November 18th 4:45pm

Ray-J Rides Against Us: “Yeah, F**k BOSSIP. BOSSIP Can Eat a Fat D**k!!!”

Celebrity whore and “Brandy’s little brother”Ray-J has some serious beef with Bossip.

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November 18th 4:30pm

Twitter Files: Nivea says “I’m Still Pregnant!!!”

There have been all kinds of rumors floating around about Nivea and Wayne’s baby mother getting into Twitter arguments and also Nivea not allowing Wayne into the delivery room. No more guessing about it all because Nivea responded via Twitter… Flip it for Tweets

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November 18th 4:15pm

Pleasure P Confirms Soaking Up Bria’s Panties with Eddie Murphy’s Blessing

After being spotted in Atlanta, Pleasure P was up in Chicago the other day at the radio station with Eddie Murphy’s daughter, Bria Murphy. When asked about their relationship status, Pleasure said that the two were just close friends. Does Your Friend Really Need to Meet Your Father???

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November 18th 4:05pm

Tiny is Getting Ready for her Big Day and It’s Not T.I.’s Release Date…

Tiny is making sure everything is right and ready for when T.I. comes home. She recently said in an interview that she plans on marrying Mr. Clifford Harris as soon as he gets home but they haven’t set a date yet. Details Under the Hood

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November 18th 4:00pm

**Update ** Shooters of 15 Year Old Bronx Girl Victim Believed to be Members of Bloods Street Gang

Police arrested Carvett Gentles (pictured)16, Rohan Francis, 18; Cleve Smith, 20; Clivie Smith, 19; and Dwayne Taylor, 23, in connection with the incident that occurred on Monday involving the shooting of  Vada Vasquez 15, who was shot by a single bullet on Monday. The four suspects are believed to be members of a group affiliated…

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November 18th 3:45pm

New Music: Birdman, Queen Bee and Nicki Minaj… NICE TRY BUT TRY AGAIN

Birdman has new track out with Queen Bee using autotune and Nicki Minaj rapping about fruity pebbles and patty cake. Birdman, if your going to be a CEO… then be a CEO because this new jawn is not the business. Pop it for a Listen:

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November 18th 3:30pm

Recession Blues: Ol Harpo Will Be Taking a Pay Cut in 2011

If  Oprah decides to renew her contract with CBS Studios, she will also have to take a major pay cut. It seems that major networks have had it with Oprah’s  large price tag that comes with the rights to air the daytime talk show.

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November 18th 1:10pm

Dear Bossip: Should I Go to My Ex’s Wedding?

Hello Bossip! I love your site and I visit everyday! I have a topic for your “Dear Bossip” section, and yes Bossiperz, I’m asking you for advice. I am a mother of two and me and my son’s father are no longer together. We had a lengthy on again off again relationship for almost 8…

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November 18th 1:00pm

Certified Links

White Family With Black Foster Child Awaken To Burning Cross (GO) Guess The Booty (GO) Jermaine Dupri Owes Over $3 Million Dollars in Taxes (GO) Nas and Damian Marley Bring Debate to DC (GO) Permed Up Al Sharpton and Activist Erica Ford Lead Protest Against Violence (GO) Johnny Depp is the Sexiest Man Alive (GO)…

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November 18th 12:50pm

This Just In: Rihanna’s New Boo is a Former Drug Dealer

Word on the street is that Rihanna is shaking it up with a very well-known former drug dealer. More details under the hood.

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November 18th 12:45pm

Diddy Gives It to You in Black & White

“Take That, Take That” has a new spread in VMan Magazine. It’s not a surprise that most celebs are following in Rih Rih’s footsteps in search of the dark side but seeing that Diddy just turned 40, he needs a new look to make him not feel so old. Pop it for Diddy’s Spread

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November 18th 12:40pm

Remember Eve’s Ex-Boyfriend the Son of an African Oil Big Wig… Well He Dropped Eve and is Dating his Cousin Now

Teodoro Nguema Obiang, the son of Equatorial Guinean dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasog, who is known for his lavish spending and on-again, off-again relationship with rapper Eve, is said to be seeing his cousin. Pop the top for more on this weirder than weird story.

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November 18th 12:35pm

Does A White Man In Black Culture Get More “Play” Than A Brother Simply Because He Is White?

Think about the title of this post and then ask yourself… “Am I feeling Robin Thicke’s new jawn, Sex Therapy?” Pop the top for a gander

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November 18th 12:30pm

Tameka Talks Usher, the 911 Call and her Bootleg Foundation

Tameka dished about her failed relationship with Usher, the infamous 911 call and being called a villain.  More under the hood.

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November 18th 12:20pm

In White Folks News: Hulk Hogan Gets the Sh*t Kicked out of Him

During a press conference in Australia on Tuesday, Hulk Hogan was met by his wrestling rival Rick Flair and it got pretty ugly.  Flip the hood for pics of the actual brawl.

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