hood for more including pics of Bey bicycling through Dublin According to the “I Am..Sasha Fierce” singer, the radio must be turned off when “Single Ladies” comes on — why,

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June 1st 8:25am

Are You Feeling This Get Up?

Not sure what to think about your boy Fonzworth Bentley with his new jack hairstyle, blonde tips, gaylord glasses and pink shirt. Either his chick, actress Faune Chambers, is in denial or just wanted free tickets to the MTV Awards. Pop the hood for more red carpet pics and a few of Tatyana Ali

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June 1st 8:24am

Danger Spreads ‘Em for Black Men

This sleazy @ss ho knows she’s only got about 2 minutes left on her 15 minutes of fame. As usual she’s showing off her tats but this time she’s kept her hairy p*ssy covered. We’re counting the milli-seconds until Danger winds up in the used reality whore bin. Flip the switch for more sleazy pics…

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June 1st 8:23am

Coupled Up: C-Milli and The Hamburglar Sighting

This is the first time C-Milli and The Hamburglar have been spotted since their engagement announcement over the weekend. C-Mili looks like a homeless woman in that baggy sweater and skinny jeans and we guess she’s hidin’ her burnt out blonde locks underneath that ratty scarf which in this case is actually an improvement. As…

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