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Get Your Life Together: Members Of Bishop Eddie “Long-Stroke” Long’s New Birth Baptist Church Push Forward Post-Scandal

Despite the fact that we’ve poked fun of Eddie Long (see what we did there?), it is sad for the members of New Birth that believed in his lies. Continue »

Do The Right Thing: Bishop Eddie Long-Stroke Finally Takes A Break From Work To Get His Life Together

Bishop Eddie Long Announces He's Taking A Break To "Heal His Family"

Oh, but don’t think Bishop “Dick Tracie” is admitting to any of the things most of us – including his soon to be ex-wife Vanessa – have figured out are probably true about him. Continue »

A 5th Eddie Long Accuser Comes Out!! [Video]

For The Record… The 5th Eddie Long Accuser Is Not Nene!

SMH@the way it jumped into the limo and sped off.

Breaking News: Bishop Long Strokey Poke Finally Agrees To Cut The Check, Reaches Settlement With Accusers

Bishop Eddie Long sex scandal settlement

Bishop Eddie Long, his lawyers and his shady hair pieces have finally landed on the magic number to make ol’ Long Strokey Poke’s boy-seducing ways disappear. Continue »

Mediation FAIL! Bishop Eddie “Long Dong Strokie Doke” Headed To Trial For Inappropriate Relations With Them Boys

Bishop Eddie Long

Somebody must not have wanted to come off all that “Holy” mula. Continue »

Bishop Eddie Long Is Calling All You Mens’ Today! [Video]


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