September 21st 11:20am

Amber Rose… The Bald Headed Beast Can’t Be Stopped

Amber Rose is on a roll and not stopping any time soon. Bey Bey gets dropped and Amber Rose picks up a contract. The Bald Headed Beast is now the face of Boadicea The Victorious perfume by Michael Bodi. If this chick isn’t coming up then what else do you call it?

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September 21st 11:00am

Chance Getting At 50 Cent

In the case of Chance, from Real Chance of Love, the alleged rapper has set his crosshairs on 50 Cent. Reports have shown that the reality star had quite some words for the Queens rapper. (continue)

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September 21st 11:00am

Recognize This Celebrity’s Son???

This little cutie is growing up and is going to be a heartbreaker. Do you know whose Celebrity son this is??? Pop it to See his Dad…

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September 21st 11:00am

Certified Links

Wheelchair Bound Amputee Tasered By Police (Go) The ‘Free Max B’ Campaign Begins (GO) Obama Says Racism is Not ‘The Overriding Issue’ (Go) Someday, Ghostface Killah and Natalie Portman Will Make Beautiful Music Together (Go) TheyFit Rolls Out Handy Condom Sizing Chart! Find Your “Custom Size”! (Go) David Hasselhoff Hospitalized for Alcohol Poisoning Again(Go)

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September 21st 10:30am

SMH: Tamia, Kelly Price and Deborah Cox Form a Trio

As if LSG wasn’t torture enough a woman’s version is in the making and Tamia, Deborah and Kelly are coming together to form the group known as TDK. Girl BYE!!!

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September 21st 10:00am

Making it Rain on These Hoes

Naomi stay stuntin’ on these young broads in the modeling game. Here she is on the Issa catwalk for London’s Fashion week. Pop the hatch for more images…

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September 21st 9:40am

Jay-Z Explains How the Roc Symbol Was Invented and Performs ‘Roc Boys’ Across the Pond

Jay-Z is overseas and doing some heavy promoting. He was at BBC Live 1 and performed “Roc Boys,” he also explains how they came up with the Roc symbol. Pop it and watch it

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September 21st 9:30am

New Movie: TAKERS… Photo-Shop at its Finest

T.I. definitely had a plan for his face to stay in the media and for that money to keep flowing while on lock down. This new movie that he’s in has a lot of heavy hitters (no pun intended): Chris Brown, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Michael Ealy, Paul Walker and more. All the money was…

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September 21st 9:25am

Common and The Roots Invaded Atlanta with Hennessey

Common and The Roots have teamed up with Hennessey to do a couple of free concerts for their fans. The crowd had an old school surprise performance. Pop it to see the Oldie but Goodie…

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September 21st 9:20am

NeNe Houses the Emmy’s Red Carpet…

NeNe is leaving her RHOA co-stars behind in the dust; she got a gig as an E! guest fashion commentator for the Emmys.  She may be on to something.

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September 21st 9:18am

Old Man Leaps On Bank Robber’s Back and Saves Day

In the video under the hood, an old man jumps on a bank robber and tackles him to the turf to save the day. You gotta peep this…and watch the whole thing

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September 21st 9:15am

Dude Where is My Stylist?

Alexis Phifer was spotted during fashion week looking like this.  No wonder she rocked a hat to the US Weekly event.  At this rate, she’ll never get Kanye back. damn, she used to be fine as hell. Why, Alexis, why????

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September 21st 9:10am

This Destiny’s Child is Out of Work… So Now She’s Shooting it Up

Kelly and Michelle are both getting their faces out there. They don’t have the Knowles engine running behind them like Bey Bey. This photo shoot is definitely a good look but which Destiny’s Child member do you think was able to pull it off… Kelly or Michelle…

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September 21st 9:06am

Serena and Her Airbrushed Legs Get a New Gig

Serena will be cashing in some major bills thanks to her new endorsement gig.

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September 21st 9:03am

Dame Dash Trying to Come Back??

Damon Dash is set to release an album labeled “BlackRoc.” It has Mos Def, Jim Jones and others on it: After the demise of the relationship between himself and Jay-Z, it seemed as though Damon Dash had begun to fade into obscurity.…Continue

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