November 4th 7:56am

Diddy and Camel Told to Fall Back by Obama

Posted by Bossip Staff According to Livesteez, the Obama Camp has asked that the entertainers to stay the hell back right now: Unfortunately, some of Barack Obama’s biggest backers won’t be in attendance tonight for his historical celebratory meeting. The Obama campaign has reportedly asked some of his famous supporters to stay away from his…

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November 4th 7:55am

RiRi’s Spokeswoman Game

Posted by Bossip Staff Here are two shots from Princess RiRi’s New Cover Girl ads. Say what you want about her limited vocal capabilities, shorty is a certified banger with that fivehead covered. Check out one more below.

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November 4th 7:50am

Crackhouse Getting Clean

Posted by Bossip Staff Crackhouse has been trying to get her racist, cluck headed, ostrich legged @ss clean: After a weekend at home, Amy Winehouse has returned to the hospital for ongoing treatment. The 25-year-old singer, whose well-documented substance abuse has triggered a string of medical interventions, spent the past week being treated at the…

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November 4th 7:45am

Follow His Lead

Posted by Bossip Staff Alright, folks, don’t be fooled or mislead. Today is Election Day for Democrats, Republicans, and everything in between. You all have to get out and vote!!!!! Do Not wear any campaign paraphernalia such as Obama T-shirts or buttons, or anything that might give the fools reason to turn you away. We…

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November 4th 7:40am

No Cents Making Sense

Posted by Bossip Staff Bugs and Bette Midller, opened up the Curtis Jackson Community Garden yesterday in Queens: The two joined forces Monday to celebrate the opening of “The Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson Community Garden” in Queens, New York. “I called and nagged him,” Midler said, describing how she got 50 Cent involved with the…

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November 4th 7:30am

The Hudson Family Memorial Services

Posted by Bossip Staff A host of friends, family, and celebrities came out to support Jennifer Hudson and her remaining immediate family: As Jennifer Hudson attempts to cope with the monstrous tragedy that recently befell her family, the Oscar-winner has been kept afloat by an outpouring of support from famous friends. On Monday afternoon on…

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November 4th 7:15am

Single Tranny Files

Posted by Bossip Staff We think we may have opened the flood gates. Japanese members of Bey’s enormous gay fan base came out to greet her on a tv show in Japan: The singer appeared on Japanese TV last night where she performed with Yajima Beauty Salon, a comedy musical troupe styled on the singer’s…

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November 4th 7:10am

Terrance Howard Stalked His Ex Swirl

Posted by Bossip Staff Terrance Howard just can’t let it go and is still pining away for his ex: TERRENCE HOWARD was so desperate to win back his ex-wife, he bought her her childhood home. The actor recently revealed how he wrote a song about stalking McCommas, before eventually moving on and finding love with…

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November 4th 7:01am

Busted Swag

Posted by Bossip Staff One of our favorite aunts, Faith, was spotted looking so beat down, that her weave looks like it is making a valiant effort to “un-weave” itself and link up with someone who’s going to at least put a comb to it. SMH In case you haven’t had enough, here’s one more…

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November 4th 7:00am

Kanye West’s New Jawn: “Anyway”

Posted by Bossip Staff Here’s “Anyway” off of Kanye’s new album 808’s and Heartbreak. Are you feeling his new jawn? More importantly, how many of you are planning to go out and cop this ish?

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November 4th 6:10am

Tameka is Gonna Kill Him

Posted by Bossip Staff Usher performed at his One Night Stand Tour at the Borgata in Atlantic City last night. Judging by the picture above, one of two things happened that night: 1.)Tameka was a no show, or 2.)She was arrested for disorderly conduct. Take a gander below.

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November 4th 6:00am

The Last Big Push

Posted by Bossip Staff A few of NY’s finest products, Mary, Diddy, and Jay-Z made an appearance in Philly to support the Promote the Vote rally. Yeah, hangin’ out on South Street can be a lot of fun, but for some reason getting a sticker for voting just seems a lot cooler at the moment.…

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November 3rd 3:36pm

The Hood Life

Posted by Bossip Staff This couple decided that having their wedding reception at McDonald’s was a good idea. The catering had to run around 25 dollars and 2 monopoly game pieces to feed all those hungry cheap peace sign throwing people; but as long as there is love…we do wish them the best. They could…

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November 3rd 2:15pm

*Breaking News* Obama’s Grandmother Has Passed Away

Posted by Bossip Staff Sadly, Obama’s grandmother passed away one day before her grandson became the president: A tragic turn of events for Sen. Barack Obama: his ailing grandmother died today. Here’s a statement from Obama and his sister Maya Soetoro-Ng: “It is with great sadness that we announce that our grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has…

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November 3rd 2:00pm

We Gotta Be Fair

Posted by Bossip Staff Chilli was spotted at the Hawks and 76ers basketball game over the weekend. Even though we love us some Chilli, we can’t lie; her hair looked a mess. We just don’t understand what possessed her to make that type of appearance. SMH Polow da Don was also on the scene, without…

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