May 26th 7:46am

Diddy Throws ‘Em Back on South Beach

Diddy was doing the usual down in South Beach. Drinking, hanging out with all of the beautiful people, drinking, hosting parties, drinking and gettin’ it in Miami style. Oh, did we mention that he was drinking too? Pop the hood for more

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May 26th 7:45am

Natalie Cole Released From Hospital

Natalie “Queen” Cole was just released from a hospital after having a kidney transplant: Natalie Cole has been discharged from the hospital five days after undergoing a kidney transplant. Cole headed home on Sunday to continue her recovery, her rep confirms to PEOPLE. The Grammy winner, 59, planned to attend a private family memorial service…

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May 26th 7:45am

Bangers: Nia Long

Nia Long was spotted leaving Katsuya’s over the weekend rockin’ a fly pair of heels. The fit looks good on her, but not many women could rock it unless they’re an itty bitty like Ms. Long. Pop it to see more smiles

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May 25th 8:39am

Question of The Day: Who Blackened Chris Brown’s Eye?

Looks like someone got some revenge for Rihanna, on Chris‘ right eye (lol). Chris Brown, Usher, and Chris Tucker were all spotted watching the Magic beat the Cav’s last night in Orlando. We guess Chris didn’t mind Usher and his team putting them on front street. We have more pictures, but what happened to Chris’…

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May 25th 8:37am

Wait a Second, Jay-Z With a Black Eye Too? Something Smells Fishy!

Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Solange were seen at Bungalow 8 in London. It looks like Hova has a little shiner on his left eye and Chris Brown, ironically enough, had a black eye last night at the Orlando game. Hova couldn’t have had enough time to jump the pond and whoop Chrissy, or did he? Pop…

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May 25th 8:36am

Suicidal Man Is Pushed Off Of Bridge By Angry Bystander

A man in Beijing sat on a bridge for nearly five hours contemplating jumping to his death, when a fed-up bystander broke through the barricades and pushed him over the edge. Lawd: Continue

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May 25th 8:35am

Details Emerge Regarding Nas and Kelis Divorce

We’ve all been wondering what caused Nas and Kelis to separate within two months of having a baby? Pop the lid for more

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May 25th 8:33am

Some Afternoon Linkage

Hurricane Katrina Victims Face Displacement Once Again Livesteez Pure Comedy: Anatomically Correct Slow Jam F-Listed Mario Lopez Stuntin Like a Princess Lossip Random R: Video Broad Slangs Used Drawls on the Net Bossip Throwback

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May 25th 8:31am

Convicted Rapist, Mike Tyson: “I Like a Woman With Massive Confidence to Dominate Sexually”

This video is one of the scariest and funniest things we have seen in a minute. SMH&LMAO Click Here To Watch

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May 25th 8:30am

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?

Kerry Washington worked her red carpet look at the Cannes Film Festival yesterday. She also rocked a smashing Dolce & Gabbana dress for the D&G event a few days earlier. Pop the lid for more pics

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May 25th 8:27am

Oprah Reveals New Trend – Upper Class Bashing

  There is a new trend hitting the streets. Upper Class bashing. Its about the poor and middle classes hatin’ on the rich. Pop the lid for more

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May 25th 8:27am

WTH: Nigerian Woman Chopped Off Boys Head

A Nigerian woman, Mrs. Oyindamola Amuka-Pemu, sacrificed an 11 year old boy for the health of her own sick son. We know, crazy. The act was photographed and people are in an uproar:

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May 25th 8:26am

Kim Kardashian Wants Reggie Bush to Propose…Like Now

Kim cakes is putting the lasso around Reggie Bush’s neck and going ring shopping with her friends instead of him: Kim recently fueled rumors she is getting engaged to her boyfriend, American football player Reggie Bush, when she admitted she had been looking for an engagement ring with her friends. The couple only celebrated their…

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May 25th 8:25am

Obama Names African American as Head of NASA

President Obama has named, Charles Bolden as head of NASA: President Barack Obama on Saturday named former shuttle commander Charles Bolden to lead NASA at a critical time for the space agency. The White House has ordered a complete outside review of NASA’s manned space program, including plans to return astronauts to the moon. Bolden…

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May 25th 8:15am

Beyonce: “I’m a Horrible Housewife”

Not that we’re surprised but Bey doesn’t do the domestic thing all too well. Can you imagine the diva scrubbing floors in her Christian Louboutin heels? Pop the hood for more

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