November 12th 5:15pm

Khloe Spotted Out Spending Lamar’s Money

Khloe was spotted walking the streets of LA after a shopping spree at American Apparel on Lamar’s dime we’re sure.  More pics under the hood.

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November 12th 5:00pm

Shaq and Shaunie Get Ready for their Divorce and a Reality Show

Before Shaunie got some common sense and filed for divorce, her and Shaq were pitching a reality show to a couple of networks.  We hear that one of those networks is thinking about picking it up. 

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November 12th 4:45pm

Vibe is Back on the Scene and Gets Someone Else for the Cover Besides Breezy

Vibe is on the come up with their comeback issue and obviously Breezy is not big enough to hold it down for the first issue. Pop the top to see who else got the cover spot along with Chris Brown.

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November 12th 3:30pm

Egypt’s Dr. Zahi Hawass On Beyonce: “She Is A Stupid Person”

Beyonce was touring Egypt and left popular Egyptologist, Zahi Hawass, pissed off because of her lack of knowledge and unwillingness to learn:

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November 12th 3:15pm

Kanye West is Back Getting it in With Amber “The Bald-Headed Beast” Rose at The Vatican

Everyone thought that Kanyeezy West and Amber Rose were done, but apparently they are not. “Kamber” hit up The Vatican for sightseeing and date night. Pop the top for more pictures

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November 12th 3:00pm

Kelis & Baby Knight are About to Jet Set

Baby Knight was jet setting with his mommy through airport security. Even though Kelis and Nas are going through law dispute, they sure do have one very cute baby. Now her hair on the other hand, the skunk mullet thingy… she needs to let that go. Pop it for Baby Knight

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November 12th 2:45pm

Gang Rape Attacker Released And Says “I Was Only Trying To Help,” Yet He Abides By Stupid Snitching Code

Good Samaritan, Salvador Rodriguez(l), has been released and his charges have been dropped in the Richmond High gang rape case. Salvador was actually trying to help the victim, but didn’t tell the truth because “snitching is something you don’t do”: An East Bay witness arrested, then released for lack of evidence, in the gang rape…

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November 12th 2:15pm

Chris Brown Does 106th & Park AND Gets Cussed Out by a Lady on the Street in NYC… He hasn’t Convinced Everybody!!!

Chris Brown did another apology interview with train wreck Rocsi yesterday on 106th & Park. Some of his fans were in the building showing him their love and support, so it wasn’t the usual 1-on-1… BUT this one lady that Chris saw on the streets… Let’s just say she’s not buying into all these apologies!!!

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November 12th 2:00pm

Who is Serving up These Hot Cakes in Greece???

Who was recently spotted from the back during a photo shoot in Greece??? Pop the hood to find out.

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November 12th 12:50pm

Omarion Can’t Stand Amber Rose And Bisexual Women “They Lack Class”

Omarion got out of pocket in a recent interview when asked about his latest rumor with a bisexual video ho model:

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November 12th 12:45pm

End of Days: President Obama Grants Fox News an Interview

President Barack Obama is ready to end the ongoing feud between the White House and the Fox TV Network, by sitting down for an exclusive interview next week.

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November 12th 12:40pm

Certified Links

Lil Kim Sued For Missed Appearances (GO) Is Lindsay Lohan trying to hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio again? (GO) HHWired Exclusive: B.G. Speaks on Arrest, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Turk (GO) Eva Mendes’ ‘Bad Lieutenant’ Nip Slip (GO) Where’s Master P When You Need Him??? C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case (GO)

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November 12th 12:30pm

Diddy Thinks a Gold Grill + 2 Chocolate Kisses + his Dance Moves = a Great Video

Check out Diddy and Dirty Money’s new video for “Love Come Down.” Does this fool have on a grill??? SMH… Peep it Under the Hood

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November 12th 8:57am

Top 10 Things Women Hate About Men

Hey Bossip readers! Before you get up in arms, please know that the same list will be posted next week for the fellas. But, of course, ladies first! Now, there’s always room for a good healthy battle of the sexes and this list sort of made itself. No lie.

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November 12th 8:17am

Eddie Murphy Draped in Pure White

Your favorite swirling-bisexual Hollyweirdian, Eddie Murphy, is back doing what he does best… finagling in L.A. with some blonde piece. (at least it isn’t Johnny Gill this time) Pop the top for more swirling and Eddie’s ‘baggy wifebeater’ SMH

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