December 31st 12:28pm

Denzel Kicks Butt! Takes On 16 Guys In Fight

It’s no secret that Denzel is one baaaaaaaaad brother, but we gained a new level of respect for him after watching him in action. Peep his fightin’ steez below:

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December 31st 11:23am

Poor Thang: Tiger Woods Will No Longer Get Checks From AT&T!!

Tiger Woods’ AT&T checks have officially stopped coming in: AT&T Inc. said Thursday it is ending its sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods,

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December 31st 10:37am

Some Holiday Swirl

Byron Allen, his pregnant wife Jennifer, and their little daughter Chloe were seen playing on the beach in Hawaii this holiday. How nice… Flip the script for more pics…

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December 31st 10:34am

Where In The World Are The Knowles-Carters?

With pockets deep as theirs, Jay-Z and Beyonce can spend New Year’s Eve wherever they’d like, Monaco, Paris, the Dominican Republic… Bossip tipsters have taken up the case. Pop the hood to find out!

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December 31st 10:30am

In White Folks With Black Kids News

Rosie O’Donnell is all giddy about her new piece, an LBGT activist and single mother of six, three of which who are black: Rosie O’Donnell no longer has to remain sad about being single. She’s now dating dating Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist who has six children, her rep confirmed to People. The happy couple…

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December 31st 10:15am

Vivica Fox Tells Bossip What is Really Going on Between her and 50 Cent

Vivica Fox did and exclusive interview with us at her alter ego photo shoot with Derek Blanks. She went into details about future goals, charities and children but what we really want to know is… WHAT the HELL is GOING on with VIVICA and 50 CENT??? **Side Note… for her to be 45, her body…

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December 31st 9:56am

Another Day Another Lawsuit: Beverly Johnson Gets Sued by her Personal Escort?!?!?

Model Beverly Johnson is being sued by a man claiming she failed to pay him their negotiated fee for acting as her boyfriend. More details on the flipside.

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December 31st 9:45am

The Ho Has Officially Sat Down

The biggest “Ho Sit Down” recipient of 2009 had a little health scare last night: Popular talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh is recovering in a Honolulu hospital today, hours after being admitted for chest pains he suffered while on vacation.

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December 31st 9:35am

*How Precious*

Actress and “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe helped light up the 2010 New Year’s Eve numerals by pedaling for power at the Duracell Smart Power Lab in Times Square, NYC yesterday.  We’ll be nice.  More pics of Gabby under the hood.

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December 31st 9:34am

Some New Year’s Eve Cakes

Kim Kardashian hosted a  Pre-New Year’s Eve Party at Eve Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. We wonder how many stacks she got for hosting this bad boy… Peep more Kimmy and her cakes under the hood.

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December 31st 9:16am

Jesus Take the Wheel: Suicide Bomber Kills 8 Americans in Afghanistan

This ~ish is real: A suicide bomber infiltrated a CIA base in eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing at least eight Americans in what is believed to be the deadliest single attack on U.S. intelligence personnel in the eight-year-long war and one of the deadliest in the agency’s history, U.S. officials said.

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December 31st 8:35am

Flavor Flav Infested Hoopz is Swapping Spit with a Certain NFL Player

Hoopz just had a duo photo shoot with Urban Ink magazine. Why anyone would want to get with this girl after she was all in Flavor Flav’s mouth is just disgusting. Once you see her photo shoot partner, this dude looks like he would put his lips on anything. Pop it for the NFL Player…

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December 31st 8:01am

Rihanna is Doing Too Much and Headed for Disaster

This year has been a roller coaster ride for Rihanna. First, she got Chris Brown’d and now her album is a reflection of all the things that she’s going through and no one really wants to hear it. Just when you thought she was at her lowest, her friends say it’s only getting worse. “She’s…

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December 31st 7:03am

Is This Guy Really Freakin Serious??????

We don’t even have any words for the ridiculousness that is Flavor Flav. Please pop that hatch if you want to laugh your fu*king a*s off this morning. Flavor Flav’s “I’ll Never Let You Go”….in 3, 2, 1

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December 31st 3:29am

BDR’s Web Venture is Not So Global After All

Bossip is all for “getting along” with everyone, diversity, and all that but your boy BDR is taking this “Global” stuff a little too far. We noticed BDR is taking his “extreme swirl game” from the bedroom to the boardroom.

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