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Tasha Talks Beating Suzie Down – Basketball Wives [Video]

Suzie Ketcham Says She ‘Punked’ Tasha Marbury! – Basketball Wives [Video]

Suzie‘s getting tough all of a sudden… Continue »

Chit Chatter: Shaunie O’Neal Speaks On Evelyn’s Relationship With Chad, Tami Being Defensive, And Stevie & Joseline


Shaunie give her two cents on what’s been going on with the cast members that she has left… Continue »

Shots Fired Exclusive Part 2: Tami Roman “Shaunie O’Neal Needs To Talk To The Editors Of Basketball Wives!” [Video]

Continue »

Tami Roman Part 1: Says Basketball Wives Might Be On Last Leg, Talks Reflection, And More! [Video]

In this part 1 exclusive with Tami Roman, we talked about the editing on the show and how she is perceived for fighting and sometimes bullying.


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