July 20th 8:37am

When the Checks May Stop Coming In: Paula Abdul’s Contract Is NOT Being Renewed?

Paula Abdul wants loot just like Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell are getting. Her manager is taking the gripe to the media over negotiations: Paula Abdul is unhappy. And unless the producers of “American Idol” change her frown to a smile soon, she’ll dance like there’s no tomorrow away from TV’s No. 1 show.  “Very…

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July 19th 7:54pm

No Cents Having Trouble Selling Mansion Again, Lowers Asking Price by 44%

It looks like it’s hard to find a buyer when a mansion has been tricked out and lived in by No Cents. No Cents keeps lowering his asking price for the crib he purchased from Mike Tyson:

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July 19th 11:58am

*Breaking News and Exclusive* Gucci Mane Back Locked Up

Sources close to Gucci Mane have exclusively told Bossip the reason Gucci Mane is locked up again. Soulja Boy just tweeted that when he woke up this morning, Gucci was jailed.  This story is developing because you know how much of an attention whore this dude is. We just confirmed it’s true. Gucci is LOCKED…

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July 19th 11:30am

Beyonce Is Helping Feed American People

Beyonce was spotted in this unbecoming green hammer jumper the other day helping feed the children of America at the Show Your Helping Hand press conference. Bey is looking full of life there; however, in the picture below her lace front, the weather got the best of her.

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July 19th 10:36am

The Dream Engages Christina Milian…And Look At That Rock!!

Christina Milian and The Dream were at the Billy Clark Birthday party in BH yesterday, flossing her new rock. Yes, the couple is engaged now. The Dream was blushing, acting elated, and looking faint. It looks like Queen FFT blinded The Dream with her silky skins. Pop the top and see a close up of…

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July 19th 10:25am

Who Looked More Bangin: Vanessa Vs. Adrienne

Angela Simmons and Adrienne Bailon were spotted at the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Art For Life Benefit. The whole damn Simmons family was present. Vanessa Williams, Gayle King, and Star Jones also came to support, but out of the two young beauties up top… Who Looked More Bangin?? Pop the top and see…

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July 19th 10:23am

Captured Soldier in Afghanistan: “Help…I’m Scared, Please Bring Us Home”

The U.S. Soldier pictured above has been captured in Afghanistan and is pleading for help amongst other things: An American soldier captured by the Taliban is shown on a new video. The video was posted Saturday on a Taliban affiliate site. It is the first time he has been seen since his capture. It shows the…

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July 19th 10:20am

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Que from Day 26 has always been a little off and some even say he is gay. Just look at the boy’s hair color now...Diddy? What Is Wrong With This Picture??

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July 19th 10:20am


Yesterday ,we posted some pics of CiCi’s new “DO” … Then she posted some more pics last night after her photo shoot with Derek Blanks but now the style looks “hella” different… We said that thang on her head was SUSPECT and we are standing by that!!! Pop the Hood to Compare

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July 19th 10:15am

Trey Songz New Album Cover???

Trey Songz, the lover of all ladies, is dropping his album “READY” September 1st. This is said to be his “OFFICIAL” ALBUM COVER but it looks similar to his Mixtape “ANTICIPATION” that dropped on the 29th… either way, the ladies love him… Pop it for a Peek

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July 19th 9:50am

Man Confesses to Killing 4 Adults and 2 Kids… SMH

Jacob Shaffer deserves to be put under the jail. Police found him sitting on the porch at the crime scene: Police have in custody a man who confessed to killing five people in Tennessee and a sixth person in Alabama. Police arrested Jacob Shaffer on Saturday as he was sitting on the porch of one…

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July 18th 10:15am

A Lil’ Positivity: Phil Ivey Makes World Series of Poker Final Table

Phil Ivey, who is considered one of the best poker players in the world, has made it to the final table of nine players at the World Series of Poker. The living poker legend out lasted a field of 6494. The final event is scheduled for November. Ivey was supported early in his career by…

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July 18th 9:45am

Sorry Tito, But We Do NOT Think The Kids Have Any Jackson Blood In Them

Tito Jackson has gone on record claiming that Paris, Prince, and Blanket are by blood, Michael Jackson’s. We just peeped these pictures today and sincerely disagree with Tito. The blood really doesn’t matter, the kids are Jackson’s, despite their skin and hair color. Pop it to see a pictorial of the family at one of the kid’s…

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July 18th 9:40am

Ne-Yo Explains the Break Down: “I Had a Sinus Infection and Was Tired”

Ne-Yo has explained his breakdown on stage and also his distaste for bloggers:

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July 18th 9:39am

What in Samuel Hell???

Someone grab this man some glasses, a back brace, and some Ben-Gay… immediately! What In Sam Hell is Wrong With This Picture???

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