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Bust To Banger: Fashion Icons We Definitely Did NOT See Coming


People sure do love the suspect fashion of the rich and famous….

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French Montana Ft Nicki Minaj Music Video BTS “Freaks” [Video]

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Nicki Minaj Says “Everybody’s Special”: It’s Hard To Take Eyes Off Of Tidday-Game She Has Poppington! [Video]

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Very-Very Awkward Interview With American Idol Judges: Mariah Carey Scoffs And Rolls Eyes At Nicki Minaj! [Video]

Why is Mariah looking like that throughout the interview? Pure comedy!!!!

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Mariah Carey Talks The Root Of Her Beef With Nicki Minaj

Watch Mariah discuss why she felt “unsafe” during her beef with Nicki.

Audio Junk Food: Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Songs of 2012


No one would ever know you blast these songs at ignorant levels unless you told them. Continue »


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