January 26th 11:17am

Ciara Gets “JACK”-ed

Ciara is on the cover of “JACK” magazine for its February issue. CiCi is set to release her 4th album sometime this year and we hope it doesn’t flop. This clean, girl next door look may be exactly what she needs to put her back on top. Flip the Lid for More Flicks

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January 26th 10:54am

Nicki Minaj + Sean Garrett = They Can’t Be Serious!!

Nicki Minaj has managed to find someone that is worse than her when it comes to the patty cake and fruity pebble lyrics. This new jawn, “Get It All” by Sean Garrett and Nicki Minaj is so elementary that people might actually fall for it. Pop the Hood for this Jawn

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January 26th 10:51am

DJ Kay Slay Is Cakin’ Off Cakes Now

DJ Kay Slay wants to establish himself as the hip-hop Hugh Hefner with his Straight Stuntin’ magazine. He just put out the trailer for the new “Diary of a Dime Piece,” and if you want to see it all you have to do is… Continue

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January 26th 10:46am

SMH: Nancy Kerrigan’s Brother Locked Up For Their Father’s Death

Sad story: The father of American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is dead and her brother is behind bars, accused of assault and battery against 70-year old Daniel Kerrigan, according to Massachusetts authorities.

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January 26th 10:36am

Chad Ochocinco Still Lookin’ Like Captain Save-A-Hoe, Even If He’s Singing Another Tune

Chad Ochocinco is posted up on the cover of the new issue of Urban Ink with former Flavor Flav skeet receptacle looking like the Captain Save-A-Hoe he is. It’s no surprise to us since we got a heads up they were going at it like rabbits at the photoshoot. Look under the hood to watch…

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January 26th 10:35am

More Trouble in Paradise: Nick Cannon Jealous of Mariah’s Acting Success

Little Nicky may be having some issues dealing with Mariah‘s new found acting success and recognition from the film “Precious.” Pop the top for the details.

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January 26th 10:26am

Man & Wife Coupled Up in NYC….AND Bey Bey is Killing Off “Sasha Fierce”???

Beyonce and her husband, Illuminati Hova were spotted sneakily leaving Nobu late last night after having a ‘romantic, married-people-in-love’ dinner. Flip the script for more on the death of “Sasha Fierce” and pics…including Camel and his interesting facial expressions…

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January 26th 10:09am

Misa Keeps It Real About Diddy: “That Was Some B*tcha*sness”

We know Diddy must be kicking himself… cuz he actually got it right the first time! Justin’s mom, Misa, aka BabyMama #1, had a really interesting interview with Power 105.1’s Cherry Martinez, telling it like it is about their child support arrangements, Kim’s man stealing ways and even called Diddy out on his “b*tcha*sness.” Gotta…

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January 26th 10:07am

New Music: Keke Palmer – “Edit”

Little Miss Keke Palmer is all grown up with this new jawn called “EDIT.” She is currently working on her second album under a new label. Keke is only 17, so let’s just hope the music industry doesn’t turn her into another Miley Cyrus pole dancing sex kitten. Take a Listen:

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January 26th 9:52am

Does This Look Like Someone Who Can’t Afford Child Support Payments?

Here is your boy Evander Holyfield seen at LAX looking all old and run down. Damn, that child support must be putting a hurtin’ on a brotha, because lord knows there is no other reason for this guy to be getting back in the ring other than for some dough. More pics on the flipside…

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January 26th 9:43am

Remember Me??? Which *City High* Member Has Been Drinking Like A Fish?

What would you do… if your group member stole your high school sweetheart, married her and impregnated her??? You might spend the next ten years of your life so sauced up you end up on “Intervention” too! Pop the hood to find out what happened.

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January 26th 9:41am

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: T.I. Sued for Copywright Infringement

Fresh out of jail for gun possession charges and living in a halfway house, T.I. is seeing his name brought up in court documents once again. Continue…

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January 26th 9:20am

Some Morning Venus Cakes

If you happened to catch Venus Williams make it rain all over Italian tennis player Franesca Schiavone in the Australian Open this weekend, then you were probably wondering the same thing we were….is this broad wearing drawls??? Pop the hatch for another peek…

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January 26th 8:43am

End of Days: A Kardashian Makes It to the White House

President Obama honored the the Lakers’ at the White House on Monday for their excellence on the court and community service. Khloe Kardashian made sure she was in attendance for this event. This is one more thing she gets to rub in Kim’s face. Flip the Lid for Pics and the video of Obama picking…

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January 26th 8:31am

New Jamie Foxx Jawn “Quit Your Job” Is Comedy

Jamie Foxx is back in the studio doing his music thing, but clearly he’s blurring the lines between his singing career and his love of comedy because his lyrics are pretty dayumm silly! Pop the hood for a listen

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