Lights, Camera, Friction: Did You Know These Co-Stars Didn’t Get Along In Real Life?

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Find out the real stories behind off-screen feuds between some of your favorite on-screen duos…

Co-Stars Who Didn’t Get Along

On-screen movie and television duos often play a huge role in why we all fall in love with certain films or television shows to being with, but things aren’t always as they seem between the actors once the director yells “cut!”

In fact, more than a few of our on-screen favorites weren’t so friendly in real life and didn’t do much to hide it while on set.

Hit the flip to peep a few popular co-stars who couldn’t stand each other when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey
Patrick Swayze was quoted as describing his Dirty Dancing co-star Jennifer Grey as “a pain” to work with on set and said she was often overly emotional when receiving his criticism. The film’s director also revealed that although chemistry between them translated well on-camera, several of the “argument” scenes in the movie were actually real but were included in the final cut because it worked for the story line.

Janet Hubert And Will Smith
Actress Janet Hubert, who became a fan favorite as “Aunt Viv” on the Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air has spoken out in detail many times about her dislike for co-star Will Smith. She blamed him for her being replaced on the show and recently even declared that she’d never do a reunion show with “an egomaniac” like Will. Cold world.

Sarah Jessica Parker And Kim Cattrall
Rumors circulated that this long-running feud stemmed from Sara Jessica being paid more than Kim due to her additional role as an executive producer of the Sex and the City.  Although their beef simmered briefly, it was reportedly reignited again when the cast got back together to film the first Sex and the City movie, with the two barely being able to be around each other without a shouting match erupting.

Martin Lawrence And Tisha Campbell
Long-time fans of  Martin will probably remember that things got pretty ugly between co-stars Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell in real life, with their off-camera drama reaching its’ peak after Tisha filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Martin. It was rumored that he became outwardly jealous when Tisha became engaged to Duane Martin.

Shannon Doherty  And Jennie Garth
Actress Shannon Doherty quickly developed a reputation as a queen beyotch back in the 90s and one of her most memorable real-life feuds was with her 90210 co-star Jennie Garth. Among several encounters over the years, Jennie recalled one incident where an argument got so heated between them on set that she challenged Shannon to a fight.

Tyrese Gibson and James Franco
Tyrese complained that James “attacked him” for real during one of their fighting scenes and didn’t let up even after Tyrese confronted him about going too far. Poor thang.

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    Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
    The director of The Notebook recently revealed that things got so bad between these two during filming that Ryan even requested for Rachel to be replaced at one point.  This obviously must have been as much of a love-hate relationship in real life as it was on-screen since they ended up dating for 5 years and even getting engaged before calling it quits.

    Jamie Foxx And LL Cool J
    Although Jamie was able to joke about it shortly after in one of his stand-up routines, he and LL came to blows more than once on the set of Any Given Sunday. Jamie claimed LL took his role as a football player in the film a little too seriously and became overly aggressive while filming several scenes, which caused real-life altercations between the two.

    David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson
    Gillian reportedly had a mouthful to say when she learned that David was being paid twice as much as she was to star in the long-running X-Files series. Nothing like money to jump start some drama….

    Stacey Dash And LisaRaye
    Stacey Dash was booted from VH1’s Single Ladies after just one season and apparently, her rocky relationship with her co-star LisaRaye was to blame. Speaking candidly about their beef, LisaRaye told JET magazine that things started with a disagreement over lines in a scene and escalated because Stacey “really didn’t want to be there.” And so…..she wasn’t.

    Reese Witherspoon And Robert Pattinson
    When asked about her experience kissing Hollyweird “hearthrob” Robert Pattinson, Reese kept it all the way real and revealed that it wasn’t pleasant since he was sick with a runny nose (YUCK!) at the time. She sternly advised that he and anyone else shooting love scenes in a movie take “Sudafed” and be better prepared.

    Collin Farrell And Jamie Foxx
    Word has it that Collin found Jamie to be completely “full of himself” while filming Miami Vice.  They allegedly didn’t get along from the very beginning as Colin was rumored to have had a chip on his shoulder about Jamie being the higher paid, Academy award-winning actor of the two at that time.  Sounds like somebody was a little in their feelings, no?

    Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie
    A -listers Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp were described as having “no chemistry” both on and off-screen while filming The Tourist. Although there wasn’t really much of a feud, it has been said that their lack of compatibility as actors was painfully obvious and to blame for the films’ less-than-stellar box office performance.

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