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Chilli Reveals That She Once Dated Prince

Did you know that Chilli from TLC used to date Prince once upon time? Well, most people had no idea and Ms. Thomas opened up about her date night with The Chosen One back in the day during a recent chat with OK! Magazine about some of her favorite memories from the 90s.

Check out a few excerpts below.

via OK! Magazine

What’s one beauty trend you tried in the 90s that makes you cringe now?
The thin eyebrows. In the eighties they were kind of thick and then in the nineties they got thin, thin, thin and I did that. I looked like a fool! It’s too much. The thin eyebrows were not a good move for me.

Do you have a favorite memory of touring in the 90s?
The best tour ever for me was the Hammer tour. Just coming out and opening for him on tour…at the time he was on top of the world. We had no experience, onstage in front of 17,000 people. We were about to pee in our pants about every night.

It was so amazing to watch his performance. I watched his show almost every night and studied how he was able to have all of these dancers on stage but he still stood out. He did everything better than they did. I was like, “Okay, the dancers can never out-dance me!” They are there to enhance the show but they shouldn’t be the show. It’s your show. I learned a lot from him.

Sounds like MC Hammer made a pretty lasting impression on Chilli. And are we the ONLY ones surprised that she didn’t mention “baby hair” as one of her most memorable 90s fashion trend?!

Hit the flip to hear more about Chilli’s most memorable 90s moments, including one which involved a date night with Prince.



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