September 3rd 9:40am

This Violence Has Got To Stop!!! Spelman Student Shot Dead on Clark Atlanta Campus

Spelman student Jasmine Lynn was hit in the chest by a stray bullet while walking with friends to the neighboring campus of Clark Atlanta University. Continue…

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September 3rd 9:38am

Coupled Up: J Hud and Punk Come Out of Hiding

J Hud and Punk were spotted out and about post baby looking happy, but we guess not happy enough to walk down the aisle yet.  Flip the hood for another pic of them.

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September 3rd 9:37am

The Key to Fashion is to “COOO-OOORDINATE”

This chick is known for rocking some wild stuff. Some people just call it fashion, tacky or say she has her own style. According to John Witherspoon…. She decided to “Cooo-ordinate”!!! Pop it to see who has matching nails to go with her matching dress…

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September 3rd 9:00am

Naomi Campbell: Kick Rocks PETA!!! Let Me Get That Check… Cha-Ching!!!

About 15 years ago, Naomi Campbell did this ad for PETA. Now fast forward to 2009 and see what you get.

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September 3rd 8:45am

Former Assistant Suing the Wig Off Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks’ old assistant is on that paper chase and has decided to sue Tyra for a little bit of change: Tyra Banks’ former assistant wants a small piece of her fortune — actually, he wants a small claims court piece.

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September 3rd 8:11am

Where’s Baby Kenzo???

So we’ve seen Kimora and the girls out shopping a ga-zillion times, so the real question here is where’s the baby boy. We’ve only seen him once…it’s time for little baby Kenzo to get shine. More girl’s day flicks when you…

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September 3rd 7:52am

Scary Spice’s K-Fraud Gets Gully with the Paps

We told you back in ’07 that this dude was crazy, but here is Mel B’s husband/K-Fraud Stephen Belafonte telling the paparazzi to get the f*ck out of their faces at her hotel in London. Damn, last week it was Beyonce’s bodyguard Julian and the week before that it was Kanye…these poor paps better get…

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September 3rd 7:51am

Tyra Gets Ready for National Real Hair Day

Tyra taped her first show with her “Real Hair” and some people had to feel it to believe it.

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September 3rd 7:50am

Coon of the Day: Lil Boosie Talks About Popping Pills…In the RECTUM!

When Lil Boosie was talking about Ecstasy in a recent interview, things got carried away and Boosie started bragging about putting “E” in girls’ backsides:

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September 3rd 7:45am

MJ’s Burial Will Appear on an A&E Reality Show

MJ will be buried today and the burial may appear on the Jackson’s new A&E reality show.

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September 3rd 7:30am

Martin is Back…

First, there were talks of a Bad Boy’s 3 film and now Bossip learns that another Big Momma’s House is underway as well.

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September 3rd 7:20am

Tupac’s Amaru Entertainment Suing For Pac Biopic

Tupac’s entertainment group is going to court for the Tupac biopic and we think they are righteous in their claim: Lawyers for Amaru Entertainment scored a major victory against Morgan Creek Productions in the Superior Court for the State of California on Tuesday, September 1, when Judge Richard E. Rico ruled…Continue

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September 3rd 7:10am

Janet is Ready to Break her Silence

Janet has been the only Jackson family member to remain silent since her brother’s death, but she’s ready to break her silence and talk about it now.

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September 2nd 11:45am

Yeezy Goes Topless: Part 2

Remember when Kanye looked like this last year without a shirt???? Well, he’s topless again and it looks as if he’s been getting it in hard at the gym. Flip the hood to see…

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September 2nd 11:20am

Another Mayweather Exclusive: “Floyd Mayweather Is the Biggest Earnings Draw Ever In Pay Per View… Ever!”

We were able to be apart of a media conference call with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Roger Mayweather. About 100 or more reporters took part in the conference call, some of them asked some great questions and others were not so great. The interview got a bunch out in the open and on front street,…

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