January 22nd 9:15am

Bey Bey Channels her Inner Rocker Chick

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen coming from dinner. We know Beyonce likes to be different but wearing these gloves to dinner is a bit much. They actually look like something she wear on stage or in a “Sasha Fierce” photo shoot. Maybe that was Sasha who had dinner with the Camel last night. Pop the…

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January 22nd 9:06am

Are You Feelin this Get Up???

Rihanna performed on a Norwegian TV Show called “Skavlan” this week rocking this interesting get up. The fluffy poodle on her dome is getting a little out of hand. All we want to know is… Are you Feelin this Get Up??? Pop the top to let us know and peep more flicks of Rihanna.

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January 22nd 8:59am

Dude Where’s My Stylist???

Kamber is still running around Europe looking like some danged fools… especially the bald-headed beast. Who knows where she found this monstrosity. Pop the hood for some more shots of Kamber trying to piss off PETA

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January 22nd 8:51am

Caption This: “Last I Remember I was Face Down, A$$ Up, Clothes Off, Dozed Off, Broke Off…”

Kiely Williams from 3LW, remember her??? Well she’s got a new song out and it ‘s called “Spectacular.” When you hear the title, you don’t think much of it BUT once you listen to the lyrics… This chick is definitely on some other sh*zzz. Pop the Top to Take a Listen:

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January 22nd 8:33am

Fill in the Blank

Diddy and Cassie were seen on the scene at M2 nightclub in NYC for DJ Clues birthday bash.  The man standing between Cassie and Diddy to keep the peace is probably saying something like ________.  More flicks of  Diddy, Cassie, Fabolous, Drake, Trey and more under the hood.

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January 21st 7:38pm

Happy Birthday Ming Lee! BDR’s Baby Girl Turns Ten Today

Russell Simmon’s eldest daughter, Ming Lee, turned ten today and being the proud papa that he is, BDR took to his blog to brag about her. BDR almost wrote a novel about how sweet and unbratty ML is, but we’ll spare you all the details and give you the condensed version under the hood.

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January 21st 7:16pm

Sasha Fierce Shakes Cakes For The Cause, Bey Bey Joins Hope For Haiti

With everybody and their mama — except for Kanye West– signed up to either perform or answer phones for tomorrow’s “Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” telethon Beyonce wasn’t about to be left out. Pop the hood for more.

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January 21st 6:25pm

Jessica Simpson Is Bringing Her Cakes To The Denim Market

Whooty Whooty Whooty Whooty rocking over where? Jessica Simpson is bringing her cake game to a new denim line which she plans to launch next summer. We probably wouldn’t have pegged Jess as the best Becky for the job, but you can follow the jump to read what she’s working with, and get a better…

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January 21st 6:03pm

Diddy Crowns Justin Prince of New York For His Sweet 16 Gala

It should come as no surprise that Diddy has plans to throw a lavish “Super Sweet 16″ bash for his son Justin this weekend. In true celebrity kid fashion, Justin’s party will be filmed by MTV cameras and include Chris Brown and others as guests and performers. Look under the hood for a few more…

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January 21st 4:59pm

Where is PETA???

Amber Rose and Kanye were coupled up at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris with matching full length fur coats on. All we gotta say is where is PETA when you need them? Another flick of these two under the hood.

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January 21st 4:55pm

NBA Bad Boy Ron Artest Bares His Soul … And His Chest

Ron Artest talks to Men’s Fitness in their March issue about changing his bad boy image, his love of fitness and even spills the beans on one of friend and fellow laker Lamar Kardashian Odom’s, bad habits. Look under the hood for the goods.

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January 21st 4:32pm

Ask Three 6 Mafia…

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, BOSSIP has teamed up with Sony and Three 6 Mafia to get all of your questions about love and relationships answered!!! Details under the hood….

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January 21st 4:26pm

Someone Please Call 911! Katt Williams the Cause of Another Emergency Call

We’re starting to think Katt Williams put the C in Crazy… Or crackpipe. Along with the rocks. Audio from the 911 call associated with an alleged Katt Williams November assault has just been released. Pop the hood to hear what happened

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January 21st 4:01pm

Kimora and the Fam are Headed Back to the Fab Lane

Kimora Lee Simmons and her newly extended family are all back on for another season of her reality show.  Pop the top for the details.

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January 21st 1:30pm

A Lil’ Positivity: Haitian Woman Rescued After Six Days Under The Rubble

As the death toll continues to mount in Haiti following last week’s devastating January 7.0 magnitude earthquake, there are still a few hopeful stories unfolding. This week a few survivors have been pulled from the rubble alive, pop the hood to watch the story of one woman who emerged nearly unscathed after being buried under…

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