December 21st 9:00am

Alicia Keys Face: CONNECT THE DOTS, LA, LA, LA, LA!!!

We got a hold of some promo pics that Alicia just had done. Although, there isn’t anything that this girl can put on and look bad but those pimples on her face have definitely got to go. Hopes she still not endorsing Proactiv because ‘CLEARLY’ that sh*zz don’t work!!! Flip the Lid for More Close…

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December 21st 8:56am

Three Blast from the Past: Recognize This Face???

Anna Maria Horsford cleared out the cob webs and made an appearance at the 26th Anniversary UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball in Atlanta, GA. Last time we saw her she was on that TV show AMEN and when she played the Ice Cube’s mom in the Friday movies. Flip the Lid to See What She’s Looking…

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December 20th 5:27pm

New Music: Usher and Nicki Minaj are Little Freaks

Usher is really on some other sh*zz with this album that is coming out. He has just teamed up with Nicki Minaj for this new jawn ‘Little Freak.’ It’s obvious that Hip Hop has been waiting for a new female rapper to wear the crown but is Nicki Minaj really the chick to be the…

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December 20th 3:27pm

Snitching 101: Tiger’s Friends say He Thought Choppin’ Backs was a Perk!!!

Ain’t this about a b*tch, Tiger Woods’ friends are snitching on him. A couple of his buddies are saying that they knew about all of his infidelities and that they warned him to slow down. Some of the buddies who knew about Woods’ cheating told him he was flirting with disaster – but he didn’t…

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December 20th 2:53pm

Eminem’s 8 Mile Girlfriend, Brittany Murphy, Dies At 32

What is really going on in Hollyweird with people dying of cardiac arrest??? Brittany Murphy passed away early Sunday morning December 20th of a heart attack. More details under the hood

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December 20th 1:20pm

Newest Swirl Couple of the Moment: Kid Cudi is Choppin’ Down Model Chick Jamie Baratta

They say the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree and Kid Cudi is definitely following in the footsteps of his boss/mentor, Yeezy. Cudi hosted a party at LAVO in Vegas the other night with a little snow bunny on his arm. We always knew he had it in him!!!

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December 20th 1:00pm

Jesus Take The Wheel: EMTs On Break Let Pregnant Woman Die

FDNY officials are investigating a December 9th incident when two EMTs buying breakfast at a Brooklyn Au Bon Pain 600 feet from FDNY headquarters refused service to a pregnant woman suffering a seizure because they were on break. The woman, 25-year-old Eutisha Revee Rennix, suffered cardiac arrest and died shortly after.

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December 20th 12:08pm

*UpDate*: Tina and Matthew Knowles Confirm They are Getting a Divorce

We broke it to you first that Tina and Matthew Knowles are finally calling it quits. Since this news hit the streets, the Knowles figured it was time for a statement to be released to the press. The decision to end our marriage is an amicable one. We remain

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December 20th 11:45am

Lil Wayne Detained in Texas but Escapes Drug Charges

Since Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to gun charges in New York, everyone is looking for him to f*ck up. Two days ago in Texas, Wayne’s tour buses were pulled over by the U.S. Border Patrol on his way from Hildago, TX to Laredo, TX. A total of 11 people were detained including Wayne.

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December 20th 11:35am

Jay-Z and Rihanna at Rockefeller Center: Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Rihanna and Jay-Z perform during a snow storm at Rockefeller Center in New York. Rihanna had two different outfits on, the one up top and the one under the hood. You already know what the Camel was wearing… ALL BLACK EVERYTHING!!! Pics & Video Under the Hood

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December 19th 10:23am

Twitter Files: Dwight Howard Goes After Baby’s Mom Again

Here we go again: Dwight Howard is accusing his baby mama of endangering the security of their 2-year-old child — and her alleged weapon of choice … Twitter.

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December 19th 9:59am

Family of Quadruplets All Get Accepted into Yale’s Class of 2014

This is such a great story: Ray Crouch, a senior at Danbury High School, logged onto the computer in his family’s living room just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday and entered the Web site of the Yale admissions office.Suddenly the screen turned blue — Yale blue — and an image of a bulldog, the university…

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December 19th 9:23am

When Pigs Fly: Kanye West Plans to Wife-Up Amber Rose???

Damn ‘Ye, say it ain’t so: Rapper Kanye West is set to propose to model missus Amber Rose.

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December 19th 8:53am

More Companies Kicking Tiger Woods to the Curb, Mother Speaks Out

The folks from the Arnold Palmer golf invitational aren’t feelin your boy Tiger anymore: Tiger Woods is the six-time champion of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and the tournament featured him on its Web site banner. Not anymore.

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December 19th 8:38am

Caught Creepin’

A famous NBA player was spotted in NYC recently getting it in behind his wife’s back. Pop the hatch to find out who it is…

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