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Scared Of The Swirl??? Kristen Stewart Quits New Flick “Focus” After 40-year Old Love Interest Ben Affleck Replaced By 43-Year-Old Will Smith!

PFW - Zuhair Murad - Celebrity Arrivals

Uh, ma’am, there’s not much difference between 43 and 40. Is there ANOTHER reason you don’t want to be in this film??? Continue »

Republican Senate Candidate Says He Can’t Be Labeled A Racist Because He Has A Swirly Black Wife

Scott Schaben

“I love you color–…I mean African-Americans, look at the one I married!” Continue »

Celebrity Cribs: Washington Redskins Swirly QB RG3 Buys 5-Bedroom $2.5 Million Virginia Home [Pics]


What a nice place for Robert and his wife to raise little bi-racial babies. Continue »

We Are Fam-i-ly: Tiger Woods And Swirly Boo Lindsey Vonn Spotted Taking His Kids To Get Their Learn On [Photos]

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn take his children to school

Damn Tiger, that’s how you gettin’ down after only 5 months?? Continue »

Swirl Fail: University Of Tennessee Administrator Jenny Wright Fired For Letting Brolic Black College Ballers Like Trae Golden Chop Her Down!

Jenny Trae

Now we’ve heard of high school and middle school teachers doin’ the nasty with students, but college administrators?!?! Continue »

The Swirl: Tiger Woods And His Blonde & Blue Becky Lindsay Vonn To Make First Red Carpet Appearance At Met Ball

rsz_tigerlindsey2 (1)

First Facebook, now the red carpet, won’t be long before Lindsay is toting a gut full of fist-pumping golfer. Continue »

Knocked Up Lady Lumps: Kimmy Cakes Post Half-Nekkid Coupled Up Throwback Pics With Yeezy All Up On Her Tiddays

Wait, wasn’t Kim dating the dumped Hump during this time?? Ooooo-wee! Continue »


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