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“The project blacks, the Good Times blacks, we don’t relate to that…we’re the Cosby blacks!”–SMH

Lifetime’s “BAPS” Gets Criticized

Lifetime debuted a new reality show Wednesday about “high society” blacks in St. Louis  who turn up their noses at their “lower class” counterparts and Twitter went CUH-RAZY with reactions.

Called “BAPS”, the show focuses on affluent “Black American Princes and Princesses” who argue (while wearing floor length furs of course), put hexes on each other’s wombs and spit in faces when they’re offended.

“I don’t know anything about government cheese and gold chains, I’ve never worn gold chains in my life,” one of the stars says on the show.

“She puts all of us in danger,” another adds when a ‘thuggish” black man and his friends enter the room. (WHO SAYS THAT?!)


All the while the “BAPS” were getting their cluck on, bougie black Twitter was LIVID about their poor representation on television and threatened to petition.

Lifetime’s black elite are CLEARLY on that bull isht.

Did YOU catch BAPS???? What do you think about Lifetime’s new train wreck????



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