Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Bishop Eddie Long Hit With Legal Action For The Fifth Time In A Month

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Thang! Another lawsuit has just been filed against Bishop Eddie Long, but this one has nothing to do with coercing young men into knob slobbing.

Embattled Bishop Eddie Long took a hit Monday as a new suit was filed, ordering him and two others to pay $1.9 million for defaulting on a property loan.

The suit filed Monday asked the DeKalb County State Court to order Long and the others to pay off the debt in 10 days or incur additional fines and attorneys’ fees.

This is the fifth lawsuit filed against the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church leader in less than a month. The other four suits, which were also filed against the DeKalb County megachurch, accuse Long of coercing four young men into sex in exchange for cars, lavish trips and jobs. The AJC is the only media outlet to obtain the latest suit.

The financial suit filed Monday names only Long and does not include the church.

Long’s spokesman Art Franklin and his attorney Jason Wright declined to comment Monday.

“I am unaware of the lawsuit that you referenced and have no comment about it at this time,” Franklin said.

The new suit stems from August 2007 when Long and two business partners as part of the West Indies Holding Company bought a gym in Jonesboro. Long’s partners include Marrion Heflin, a self-employed businessman, and Frederick Folson of McDonough, who runs non-profit Strategic Community Initiatives in Lithonia.

Long and his partners signed an agreement to purchase Hoops N’ Fitness on Tara Boulevard for $643,556 plus $223,000 in interest, according to a promissory note obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In 2009, the seller, Danny Wright and J.D. Rock Enterprises, filed suit, alleging Long and his partners had not paid any of the debt. That suit is still pending.

On Monday, the mortgage company, State Bank and Trust and the FDIC, filed suit against Long and his partners.

The new suit alleges the three parties owe $1.86 million on the defaulted loan, along with $32,000 in interest. That interest – more than $300 a day — is continuing to accrue, according to the suit.

Mark Golder, a lawyer for State Bank and Trust did not return phone calls nor an email Monday.

Heflin said he was unaware of the new suit, but said he has been trying to settle the previous suit.

Heflin said he is not a member of New Birth nor a friend of Long’s, but agreed to form a business with Long and Folson. In 2005, they formed the West Indies Holding Company and two years later they bought the gym.

“I never made any payments personally, but I can’t speak for West Indies,” Heflin told the AJC on Monday. “All I know is when we acquired Hoops N Fitness, we had a grace period before we had to start paying. We had some differences with the business execution and I decided to cut back.”

Heflin said he went out of the country several months after the buying the gym and has not had any contact with Long nor the other business partners. Heflin said he has called Long’s lawyers and others involved since returning to the U.S. in August, but his calls have not been returned.

“I just want to clear this quagmire up,” Heflin said.

West Indies Holding Company is registered to a man in Bainbridge, but has not filed up to date paperwork since 2008, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Gus Small, a lawyer for J.D. Rock Enterprises, which sold the gym to the group, said the suits are pending and declined to comment further.

Messages left at Hoops N’ Fitness were not returned Monday. However, the Jonesboro city clerk said the business’ license is valid and has no outstanding debts. Jonesboro does not have property taxes.

SMH this ni**a is janky as hell. Time to sell that personal jet and pay yo bills Bishop Eddie Longstroke!


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  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    He’ll just call for a “love offering” (or have one of his flunkies do it), and those ignorant nigguhs in the pews will cough up the dough.

    Most of those fronting nigguhs won’t make $1 Million (gross) in 40 years work, but the dip $hits will make sure “Pimp Daddy” gets HIS.


  • Whoa

    GOD bout to set that azz on FIYAHHHHHHHH!

  • no_halfsteppen

    Yeah he bought the gyn with their tithes and offering. I wonder if the members got free memebership there. He probably take of tithes and offering before you check out a ball…

  • really?

    chickens r coming home to roost…

  • shut the fu*ck up

    God don’t like ugly
    wolf in sheep clothing doing the devils work
    and will pay dearly for decieving his congregation
    as well as robbing monies to pay for his sins
    heavy price for the demon seeded monster Eddie dip (brown) stick Long

  • AQueenWaits

    …when it rains….it pours. He’ll either come out on top OR ………well, never mind.

  • hhmmmm...

    I wonder what vow did Eddie break against the black boule? He sure getting hit hard.

    • Well Alright...

      You’re right about that!! Looks like they cut his behind loose.

  • Tom the Negro

    I take it then that the gym would have been the place where Ed “booty” Long would have had the young impressionable and wayward youths on the street invited over to be abused eventually by him and his crew of honey dippers?
    Now that his little f@g factory will not come to fruition because of the present allegations,he and his buds want to walk away as if nothing happened.
    Instead of the West Indies Holding Company how about a more appropriate name i.e The Creamery. This suits that podeophile and his crew of hershey riders.
    Heshouldn’tworry though because that army of idiots that have invested hundreds and thousands of dollars into him are too ashamed to accept that they have been conned so they will be ready with their papers once again to help The “booty” in his hour of need. they have invested too much into this man to desert him now, the precious stupid idiots hahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa.

  • I_saw_this_one_coming

    This is a signal that the white people are betting that Eddie Long will have to fork over millions in those law suits —- because with the cash flow that he should be able to generate on his preaching hustle, most banks would work with somebody like this.

    This is a signal that the white people will ALL be cutting his shady a$$ A-LOOOOOSE in DROVES.

  • Ann

    The worst part of this is not that he is gay but that he preaches against homosexuals and he is one, AND A PREDATOR at that…smh



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